Monday, February 23, 2009

Flash Dance

I am putting off the Pumping Annal (can that benign label sound any more raunchy?) to share our excitement of a new addition to our family--a new flash for our camera! (Got ya there, didn't I?) We had a wonderful weekend experimenting with our new flash, and I think it was a good purchase. To be honest, we really just attached it to the camera and started snapping pictures. I am trusting Eric to read the 100 page users' manual to figure out how to figure out all of the functions. Just as an example, I am including a "before flash" and "after flash" series of photos. For the second set, I transferred the "after" to a B&W photo so you can see that even the B&W look better.
We also took some fun photos in the bathtub.
We made a decision to "shape" Miles's hair (read: cut off his mullet), and the results were tragic. No blood, but our child has the stereotypical "Amish" haircut. Nothing against the Amish--in fact they give a good haircut considering they do them by candlelight--but it wasn't the look we were going for.
Good thing he is still wicked cute from the front:
Mommy musing: Even as babies get older, they have no concept of sleeping in on weekends. A girl can dream...

(A full album of photos can be found on our Picasa)


  1. Oh my gosh! I haven't laughed that hard in a long time! Poor mullet-less boy! Miles is still incredibly adorable from the front (and babies' hair grows quickly...).Dream on about the weekend sleep in. In fact, as kids get older they actually have to be yanked out of bed for school and then hop themselves right out on the weekends. Fortunately, by that time they are able to grab themselves cereal so that Mom and Dad can snooze a bit longer -- and don't even think about Christmas morning!

  2. Oh. By the way, those are some amazing photographs. The water droplets are great!

  3. These photos are awesome - each and every one of them ranks as my fav collection of Miles!!!

  4. I agree with the previous commenters - these may be my favorite pics of the little guy! I can't wait to see him in a week!!! (looking forward to NOT sleeping in next Friday night/Sat morning :)) ha ha ha

  5. I. Love. This. Boy.

    Best pics yet. Hooray for the flash. This child is so photogenic!

  6. as everyone else as said... somehow this guy gets cuter every day! i have no idea how that is he was pretty cute right from the start! but, seriously. he is scrumptious!

  7. Adorable. Miles and Ella may have to consider having their own babies someday with those big blue eyes!