Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Viernes Vlog

For some reason I have had trouble uploading videos on the blog, but tonight have had some luck. Miles loves sitting by the picture window to patrol the neighborhood or wait for Eric to get home. The video we have doesn't show Miles at his most excited, but does capture him saying "Dad." His verbal repertoire includes "dadada" "mamamama" "babababa" and lots of combinations of indistinguishable gibberish. Much like taking pictures, taking video of Miles results in his stoic curiosity about the technology. He gets camera serious--not camera shy. That's why you all need to come visit to see the comedic monkey we have on our hands.

Let me just take a moment to reiterate how awful it is to hear your own voice on video. Do I really talk to my child like that? It's so not intentional, but I am reduced to a babbling idiot.

Below we have Miles in hysterics at dinner, as well as our attempt to "get mobile" before his bath. Please excuse the beets and quinoa on his face (as well as his one naked foot. Babies love taking socks off). We are living dangerously and more than not skip the bib and napkins now. Risk taker? or Laziness? Obvi the latter. We were actually surprised he was in such good spirits as he boycotted his naps today at school and then cried for his entire 1 hour PT appointment. I got banished from PT room to see if my presence was igniting the waterworks, but he continued with the drama king act even when I was in the observation room, watching him on the TV and listening to him bawl. I must admit that at one point, I turned down the volume and just watched him on the screen because his histrionics were breaking my heart.

(Warning: this video is long b/c we merged 3 separate clips)

Non-sequitor. In regards to my brother's comment on my previous post about cloth diapers. I still think the evidence points toward cloth being relatively better for the environment. Plus, they are cuter and cut down on diaper rash. I do agree that they are not 100% eco-friendly and really don't love the fact that I have to use 2 cycles per wash (one cold and one warm) to get them clean, but I do not believe in any argument that contends that they are significantly worse than disposable. (And Nick, I don't think JH's argument about recycling is 100% accurate, either.) Plus, we are using a mix of cloth and disposable, so I can claim support on both sides, right? Ha! In regards to detergent, you are pretty much encouraged (if not enforced!) to use specific planet friendly detergent. No scent, no enzymes, no baby detergent, no "free and clear" detergent--they all contain chemicals and substances that do not work well for cloth diaper cleaning. We actually use a brand (at the educated recommendation of Mama D) for Planet Detergent. I use only a few tablespoons (if that!) versus what I used to use. There is not enough room here to devote to the washing and maintenance instructions of cloth diapers, but just know it overwhelmed me at first. And what still overwhelms me is the scent of day old wet diapers. I have a super strong gag reflex, and it gets me every time. I cannot wait until the weather clears and I can hang them out to let the sun do some magic on the scent and whitening of the diapers.

I am going to leave you with some resources that address your compelling question:

A great post on Seriously Spoiled: Are cloth diapers really better for the environment?

Also, Eco Child's Play has numerous entries on the benefits of cloth. I will say, they also reported on the recent UK finding that disposables are better for the environment. Like ECP, I don't agree with the study's findings completely.

An interesting blurb on diapers from the Waste Education Series from the University of Minnesota

And an interesting article in the Boston Globe


  1. I love him. That's all there is to it.

    You guys are such a happy family. What is most impressionable to me is how much time you are spending TOGETHER. Playing, talking, laughing. Pure quality. I love it.

    You guys are pros!

  2. I've already watched both videos twice and laughed until I cried or cried until I laughed. I am not sure which. However tired and overworked you both must feel at times, having a little guy greet Daddy the way he does must melt your hearts (sorry about the block foot, Eric)! He's doing pretty well with walking, too! What a blessing.

    I tend to agree about the diapers and the paper, too. I am even now saving corks in hopes that I will be able to find a place to send them to be recycled. Obviously reduce and reuse are the first choices, but recycle seems so much better than throwing things away.

  3. RE: Terrible smell of day old diapers.

    Have you tried vinegar in the rinse cycle? I am in the process of decreasing my addiction to paper towels (I am slightly challenged when it comes to green living) and I have done really well with dish clothes since I learned that vinegar in the rinse cycle kills the icky smells (and I don't have to use all that bleach!). I am not sure if it would work as well on diapers (since I assume that they are way more rank than some dish clothes, even those with moldy soy milk/yogurt) but it is environment friendly so it is worth a try!

    Good luck!

    Oh and Miles is absolutely adorable and I love his camera seriousness.

  4. Hi Ali,
    I will check out the videos when I get home (to a speaker with some sound)...jut wanted to comment on the day-old-diaperage.
    I have a friend who uses cloth diapers and she keeps a bucket of vinegar water full(not sure of the ratio). When she has a dirty diaper she rinses it in a sink or tub (if it's wet) and then puts it in the vinegar water. Not sure about the protocol for soiled diapers, but you probably already know what to do. Either way, it cuts down on the frequency of having to wash. She only has to wash the diapers every 3rd day.
    But i guess this also depends on how many cloth diapers you have on hand, right?
    Anyway, I hope this helps!