Monday, September 28, 2009

The 2009 Atlanta Flood

I have had lots of inquires as to how we survived the Atlanta flood of 2009. We're all good! It's this lingering cold/plague that is makes for uncomfortable days and nights--we have now transitioned to phase 3: sneezing.

In regards to the flood--no damage to the inside of the house, and we didn't lose the entire fridge...but we had to do some pilot light repair and our yard looks ragged. I truly appreciate all of the concern; we have great friends and family!

I have been extremely busy and apologize for the lack of communication; it's been one of those months where I cannot tell what day it is...and it isn't going to stop for quite a bit. More work travel is scheduled (I HATE being away from the family), and I am not going to lie that I look forward to the time the OB tells me I cannot travel. I ache for a family weekend at home. Currently, our weekends are jammed with activity outside of the house. Have you ever noticed that the more you are away from the house the messier it gets?

I hope to reconnect with everyone soon--don't count me out! I have just been bad about making time for myself lately.

And now for the quick and dirty baby boy updates:

Baby boy #1 (Eric): I am a cross country widow.'Nuff said. (Well, I still contend that despite his schedule he is still the best husband and father!)

Baby boy #2 (Miles): He continues to challenge us with walking. He has thoughtfully decided to refuse the whole walking thing--and speaking in English. But lord does his cuteness and kisses make up for it!

Baby boy #3 ("Kilo"): Kickin' like crazy--and making me contract throughout the day. I'll post a picture soon b/c the belly has somehow grown to an uncomfortable level--the area around the belly button just hurts to look at. Here's the deal--my body has grown substantially the past 2 weeks, and I'll admit that I am having trouble learning to embrace the lumps, bumps and curves. After Miles and I watched Eric run a race this weekend, I got really nostalgic for running...and my old body. But I think we are 90% settled on a first name and after buying some cute newborn winter clothes at a few consignment sales, I cannot wait to meet our little guy!

And here is a video many of you have seen of Eric's school under water. It's hard to tell, but the area you see filled with water is a sunken field that was covered with FOUR FEET of water. (No, that is not Eric driving...not sure who).

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

"If you see flooding, remember to turn around. And do not drown."

Those are the words of the Subaru weather band option on the radio that I listened to last night on my way home from Panera. Do not drown? Oh, thanks for the tip weather band! I was contemplating the whole drowning thing.

You know how in the post last night I commented about pregnant hysteria and laughing on a whim? Same holds true for crying. I am seriously on the verge--sleep deprivation and a cold that appears to be picking up speed is not helping.

GA power estimated the power would be turned on at 2:00am. 5:00am pitch black. 6:30am, still nothing--and our neighborhood, which is densely populated with HUGE evergreens gets no light of day until 7:30am at the earliest. Miles not only got a candle-lit bath last night, but also dined in high style for breakfast with candles and Petzel head lamps. I am not sure how long the romance will seem novel--especially for a 16 month old who grows tired of the same flash light tricks.

Oh, and the weekly Sunday trip we do to the Farmer's market to fill our fridge with fresh perishable organic food??? Probably all trashed. I think that is what set me off...almost $100 of fresh groceries and lord knows how much frozen stuff will succumb to the power outage. We already tried to take some stuff out this morning and put it in a cooler...but I don't trust warmed dairy or meat products.

GA power now estimates work not being done until at least 3pm.

Eric's school was canceled and he needs to figure out how to entertain a toddler who has spent more than a week inside (remember our son is the one who drags you to the front door to go outside at 6am every day?). I feel for both of them. Luckily, it doesn't appear that it will pour for a few hours, so here's to a walk outside! I actually suggested they go to Miles's school and hang out there just to be in a different space. Plus, Eric could have Internet access, and at least they could play some music and he already has snacks and food at their disposal.

I didn't get a candle lit breakfast as I was trying to match an outfit and apply eye liner in the dark...but the Einstein's bagel joint right by my work just contributed to the stretch of "redonkulosity" (totally a word) and I get to my office to find that not only did they give me the wrong bagel NOT toasted, but it was also dry--as in, no cream cheese...not even a mistaken butter.

