Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mum Musing

Why has it gotten more difficult to cut a 9 month old's nails? First, you would think that I was ripping them out the way Miles squirms and cries--thank goodness we don't live in our old condo or I am sure Dept of Child Services would be knocking down our door. When he was a newborn, the most displeasing aspect of the grooming responsibility was fear of injury for the baby--now it is fear of injury for the parent. Flailing chunky limbs with half trimmed death nails is worse than being confronted with Beatrix Kiddo from Kill Bill. No joke--the inside of my ear was bleeding after the Lil Mr Zorro marked me during his most recent "manicure." I thought letting them grow out a bit more would make the aiming for the nail much easier, but it only resulted in Miles marking his face with gashes. And before you suggest it, filing doesn't cut the muster anymore.

Musing #2:
Have you other mothers noticed that you see-saw between wanting your babies to stay "babies," but also feeling the pressure for them to be constantly meeting the next milestone? For the past month I have started coming to terms with how fast Miles has grown and how much of a little boy he has become. His personality beams and his flirty smile just turns me into mush. He is so much more "fun" now and I find myself really loving being a mom. (I think it took about 7 months for me to really swallow the fact that I am a mom!) But there is something indelible about the first few months that I really miss. And at the same time I have this nagging concern that Miles shows no signs of crawling. When is he going to do it? How much longer? Everyone else is doing it, why aren't you? Let's get with the program, Miles! We are working with it during his PT, but the progress is slow. (I would like to mention that his foot is getting better; he has improved his range of motion by 15 degrees and got a new night splint!)

Currently, I assuage my incessant concern and fear that I will need to carry my child up on his high school's auditorium stage to receive his HS diploma with the following:
  • No crawling means delayed baby-proofing concern (including the fear of him escaping his crib for a journey to the hard nursery floor)
  • Mee-lez's 9 month "stats" may shed some light on his disinterest with crawling: 11th percentile for weight...73rd percentile for head circumference.

No wonder he cannot crawl--his head gets too heavy to keep up for too long!


  1. The boy will crawl and when he finally does, you are going to get a workout running after him.

  2. Wait until he starts protesting and squirming diaper changes that may drive you to challenge him: If you hate it so much, toilet train yourself!!!!
    Try hard to resist wishing those stages away. It's so hard not to long for the next accomplishment, but it truly passes so quickly. Next thing you know he will be going off to college (and he will not have to be carried by you)! Seriously, he will move in his good time, and as Tracey notes - watch out!