Thursday, July 23, 2009

Product Endorsement

I am breaking from the original scheduled programming to endorse a few products that I have recently discovered. It's not that life in the Heintz household isn't crazy enough to post about (Miles finally uses ASL for "all done" and feeds himself applesauce with a spoon!), or that I am getting a secret cut from these companies (although, I wouldn't decline the offer...Miles has to go to college, peeps!), but I just feel slightly distracted and in the mood to shake things up for the whopping 4 people who follow the blog.

Non-baby related endorsement: PeaceKeeper Cause-Metics Nail Polish

Over the past few years, my obsession with nail polish has decayed. In part, what mom has time to paint her nails? Also, I became neurotic about ingredients that I exposed my body to--especially when I was pregnant. (This coming from a girl who is tempted to linger a few seconds after the pump at the gas station finishes filling her car...the smell is intoxicating.) I cannot even remember where I discovered PeaceKeeper, but I finally ordered some nail polish as my toe nails screamed for a thick application of some shade of pink. The selection isn't vast, but I was incredibly surprised and delighted with the product. It really can rival OPI in my opinion. It is rated by the EWG as the safest paint-based polish, and even better--they are an all benefit company and give all of their distributable profits to charity after taxes, debt repayment, financing costs and reasonable working capital reserves. Specifically, PK gives their profits to women’s health advocacy and urgent human rights issues. And here's the kicker--FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS (and I also hunted and found a coupon code that sliced more off my shipment). I am actually still waiting for the polish remover as it was back ordered. The back order was not communicated to me, and my nail polish didn't originally arrive when expected, so after a wonderful exchange with customer service, my polish arrived with a great palate of lip gloss to try for free. It's good, too!

Baby endorsement: Green Toys
I recently got Miles a play cookware set from Green Toys company (thanks amazon sale!). He is obsessed with a bottom dishware drawer in our kitchen, and instead of him rummaging through is own useable dishware, dirtying it as he throws it on the floor (read: Mom or Nana must pick it up and wash it repeatedly throughout a day of play), I thought I would put in some play items for him to explore. As the whole lead issue has me on high alert, I am even more obsessed with green "safe" toys. This fits the bill! The packaging it comes in is simple and completely recyclable (it has cute instructions and information), the items are sturdy, and will last for years. All of the products are made out of recycled milk jugs.
The company makes a host of kitchenware items, as well as some sand toys, garden toys (one I posted about a long time ago), tools, and even trucks. We are still partial to the Sprig trucks Miles has (made of recycled wood!)

I'll let you know how Miles likes them.

And now my call for help. I am interested in getting Miles his first real doll. We have a number of Under The Nile cloth "dolls," (none of which peak his interest, really), but wanted to get him some sort of baby doll. It doesn't need to be life-like (anyone heard of those creepy reborns??), but I would like it to resemble an actual human. Both of my brothers had dolls, and even if he isn't too interested now, I would like to start modeling some nurturing skills for a variety of reasons. At his last appointment for the study at Emory University he was enrolled in, he was fascinated with a big Sesame Street character doll. Granted, I think it was the fluffy neon hair and big eyes that captivated him, but I am hoping if I get him a bigger doll (and one that does not light up, pee in his/her pants, coo/cry...or generally require batteries), he'll eventually take to it. I really like The Earth Friends dolls, but MAN they are expensive! And you know I'll buy one and he'll let it sit at the bottom of his toy bin for years.

Right now I am leaning towards one of the dolls from They are cloth, but appear to be "safe" and lead free. I am sort of hesitant to get him any doll that reeks of plastic. I like the "Baby Bottoms White boy." It doesn't seem incredibly anatomically correct, but props for at least attempting to acknowledge anatomy--unlike the Ken Doll "mound" of many boy dolls. And I also like the nighty night boy. Or as they call it: "White Boy Nighty Night Doll"...seriously? I mean, I am not averse to getting any of the other races, but my first reaction is to find one that looks the most like him. Anyone remember My Childs?
Oh, I loved my My Child! And loved that it was "designed" to look like me.

Any suggestions? Advice? What are some good (and safe) dolls for boys?

On a related safe toy note: some of Miles's toys that tested postive for lead came from a specific company that I loved--Anamalz. I will post more later, but a few weeks ago, customer service got back to me and is willing to replcae all of my toys with new ones that have been tested at a new plant, and are also willing to talk to me about the report with the lead results from their old toys. Part of me is happy they are responsive...but part of me is concerned the new toys will still hav lead? Should I have them replace the toys? Should I run the risk?


  1. See if if Animalz will just send you a check as a refund for all the toys that tested positive for lead. The market themselves as being wood, organic and earth friendly toys. Why on earth would they contain lead?? It's nice that they are willing to help you, but why risk it? Take that refund money, and buy Miles one of those cool dolls!

  2. I agree with Trixie. Once is enough. It IS incredible they are responsive. I am sure they can sympathize with why you would not like replacements. If they give you a hard time, you can remind them of the power of mommie blogs :)

    Dolls... my MN nephews both have animals. A dog and an elephant. They go everywhere and have all the same treatment as the boys. E's dog's name is (something totally scrumptious that I cannot remember) and A's elephant's name is Ellie (she's a girl). How cute is THAT?!

  3. G is currently playing with my old cabbage patch dolls AND my old My Child doll. My parents saved them! Perhaps your parents have a dusty trunk or two in the attic that have some dolls for Miles to check out before you shell out the cash for new dolls.