Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Schlocks SHOUT OUT!

From Christmas 09
One of my closest friends, Amy, the repository of all things crafty, trendy and cheap, has had this burgeoning business in the baby footwear industry. In her creative mind, she threw together a shoe, sock...and her last name and out of the oven came a freshly baked SCHLOCK! While there are a number of soft shoes on the market, what Schlocks have going for them--outside the rockin' name--is that they are hand-crafted with amazing fabric, ware incredibly well, and are way cuter than others you will find.

I have mentioned them numerous times on the blog as we have been the lucky recipients of a number of pairs of Schlocks. We have explored different patterns, and even got some more "rugged" fabric on the last pair. What can I say...we love them! Miles wore his Schlocks all of the time (evident by the worn pairs in the pictures), and was the envy of all kids at school. Hey, no one envies this babe for his (lack of) sleeping (we were up for almost 2 hours at 3am last night!), but the combination of a quality pair of Schlocks, and his charming good looks...and he has the high school girls at his school going batty. They even look good with high waisted pants (see below)
From Christmas 09

Sadly, Miles's chunky feet have outgrown his Schlocks, but we have them safely packed away for lil' Kilo. And now that he is walking (with way too much assistance...I am going to look like I have osteoporosis soon), and the weather is delightfully disgusting, we either go barefoot, or need to wear a less comfy more outside friendly shoe.

Because I am 99% sure I am not going to have the luxury or fun of purchasing lots of new clothes and such for Kilo, I AM thinking of buying some select new items in a few months because every baby deserves to be spoiled. Of course, first on that list is itty bitty baby Schlocks--okay, the hope is not for preemie ones!

So, continue to spread the word! Buy a pair or two! As fertility appears to be "ripening" in so many of my friends and loved ones, I already have in my mental back pocket a great gift to include in new baby gifts. I just included my first blog advertisement for the Schlocks with the hopes that it generates a nice revenue stream for my Schlotty--I mean Amy. (May I also say she has created a bunch of other AMAZING gifts with that sewing machine of hers...seriously, she's like a personaly Etsy. And I suggest you add her home renovation blog--linked to her name at the top--to your Google Reader.)

In full disclosure, Amy is one of my closest friends, but the truth is that Schlocks really are awesome. I know a number of people who read my blog have also been satisfied customers and Schlocks have made appearances all over the U.S.!


  1. Oh, I am sorry about the bad night. Tough, tough, tough! Do know that the bent back does recover when you are no longer walking around a mini-buy, and at your age, it should be even easier!
    I want to buy some Schlocks for my friend Allyson! With that and one of Nich's CD's, it's a great gift!

  2. I had no idea that Amy was such a craft-meister! How cool!

  3. Schlocks rule! Ordered two pairs for my girlfriends babies and they were so cute! Amy does a wonderful job with the fabric choices and had them in the mail to me so quickly. The packaging is really cute too!
    Yay Schlocks!