Monday, March 9, 2009

What a weekend...

First, Mama D and Franko Sarto welcomed their little girl into the world on Friday! In an attempt not to break any Blogger "HIPPA" restrictions (and because I am not about to bother Mama during her first few days with the wee one to orally release her name and picture), let's just give her a fake name...."Jessica!" (There are a select few who will get that one.) She is just perfect. When we visited her, she was alert and calm--and I think after Schlotty and I witnessed her latch on like a well seasoned nursee, snuggling in the crook of mom and dad's arms, flying through the first few hours of life without one single obstacle was just about the worst birth control. And then we got to hold her. Game, set, match. Newborn babies are divine.

Miles almost slept through his first visit with the new baby. I told him that falling asleep on dates is highly unattractive. Although, he wasn't sporting a particularly "attractive" face when he woke up in a strange hospital room...Did you catch a Schlotty in there? Oh yes. Schlotty ...AND Studs were here this weekend! (Schlotty was avoiding the 'razzi above) Schlotty was on an extended business trip and Studs came to hang with the Heintzes. It was an awesome weekend. We played lots of fun games with Miles and the girls. Peek-a-boo is now a family favorite.
That, and flirting with guests.

And look-Miles is on all fours!!
Okay, so he didn't actually get on all fours alone.But we are more encouraged that it WILL happen! As you will notice, Miles has a new fascination with sticking his tongue out. I have a sneaky suspicion that it is because he is getting ready to bust out a front tooth, but in the meantime, it is stupid cute. Oh, and he is now saying "dadadadada." Honestly, within 1 week this child has grown so much. I am just waiting for a soul patch to emerge on his chin, and for him to escape his crib and steal his mom's Subaru to go cruising down to Perimeter Mall to mall pick up girls.

Amish haircut is growing out okay, but we realized that although we have cut the toupee (haircut #1) and the mullet (haircut #2), we haven't really cut the volume from the top. What this means is we can style a mad fauxhawk. Granted, it falls when his hair dries, but it make for a good photo shoot with Dad.
(Full photo shoot of the weekend here)


  1. For the record, if I have a child, and said child is a boy, he is sooooo having a mohawk at some point. I say keep the top hair and have a blast!

  2. Oh my gosh! I laughed through the whole post - well, after awwwing about newborn baby girl. Thanks for the great pictures and captions!

  3. Yes, this makes me want a boy someday so very much. He's too cute!