Wednesday, September 9, 2009

"Labor" Day

...and I am not talking about this past holiday weekend, which was quite lovely at the Heintz household. We had Eric's family visit from Ohio, and despite my husband's H1N1 flu scare (it wasn't), the weekend was lovely. Short, but seeing family is so important to us. Miles has been asserting his position as Mommy's keeper and was exceptionally clingy (still is); I take it as a supreme compliment, but occasionally wish I could walk around the kitchen without a 15 month old screaming and pulling down my pants (or lifting up my skirt) and demanding that I "walk" with him. But God I love him...

The real labor of the weekend was that I started experiencing Braxton Hicks contractions. I suspected some on Sunday when I was lying on the floor watching a movie with the extended family, and then last night had a terrible series of them before going to bed. I am sure last night's episode was exacerbated by the over an hour vigorous walk/jog I did with Miles to visit Daddy at the Marist track (where Miles took almost 10 steps and then face planted on the ground!). I didn't get the chance to do any formal exercise over the holiday weekend, and substituted healthy living with lots of eating out and not the greatest food choices. I wanted to get back into my routine, and may have pushed myself too hard. Today the Hicks weren't as bad, but still there. I know they usually aren't indicative of anything to worry about at this time (they actually start in the 1st trimester, you just cannot feel them), but it was the first time this pregnancy felt like the last...and we all know how that one ended--TOO EARLY. But I am just shy of half way to 40 weeks. Shoot--can you believe it?

What's my homemade prescription? Water, rest, DVR viewing of America's Next Top Model, and installing Miles's carseat in our new car. Oh, did I mention we got a new car tonight? YAHOO!! It's a beauty...details forthcoming. (Everyone loves a cliff hanger.)


  1. Congrats on the new car!!! (In my head I read it like it was being presented on the PIR ... "and here's... your BRAND NEW CAR!" ha ha).

    I cannot think of anything better than a Top Model marathon sesh. Did you know Tuesdays on Oxygen they play a whole season all day long?! (Obvi Bec didn't do anything on Tuesdays but be obsessed this summer).

  2. Exciting news about the well deserved and long awaited new car!
    I was the queen of Braxton Hicks as well. Our bodies give us clear indicators of when we need to take care and treat ourselves well, and assuming it's not a harbinger of early labor, it can get some of the work of labor done for you.
    Walk on, little Miles!