Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Let them eat cake...unless he likes puffs better

I am coming down off of my nostalgia high and finally getting around to processing Miles's birthday. We had a great party at his childcare combined with an end of year bash. The day was so eventful that Miles ended up passing out on Dad's chest. He is really going to miss his buddies this summer, but I will do my best to schedule play dates.
From ELC birthday

The festivities continued at our house over the weekend. Miles's grandparents flew down from MA to spend the weekend with him, and we also had some family friends drive down from South Carolina. Even though we insisted that gifts were not necessary, Miles ended up with more loot than we know where to store it. We made an interesting carrot cake (more like a bread) that Miles didn't care much for. He preferred puffs. That's just the way this kid rolls. So, if you want to know--no, Miles did not have a smash cake, and Miles prefers avocado/banana/yogurt to cake any day. And our theme? "love" and being 1.
From Miles turns 1

And then we flew to Ohio for a wedding and the celebrating continued. I have to say, Miles much prefers to fly than to drive and was an absolute gem. I think the key is late night flights were I can nurse him into an deep sleep. He also got shuffled around and spent 4 nights in 4 different situations and handled it quite well. Okay, the one night at the lake house when there were 8 and 10 year old boys running around playing with ray guns until 10pm wasn't so smooth.

I feel like since Miles's birthday so much has happened and I have had a flood of posts in my mind to compose. Lately, I have just wanted to hit the hay at night when I am not chasing around a 1 year old. Soon, I'll let you all know our latest with the lead situation. In addition to finding out our son is still under 20lbs, but in the 80th percentile for head circumference, we also found out his lead levels are high. It's not even worth getting in to here, but since then, we have been through the ringer and back trying to identify his exposure.

Today we had professional pictures taken of Miles at Stone Mountain. He was so fussy, I was almost thinking of looking up his return policy. Honestly, I don't know what came over him but he was in RARE form and as the photographer said, "I think we have some good shots--he is just serious." My suspicion is that teeth are to blame. Miles has a lot of trouble with new teeth. The biggest sign is that he cannot chew on enough stuff...and he has started keeping his fingers in his hands while chewing. That, and he has an elevated temperature. Regardless, Eric and I both left the session feeling a little distraught that we appear to have a 1 year old monster.

To make matters worse? I have been utterly butchered. I have not had a haircut since OCTOBER 2008, and finally decided to get a professional cut in time for our pictures with Miles. I opted for the Jr Stylist (read: cheaper) as my old stylist left for TX to do hair for the show Friday Night Lights. Well, not only was she one of the most unpleasant girls (sometimes, sarcasm turns real ugly), but she went all Edward Scissor Hands on me. During the cut, she tells me about how she was essentially strong armed into leaving her old salon after 2 weeks because they said she had an attitude. After I asked her if she liked the salon she was at now better she snidely retorted, "not really." Great. You went straight from school to a salon that let you go after 2 weeks for attitude, and now you hate the salon you are in right now.

Ali: I want the front to hit my shoulders, and the back to be a little higher. I also have to be able to wear my hair in a ponytail for working out and I have a 1 year old who plays with my hair. I would like the same haircut I had the last time I got it cut. Also, don't make the back look like a mushroom.

Jr bee-otch: Okay. I think the front should be cut just a little bit. (Jr bee-otch proceeds to take the front of my hair and CHOP IT TO MY CHIN!)

Okay, I know they teach the anatomy of the hair shaft in beauty school, but I think they need to do some more comprehensive body awareness. I mean, this wasn't like a little above my shoulders, this is at my chin. Pictures below to prove. I have never cried over a haircut, and I bawled the entire way home. I called my sister-in-law and Mama CD both laughing and crying through telling them my horror story. (You know when sometimes something is so bad you just have to laugh?) It's not like it can be "fixed." Unless I get extensions.

Insult to injury--here is what my husband responded with...

Eric: "You know what it looks like? A mom haircut."

WHAT?!?! When does telling someone they look like a mom make them feel good? Ever hear of mom jeans? I don't want to look like a mom. I want to look like a young girl who doesn't have to glaze the gray out of her hair and isn't staring down the barrel of the 30 year old gun! Oh, folks, it get's worse.

Eric: "On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the best haircut...it's a 5."

Here's the thing. I did not ask his opinion about the scale, nor did I ask him what he thought it looked like. He just charmingly volunteered this information. The truth is, this is exactly what I expected from Eric. Unabashed honesty. And you know what? I love him more for it. (Especially because it gives me great license to insist he pamper me all night for making me feel worse. ha ha).

My friend Schlotty recently posted her "blech" post, and I can say I just had a "blech" weekend myself. The worst is preparing to go into work tomorrow and hearing everyone say, "wow! You got a haircut!" I just wish I could send out a memo saying "Listen, I know I got a haircut. I hate it. Cried about it all weekend. Please don't mention it to my face." So, here you go. Eric made me do the "fried lippers" face (and notice Miles chewing on his fingers). You can tell I had been crying in the car.
From Ohio May 2009 and various other

And to end on a good note, here are some pictures from Ohio. You can see the rest in the Picasa gallery.
Miles pretending to smoke a cigar with his rhythm stick
From Ohio May 2009 and various other
Rehearsal dinner
From Ohio May 2009 and various other
Overwhelmed with toys
From Ohio May 2009 and various other
Let me also end by saying that this weekend ended quite solemnly. One of Eric's students and former runners died tragically on her way home from her grandfather's funeral from complications of cystic fibrosis. I had only met her a couple of times when she was on the cross country team, but I cannot express how deeply saddened I am to hear of the news. Miles can drive me bananas, and days like today when he was a snake while trying to get pictures are still priceless. We are just so blessed, and I will try not to take my time with Miles, even the tough ones, for granted. My thoughts and prayers are with the S. family.

Miles, I love you!
From Ohio May 2009 and various other

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  1. Oh my goodness! Miles is starting to look so much like a little boy rather than a baby. He looks adorable in his formal attire.
    It is possible to see him "working" on his teeth in some of the pictures where he's clenching his jaw.
    I cried when I saw you with your unhappy hair. It's awful to feel that bad about a haircut. To be honest, I think it's attractive. I wish my stylist would cut mine like that(okay, okay - now you can cry because it's a grandmother haircut!!!). I don't think it looks like a Mom cut because it looks stylish to me, and it makes your hair look thick and healthy.
    That being said, if you don't like it, it doesn't matter what I think, and it will be hard to pull back as you need to do. It will grow, honestly, and I would find a new hairdresser. Perhaps that young woman needs to find a different career that doesn't involve working with the public?!
    I can't wait to see the Stone Mountain photos. In addition to teething, Miles may just be tired from all the activity you've had recently.
    I am so very sorry to hear about the loss Eric's student. It's heartbreaking. Sigh.
    I hope it will be a better week...
    :Love, Mom