Monday, April 13, 2009


I have many odds and ends for tonight's post.

First--the masses have spoken. Here is the fringe. You'll note the uneven nature of the pieces (proof that this was not done at the hands of a skilled person over the age of 11 months). I promise the picture was not staged. My husband enjoys running up to me and shoving a camera in my face.
From Easter 09

Second--Mommy musing #1: when did I start talking to Miles like he is a puppy? "Sit, Miles, sit." It doesn't help that Miles puts things in his mouth, and then just lets them hang there while he uses his hands to explore other toys.
Mommy musing #2: Somethings get easier with age: dressing a wild and crazy child without the fear of breaking a neck or dislocating an arm...strapping a child in a car seat...getting out of the house in less than 45 min without packing your child's entire wardrobe and toy chest...changing a diaper one handed. And then there are the things that are getting harder: cutting nails, toenails, hair...holding a 20lb chunker while doing chores...eating dinner while grubby little hands find miraculous ways at finding your knife or pulling your plate off of the table...
Mommy musing #3: Can someone please convince me that not having a themed party already set for my 1 year old is okay and that Miles will not need therapy for a negligent mother who refused to hire the traveling petting zoo and balloon animal artist? Someone recently asked me what the theme of Miles's 1st b-day is going to be. Ummm...the number 1? It is hard enough being in denial that my little baby is going to be 1, but now I need to figure out how to execute a themed party with a "smash cake," favors (that will inevitably be thrown away), and matching decorations? I am thinking a low key BBQ with good friends and family (yay MomA and Grandpop are coming down!) will be the extent of his birthday.

Third--this past weekend we got to see the unedited pictures Uncle R took over X-mas. We need to go through them all and decide which ones we would like him to do some touch up work on. I was STUNNED at how much Miles has changed since last December.
From Christmas in April

He had less hair (and a toupee) and more chub than he does now--and I forgot those days of him not being able to sit up without assistance. What's amazing is that we actually got pictures of Miles not crying or shoving everything in his mouth. He was cutting his first teeth over Christmas and provided some challenging moments during our time in Ohio. I have included just a couple of pictures from Christmas just to have fun comparing Miles then and now. At some point I hope to have a link with all of the pictures we have chosen to "gussy up" and will share them at that time.

Fourth--My poor in-laws got the pleasure of spending another holiday with Miles as he cuts a tooth. They drove down from OH with Aunt H and Uncle R for the weekend, and despite the tornado watch, loss of power, blown fuses and a chronically crank baby, we had a wonderful time. Having a father-in-law and a brother-in-law who have a camera attached to their hips at all time relieves so much pressure in having to take pictures, but it results in my not having a ton to share on the blog. I posted the few pictures we took in Picasa.
Weekend low lights:
  • Nursing and pumping frequency decreased drastically. Following, so did my supply. Panic ensued, and now I am on a nursing and pumping vacation. (i.e. I make sure I am attached to Miles or the Medela at all possible moments.)
  • Nap time went out the window. Even on a bad day Miles will take 3 naps of 30 minutes. Well, this weekend we had 1 tragic day where Miles only went down for 30 minutes total.
  • Thunderstorms and sleeping babies don't go well together. We had the worst night of sleep in I would say 3 months--up every hour until I brought the child into our bed where he proceeded to "spoon" me to the edge of the bed. We have been rocking the 7:30pm-4:30/5am stretch for many weeks (thank you sweet Jeebus), so waking up so frequently was an unwelcome reminder of the first 8-9 months of Miles's life.
  • Eric and I realized how hard it is to be away from family. The weekend ended too soon.
Weekend highlights:
  • Music class with Opa and Grandma. Oh, so much fun watching Opa dance with Miles
  • Free hot dogs, lemonade, chips and brownies at the park. Yup. We randomly walked upon a church group stationed at the park with a grill, handing away hundreds of dogs, drinks and snacks. The reason? Just because. Free food tastes better, no? Yum. Those "just because" dogs hit the spot.
  • GAMES. I love games, but I hate losing. This week started off by playing Scrabble with some of Eric's work friends (I lost), and then I tried to redeem myself over the weekend with some bocce ball at the park (I lost again), gin rummy at home (not only did I lose, but I scored a NEGATIVE 20--can you do that?), and then a few games of Blokus. Character building...(I would be lying if I said that I am not still stewing over the losses.)
  • Leftovers. Our fridge is packed and just the convenience of having food already prepared for this week's lunches is enough to make me darn right giddy.
I still cannot believe that in a little less than 3 months, we have gone from this:
From Christmas in April

to this:
From Easter 09

Happy Easter and Passover Y'all!
From Easter 09


  1. No time to comment in more detail now, but I had to support you in your decision to have as Miles's first birthday theme - first birthday. Anything other is just for the adults! One year olds do not get it! In fact, the more you can keep their lives routine, the happier they will be - reference the shortage of naps this past weekend. This is the first of many commercial and peer pressures to assault your common sense. More later....

  2. Okay, more time now. The fringe is cute, actually. I could see you starting a trend...
    I love Miles's shoes!
    I know what you mean about talking to him as you would a dog. One tends to repeat oneself when talking to small children. We even do it at school. I am not sure why.
    I hope you are able to re-establish nursing. I was trying to remember. I think I nursed you and Seth well beyond a year (although it was just morning and evening), while Nich weaned himself at ~ a year because I was pregnant we later discovered. I guess pregnant milk doesn't taste right.

  3. I like the fringe, too! i cannot believe that Miles created those bangs! Did it hurt?!

    You look fabulous - as does daddy-o... Fringe? More sleep? Loving family life?? I think all of the above :)

    Miles is so big!

  4. i completely support your birthday party thing. a woman i work with was telling me all about these themes that the birthday parties her daughter goes to and that alone sent me into a panic attack and I don't even have children! you are looking fab. the bangs are so hip!