Tuesday, August 18, 2009

"The Hardest Button to Button"

Band? Anyone? If you can post the correct answer, I'll give you a candy...or how about a glass of breastmilk? Apparently my son is not as interested in it anymore. I am in a bit of denial, but Miles really has started pushing away from nursing. I was pretty secure in my decision to wean around 18 months (nervous about inducing preterm labor), but I think Miles has a different plan. At this point, I pretty much use it as a calming technique. Maybe the test has changed...(maybe he doesn't like big boobs, either). :( Stay tuned.

Back to the button reference. No joke. I can no longer button my pants as of Sunday. I think Kilo had a huge growth spurt in part, but also Eric's best friend, Uncle Jer, from OH has been here for the past week fattening us up with his chefly skills (like that--"chefly?"). No, really. He is a chef, and a great one at that. AND he was so gracious enough to accommodate my picky habits and requirement for using organic fruits, veggies and meat. Let's take one night's meal: Foccacia and olive oil to start. Fresh salad with heirloom tomato, avocado, mozzarella, mescaline, arugula, and homemade herbed vinegrette. Main course comprised of spiced polenta, chorizo crumbles, mini portabella mushrooms, romesco sauce, queso fresco, and some other stuff that I probably cannot identify that I'll call love. And dessert was sweet polenta with marinated and cooked apricots, blueberry and candied fruit sauce, and marscapone cheese. (Wish I had a picture). And last night we had a huge fruited chicken salad with another homemade dressing and spiced almond pieces (cayenne cinnamon and various other spices in an egg wash and toasted to a crips!) and grilled PB and homemade "jelly" on Hawaiin bread for dessert. (Note: not my beer below!) We offered free room and board for dinner 2 nights a week. Not sure he'll bite.


  1. The White Stripes, baby! It's in my i-tunes! Did I win?!?!!? Now, I'm going to read the rest of your post :)

  2. mmmm! Grilled pb&J on Hawaiian bread for dessert? delectable! I LOVE Hawaiian bread!

    I've heard that breast milk changes from child to child. Is that why Miles is shying from it?

  3. Mouth watering images! I will have to make sure Grandpa Bob takes a look. What a treat while Jeremy was there!
    Regarding the nursing, you made it pretty far with that. Remember that Nicholas no longer liked the "test" as soon as I got pregnant with you. It's hard to stop, but good so that Miles won't have fresh memories of nursing when you are nursing the next baby. Nature's way of working things out for us?
    On another note - my mother was commenting on how we were all late walkers, and my brother John didn't walk until 18 months! I am certain Miles will beat that milestone.
    Enjoy the memories of the wonderful repasts.