Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thoughtless Thursday continued...

I thought (oops, there goes the whole "Thoughtless" part of today) I would share some great downloads from Amazon.

150 Fun Songs For Kids

by Countdown Kids
Price: $0.99
Album Savings: $132.51 compared to buying all songs

Smile Smile Smile

by Dan Zanes
Price: FREE

A Walking Oliver Sampler
by Paul Austin Kelly
Price: FREE

I would marry Amazon if I could. (Remember when you used to use that line?). We always have music on at home when Miles is awake (although 6:30pm is Market Place on NPR) as we do not let him watch any TV. We cycle the same music over and over, so it is nice to get some new tunes. (We already had some Dan Zanes, and really like him!) 99 cents is a deal for 150 songs; and free songs sound better, no?

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