And then, the icing on the cake. Eric just called me to say that Miles somehow decided to save his biggest and best poop "event" until today--when we cannot see a thing. (Let me also mention that he woke up this morning and had wet through his PJs--this hasn't happened in MONTHS. Strange.) This was worse than the time we had to throw him in the shower before school--he had apparently tracked poop from his breakfast chair all around the house for a good 20 minutes before Eric changed his diaper and noticed that poop was down his leg. We have NEVER had poop any other place but his diaper and leg...and now our house is drenched in toddler fecal matter...but because it is so darn dark, we have no idea where it all landed.

I may have quoted before, but in the words of the Indigo Girls--you have to laugh at yourself or you'd cry your eyes out.

Monday, September 21, 2009

What's next--plague of locusts?

It's is pouring. No, really. I have never seen flooding like this before. I am currently spending my Monday night at Panera with a too hot cup of tea while Eric and Miles are sleeping in a pitch black house. Our power has been out for hours due to a felled tree next to our house. The only noise outside of rain is the buzzing of the workers attempting to remove the debris. Of all days, of course both of our phones were beeping "LOW BATTERY" all afternoon, so I bit the bullet and said I would sit at Panera for an hour or so to charge our phones. I did find out that Eric has no school tomorrow and gets to spend some QT with Miles while I sit in my fluorescent lit office coughing up a storm.

It seems the pink eye virus has lodged in my throat. H1N1? Common cold? Plague of locusts? I don't know what is ailing me, but I usually have an iron clad immune system, but this bugger is just sapping me of life.

Have I mentioned that a week of straight rain makes even non pregnant people complain more?

In other news, Miles is still taking tentative steps on his own--only after my prodding "will you walk to me? Walk to Daddy?" It's funny his girlfriend at school who is just a few months younger just went from nothing to full on walking in one day last week. Miles is so deliberate and careful in his unassisted steps. But, he doesn't just go from parent to parent now and will launch from a bookcase or couch. He still toddles and laughs like it is the funniest thing in the world, and all walking ends in collapsing into some loved one's arms. Ah, to die for.

To lighten the mood: have any other pregnant experienced complete hysteria at the littlest things? Is this a symptom of pregnancy or just my utter exhuastion from nights of being up coughing, or soothing a coughing baby (Miles, not my husband)? On my hour and a half car ride home, Eric and I were eating up the last of our phone batteries by giving each other the play-by-play of flood damage. Me, how 1-285 was a disaster (not as bad as the side streets that forced me to get back on to the highway), and him the flooding near our crawl space. Eric is at home with Miles and unsure how to address outside flooding with a 1 year old. You cannot just leave him in the house with candles everywhere. Well, you cannot leave him in the house even without the candles! So Eric says, "I need to jam up the crawl space door with Miles." I was like, "HUH???" You mean jam our 21 lb first born child into the crawl space door? I clearly knew what he meant, but he had me rolling. Good thing my bladder was already about to burst from a day full of overdosing on Pregnancy tea. I don't know what it is, but if you catch me at the right time, I will laugh so hard incontinence may become an issue.

Before signing off, let's use this post as a real journal entry...I just have to comment on what I am seeing, and since I have both my husband AND my phone, I have no one to tell! This whole time I have been at Panera I have watched the same couple pace back and force on the sidewalk in front of me. I don't normally sit at the laptop bar but not A SINGLE OUTLET in the comfy couch area works. I even looked up online and found many comments about how this Panera's outlets are defunk. So, it is me and a group of some sort of business men rocking the front window. Anyway, "said" couple is pacing and having what seems to be a casual conversation, but not sure what the pacing 10 steps forward, 10 steps back is about. Seriously--no more than 10 steps until they get to the end of the line and head back. The woman "could" be pregnant, but she has some serious rain gear on (yes, there is a break in the deluge!). Perhaps she is working on labor? I have no idea, but I almost feel like waving. Anyone double dare me??

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Lovely Lady Lumps--week 20

From Lovely Lady Lumps--20 weeks (and random spider, dragon fruit pics)
This will be a quickie as I am playing single-mother for the night and need to straighten up and prepare for the rest of the week. Tomorrow we have a date night/sitter night (gotta love Marist musicals) and then I am off to Chicago for a business trip...finally birthday celebrations over the weekend (yay Sully!), which includes a trip from Cali's own Aunt Bec!

