Thursday, June 4, 2009

Somedays, motherhood makes you feel weak...

Before I launch into the latest episode of "are you kidding me?" I thought I would share the quick "sneak" we got of the professional pictures we had with Miles last weekend. We'll get the full sampling in a few weeks, but in the meantime, enjoy Danielle's great blog post with a few of his pictures. I am surprised she didn't mention how ornery he was...although you can tell on his face how serious he is (what's new!).

He really was not himself that day and hasn't been recently. Plus, he has been favoring his right foot (the Kooky one) while standing and not putting pressure on his left. Well, after a nearly 2 hour adventure at the ortho's office (thanks for taking him while I was at work, Dad!) Miles came home grumpier than ever with a full GREEN LEG CAST. 3 weeks with the darn thing. X-rays show that he probably has a fracture. How did he get this fracture? We have NO idea, but let me tell you, I thought the guilt with having lead in our house was intense...this just overwhelms me. I might as well call the department of child and family services myself to preempt any attempt they'll make at an investigation into Miles's sordid medical history. I try so hard to be thankful for our blessings and all that has gone well in our lives. Especially in the wake of the sad news about one of Eric's students passing, but there are moments I admit to feeling really sorry for myself. Tonight I am pouring it on thick. In fact, I am tempted to eat ice cream for dinner, take a warm shower, and find some trash television to fall asleep to.

They say God only gives you what you can handle, but recently, I feel like God must have mistaken me for someone who is much stronger. I am not one who is into public prayer, but please God, can we just have 1 month, hell, 1 WEEK of not worrying and allowing us to witness that happy, healthy boy that I know is in there?

I am not sure that the readership of this goes much beyond my close friends and family, but it's been an incredibly emotional month even beyond the "intel" I have provided on this blog. I may take a bit of time to just re-center and let life adjust back to a more comfortable pace before blogging again. There's a lot to digest right now. Don't abandon me, though...I'll be back! And until then, I'll let this boy's eyes tell you why I will continue to love, worry, and do whatever it takes to have a healthy family:
Thank you Danielle Bryson Photography! (She is wonderful...)


  1. Oh poor baby and poor Mommy and Daddy! Realizing that Miles had a fractured foot while being photographed - no wonder he had gravitas! Try to take care of all of you. I will have everyone I know pray for Miles and all of you.

  2. Tough stuff! Sorry to hear about the trials, but at least you can rest soundly knowing that you gave birth to the cutest tiny person on earth! Seriously, he's so cute you don't even notice your funky hairdo (which looks great Alison, if you told people that was your intent to look like that they would want to go to the same stylist!).

  3. the pics are fab!!!!

    soooo sorry you and miles are feeling far from it. this too shall pass. hang in there and we are here for you!

  4. We love you all so much. This too shall pass. Bones will heal and stress will subside. Take time to breathe and be thankful for your beautiful family. You are an incredible mommy.

  5. You and Eric are great parents and Miles is very lucky to have you. We try to protect our children the best we can but sometimes things just happen. Don't doubt your parenting skills. It is obvious that Miles is a very happy little guy who is well cared for and loved.

  6. Perhaps Miles is just getting all his little crises out of the way in his first two years of life and this means he will be a sweet, obedient teenager (okay, maybe this won't happen, but we can hope). Don't doubt your parenting--you and Eric love and care for Miles so well. Kids get hurt in random ways, but their bones heal. You are providing in every way you can for the little guy, and he will appreciate that for life.