Tuesday, September 22, 2009

"If you see flooding, remember to turn around. And do not drown."

Those are the words of the Subaru weather band option on the radio that I listened to last night on my way home from Panera. Do not drown? Oh, thanks for the tip weather band! I was contemplating the whole drowning thing.

You know how in the post last night I commented about pregnant hysteria and laughing on a whim? Same holds true for crying. I am seriously on the verge--sleep deprivation and a cold that appears to be picking up speed is not helping.

GA power estimated the power would be turned on at 2:00am. 5:00am pitch black. 6:30am, still nothing--and our neighborhood, which is densely populated with HUGE evergreens gets no light of day until 7:30am at the earliest. Miles not only got a candle-lit bath last night, but also dined in high style for breakfast with candles and Petzel head lamps. I am not sure how long the romance will seem novel--especially for a 16 month old who grows tired of the same flash light tricks.

Oh, and the weekly Sunday trip we do to the Farmer's market to fill our fridge with fresh perishable organic food??? Probably all trashed. I think that is what set me off...almost $100 of fresh groceries and lord knows how much frozen stuff will succumb to the power outage. We already tried to take some stuff out this morning and put it in a cooler...but I don't trust warmed dairy or meat products.

GA power now estimates work not being done until at least 3pm.

Eric's school was canceled and he needs to figure out how to entertain a toddler who has spent more than a week inside (remember our son is the one who drags you to the front door to go outside at 6am every day?). I feel for both of them. Luckily, it doesn't appear that it will pour for a few hours, so here's to a walk outside! I actually suggested they go to Miles's school and hang out there just to be in a different space. Plus, Eric could have Internet access, and at least they could play some music and he already has snacks and food at their disposal.

I didn't get a candle lit breakfast as I was trying to match an outfit and apply eye liner in the dark...but the Einstein's bagel joint right by my work just contributed to the stretch of "redonkulosity" (totally a word) and I get to my office to find that not only did they give me the wrong bagel NOT toasted, but it was also dry--as in, no cream cheese...not even a mistaken butter.

And then, the icing on the cake. Eric just called me to say that Miles somehow decided to save his biggest and best poop "event" until today--when we cannot see a thing. (Let me also mention that he woke up this morning and had wet through his PJs--this hasn't happened in MONTHS. Strange.) This was worse than the time we had to throw him in the shower before school--he had apparently tracked poop from his breakfast chair all around the house for a good 20 minutes before Eric changed his diaper and noticed that poop was down his leg. We have NEVER had poop any other place but his diaper and leg...and now our house is drenched in toddler fecal matter...but because it is so darn dark, we have no idea where it all landed.

I may have quoted before, but in the words of the Indigo Girls--you have to laugh at yourself or you'd cry your eyes out.


  1. Wow, that sounds like such a pain. I am glad you guys, and your house, made it through the storm without any real damage. (Although mystery poop around the house is a little freaky).

  2. Oh goodness! It is worse than we even knew. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you down there. Oh, and you've had such bad luck with refrigeration for one reason or another. Tough stuff!

  3. You have me in stitches over the poo! I'm only laughing because I've been there myself. We've had a lot of power cuts lately with load-shedding in Zambia. At least 3 times a week, we're without power for a few hours, usually around dinner time. And last weekend, we had no power for 12 hours on a Saturday. We're getting good at fixing dinner in dark for Samir with foods that don't need heating and aren't too messy. After all, giving a bath by candlelight leaves lots of room for not-so-thorough washing!
    Hang in there and know that it can't last too much longer. You're in the good ole US of A!