Kilo update: 20 weeks and things are great! I had an anatomical ultrasound today and Kilo is all set with his adrenal glands, a 4 chamber heart, 3 vessel umbilical cord, no cleft lip, etc and...well...he is still certainly a boy! His heartbeat is strong at 165 and is moving around like crazy. My placenta is not covering my cervix (placenta previa) and I have tons of amniotic fluid to bath our little fish. I found myself sighing with relief as the Dr kept pointing out all things normal with his body--it is amazing how many things can be determined as an abnormality at 20 weeks. I only got a brief glimpse with the 3D. Kilo was being shy, and the real fun facial 3D/4D will be at 28 weeks. Plus, even though Kilo weighs 13oz, he still looks a little thin and sinewy. Pic above is also fuzzy as I tried to take it with a wild toddler jumping on my back, giggling as he watched his mom try to take a picture. This was the 3rd appointment Eric missed because he had to take the day off from work to stay at home with Miles who has acquired pink eye. Miles is acting just fine (no ear infection or fever), but looks like he got caught up in a crack deal gone bad in downtown Atlanta. I awoke to our own little prize fighter this morning. We have been doing drops for 24 hours, so he is cleared to go back to school. Oh, and he has finally cut his first molars; I just happened to notice the little nubs on the top of his mouth, not the bottom. He is definitely irritated by them (how long do these suckers take to really come in?)

Mom update: Blood pressure? Normal. Weight gain? Normal. Braxton-Hicks contractions? Not so normal. I talked with the OB about the Braxton-Hicks contractions (ctx) and he said exactly what I suspected--keep monitoring. Don't exercise too much and drink plenty of water. If I have more than 4 ctx in an hour, I am to call. Some options I have are taking terbutaline or procardia, both drugs prescribed for other reasons (asthma and hypertension), but they also both have unappealing side effects--anxiety/jitteriness and lightheadedness/fainting. can experience both of those on my own and don't want any additional help! And, well, I am kind of a no drug girl. The Dr didn't really seemed thrilled with the options, either...and so I will go back in 4 weeks, make sure things are okay with Kilo, mom and mom's cervix, and keep praying that we last longer than I did with Miles. I do hope I can continue to stay active because one thing I am not enjoying this time around is how uncomfortable I am with my body changes. Despite being on the slender side, I still don't have that beach ball body where I am just tummy. I feel like my uterus is way deep nestled between my kidneys (atop my bladder) and that I just look "thick." Had that lovely comment today at work. "Ali, you actually show in that dress--your belly looks thick!" C'mon, I would like to at least stay active enough so that once Kilo is born I can get back into shape without feeling like I am a 30 year smoking veteran, huffing and puffing while retrieving mail from the mailbox. On to the pictures--20 weeks of bumpage!

(And I will include my face next time. I actually asked Eric to do so this time, but he was too stunned by my "thickness." Tangent--I would like to applaud the best husband in the world who on numerous occasions has, out of the blue, turned to me and said, "I love you pregnant," or "You are so attractive when you are pregnant." Now, in a pregnant hormonal rage I could easily think "what about when I am not pregnant?" and think he is expecting me to pull a Duggar family and spend 20 years of my life consistently pregnant, but the hormones really don't get to me when he says stuff like this, and I just take it as a supreme compliment. Golly I love him so much...even when my son spends an entire day with Daddy either in the same pajamas from the night before, or in shorts that are put on backward. I'll let you guess what I came home to today.)
From Lovely Lady Lumps--20 weeks (and random spider, dragon fruit pics)
From Lovely Lady Lumps--20 weeks (and random spider, dragon fruit pics)

And here is my baby tonight before dinner, recovering from pink eye (Thanks AunT for the shirt from Spain!)
From Lovely Lady Lumps--20 weeks (and random spider, dragon fruit pics)

PS, if you happen to link to my Picasa album, don't mind the random other photos. 1. in addition to Kilo, our new 2010 Subaru (more on that in another post), we also adopted a HUGE "zipper" spider in our backyard. It is gorgeous--not-harmful and a welcome addition to our garden. And then there are pictures of our experimenting with a Dragon Fruit. Looks-10, Taste-1. They say a cross between a kiwi, pear...and I would add DIRT. Too bad...

