Monday, September 28, 2009

The 2009 Atlanta Flood

I have had lots of inquires as to how we survived the Atlanta flood of 2009. We're all good! It's this lingering cold/plague that is makes for uncomfortable days and nights--we have now transitioned to phase 3: sneezing.

In regards to the flood--no damage to the inside of the house, and we didn't lose the entire fridge...but we had to do some pilot light repair and our yard looks ragged. I truly appreciate all of the concern; we have great friends and family!

I have been extremely busy and apologize for the lack of communication; it's been one of those months where I cannot tell what day it is...and it isn't going to stop for quite a bit. More work travel is scheduled (I HATE being away from the family), and I am not going to lie that I look forward to the time the OB tells me I cannot travel. I ache for a family weekend at home. Currently, our weekends are jammed with activity outside of the house. Have you ever noticed that the more you are away from the house the messier it gets?

I hope to reconnect with everyone soon--don't count me out! I have just been bad about making time for myself lately.

And now for the quick and dirty baby boy updates:

Baby boy #1 (Eric): I am a cross country widow.'Nuff said. (Well, I still contend that despite his schedule he is still the best husband and father!)

Baby boy #2 (Miles): He continues to challenge us with walking. He has thoughtfully decided to refuse the whole walking thing--and speaking in English. But lord does his cuteness and kisses make up for it!

Baby boy #3 ("Kilo"): Kickin' like crazy--and making me contract throughout the day. I'll post a picture soon b/c the belly has somehow grown to an uncomfortable level--the area around the belly button just hurts to look at. Here's the deal--my body has grown substantially the past 2 weeks, and I'll admit that I am having trouble learning to embrace the lumps, bumps and curves. After Miles and I watched Eric run a race this weekend, I got really nostalgic for running...and my old body. But I think we are 90% settled on a first name and after buying some cute newborn winter clothes at a few consignment sales, I cannot wait to meet our little guy!

And here is a video many of you have seen of Eric's school under water. It's hard to tell, but the area you see filled with water is a sunken field that was covered with FOUR FEET of water. (No, that is not Eric driving...not sure who).

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  1. This will really, really date me, but when I was pregnant with Seth, we used to watch the Sonny & Cher Show, and she would perform in her skimpy costumes and perfectly taut tummy, and I would be there on the couch with my arms behind my head because I was so uncomfortable with my belly full of baby!That being said, boy is the reward worth it! Bodies recover well, especially when you are young.
    As to the video, thank goodness it wasn't Eric filming and driving! The videographer was wild!!! I know those fields, so it's remarkable to see them looking like a placid river!