Sunday, September 13, 2009

These shoes are made for walking

I know, old hat for most parents of almost 16 month olds, but Miles has finally started to take some tentative steps on his own (VIDEO AT THE END). It has to be between 2 people so he can feel "secure," but somehow his cautious demeanor does not stop him from crawling up on his book case, tables, or anything else his knee can squirm onto. The only trouble now is that Miles is kind of out of shoe options. We actual prefer him to be barefoot as it promotes better development, but for school and outside he does need something to protect him from the elements. Miles is taking after his mother and has abnormally small feet--he is in this awkward between 12 month and size 4 shoes. We have already worn a hole through his Pedoodle sandals (I love this shoe) and the brown pair of Pedoodle sandals I got are just too big. I have spent the past few months buying steals of the day shoes for just the time Miles started walking. I readily admit I am militant about shoes that are developmentally appropriate, mostly because of our problems with Miles's Kooky foot. I also *prefer* to get eco-friendly shoes. Well, I thought the maternity clothing market was over-priced...toddler shoes--and eco-friendly toddler shoes are INSANE! So, when I have seen deals, I snag whatever I can get. But now, Miles just doesn't fit in the old shoes and the new shoes are too big and cause him to stumble. I'm in a pickle...I could spend all day coveting the lines of toddler shoes of a number of brands, but them am paralyzed by sticker shock (especially thinking about the new car payment we inherited). Friends, this is one area that boys' apparel rivals girls' options. Some of my favorite brands that we have waiting in the wings at our house are See Kai Run Riley Roos and the newest shoe out there that we don't have but I am coveting are the Simple Doodles I drool over these shoes--but $38 for a pair??? They remind me of my brother, Seth. I am keeping my fingers crossed they come up in one of my baby deals of the day blog posts...

Tuesday is the big 20 week appt at the OB, so I'll have a kilo and belly update. Additionally, I'll have to let you all know how much we love our other new addition, the 2010 Outback wagon. Lots of great things going on at the Heintz House!

And now, video of Miles walking! We usually have our practice walking time right before or after the nightly bath...hence the partial nudity.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

"Labor" Day

...and I am not talking about this past holiday weekend, which was quite lovely at the Heintz household. We had Eric's family visit from Ohio, and despite my husband's H1N1 flu scare (it wasn't), the weekend was lovely. Short, but seeing family is so important to us. Miles has been asserting his position as Mommy's keeper and was exceptionally clingy (still is); I take it as a supreme compliment, but occasionally wish I could walk around the kitchen without a 15 month old screaming and pulling down my pants (or lifting up my skirt) and demanding that I "walk" with him. But God I love him...

The real labor of the weekend was that I started experiencing Braxton Hicks contractions. I suspected some on Sunday when I was lying on the floor watching a movie with the extended family, and then last night had a terrible series of them before going to bed. I am sure last night's episode was exacerbated by the over an hour vigorous walk/jog I did with Miles to visit Daddy at the Marist track (where Miles took almost 10 steps and then face planted on the ground!). I didn't get the chance to do any formal exercise over the holiday weekend, and substituted healthy living with lots of eating out and not the greatest food choices. I wanted to get back into my routine, and may have pushed myself too hard. Today the Hicks weren't as bad, but still there. I know they usually aren't indicative of anything to worry about at this time (they actually start in the 1st trimester, you just cannot feel them), but it was the first time this pregnancy felt like the last...and we all know how that one ended--TOO EARLY. But I am just shy of half way to 40 weeks. Shoot--can you believe it?

What's my homemade prescription? Water, rest, DVR viewing of America's Next Top Model, and installing Miles's carseat in our new car. Oh, did I mention we got a new car tonight? YAHOO!! It's a beauty...details forthcoming. (Everyone loves a cliff hanger.)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Miles's Music

In an attempt to answer an inquiry about some of our favorite "adult palatable" children's music, I finally ventured into creating my own iTunes mix for you all to link to (and buy!) My friend Studs does this often, and it is a great way to share music--although you need iTunes to access the link above. Although I couldn't put all of our favorite songs on my mix b/c many of our favs are not actually ON iTunes, but here is a sampling of a few of our favorite songs--my brother's stuff is NOT on here b/c, of course, it is universally accepted that he is our favorite. I will say that in general, the list represents our top artists for Miles's easy listening. And the truth is that a lot of what we listen to is not categorized as children's music (e.g. Helio Ziskind), but who says it has to be in the children's music genre to be good for children? We have about 7 GREAT mix CDs courtesy of my brother, and a whole iTunes library of the artists's full albums. Enjoy!