Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Lovely Lady Lumps--week 20

From Lovely Lady Lumps--20 weeks (and random spider, dragon fruit pics)
This will be a quickie as I am playing single-mother for the night and need to straighten up and prepare for the rest of the week. Tomorrow we have a date night/sitter night (gotta love Marist musicals) and then I am off to Chicago for a business trip...finally birthday celebrations over the weekend (yay Sully!), which includes a trip from Cali's own Aunt Bec!

Kilo update: 20 weeks and things are great! I had an anatomical ultrasound today and Kilo is all set with his adrenal glands, a 4 chamber heart, 3 vessel umbilical cord, no cleft lip, etc and...well...he is still certainly a boy! His heartbeat is strong at 165 and is moving around like crazy. My placenta is not covering my cervix (placenta previa) and I have tons of amniotic fluid to bath our little fish. I found myself sighing with relief as the Dr kept pointing out all things normal with his body--it is amazing how many things can be determined as an abnormality at 20 weeks. I only got a brief glimpse with the 3D. Kilo was being shy, and the real fun facial 3D/4D will be at 28 weeks. Plus, even though Kilo weighs 13oz, he still looks a little thin and sinewy. Pic above is also fuzzy as I tried to take it with a wild toddler jumping on my back, giggling as he watched his mom try to take a picture. This was the 3rd appointment Eric missed because he had to take the day off from work to stay at home with Miles who has acquired pink eye. Miles is acting just fine (no ear infection or fever), but looks like he got caught up in a crack deal gone bad in downtown Atlanta. I awoke to our own little prize fighter this morning. We have been doing drops for 24 hours, so he is cleared to go back to school. Oh, and he has finally cut his first molars; I just happened to notice the little nubs on the top of his mouth, not the bottom. He is definitely irritated by them (how long do these suckers take to really come in?)

Mom update: Blood pressure? Normal. Weight gain? Normal. Braxton-Hicks contractions? Not so normal. I talked with the OB about the Braxton-Hicks contractions (ctx) and he said exactly what I suspected--keep monitoring. Don't exercise too much and drink plenty of water. If I have more than 4 ctx in an hour, I am to call. Some options I have are taking terbutaline or procardia, both drugs prescribed for other reasons (asthma and hypertension), but they also both have unappealing side effects--anxiety/jitteriness and lightheadedness/fainting. Ummm...no--I can experience both of those on my own and don't want any additional help! And, well, I am kind of a no drug girl. The Dr didn't really seemed thrilled with the options, either...and so I will go back in 4 weeks, make sure things are okay with Kilo, mom and mom's cervix, and keep praying that we last longer than I did with Miles. I do hope I can continue to stay active because one thing I am not enjoying this time around is how uncomfortable I am with my body changes. Despite being on the slender side, I still don't have that beach ball body where I am just tummy. I feel like my uterus is way deep nestled between my kidneys (atop my bladder) and that I just look "thick." Had that lovely comment today at work. "Ali, you actually show in that dress--your belly looks thick!" C'mon people...so, I would like to at least stay active enough so that once Kilo is born I can get back into shape without feeling like I am a 30 year smoking veteran, huffing and puffing while retrieving mail from the mailbox. On to the pictures--20 weeks of bumpage!

(And I will include my face next time. I actually asked Eric to do so this time, but he was too stunned by my "thickness." Tangent--I would like to applaud the best husband in the world who on numerous occasions has, out of the blue, turned to me and said, "I love you pregnant," or "You are so attractive when you are pregnant." Now, in a pregnant hormonal rage I could easily think "what about when I am not pregnant?" and think he is expecting me to pull a Duggar family and spend 20 years of my life consistently pregnant, but the hormones really don't get to me when he says stuff like this, and I just take it as a supreme compliment. Golly I love him so much...even when my son spends an entire day with Daddy either in the same pajamas from the night before, or in shorts that are put on backward. I'll let you guess what I came home to today.)
From Lovely Lady Lumps--20 weeks (and random spider, dragon fruit pics)
From Lovely Lady Lumps--20 weeks (and random spider, dragon fruit pics)

And here is my baby tonight before dinner, recovering from pink eye (Thanks AunT for the shirt from Spain!)
From Lovely Lady Lumps--20 weeks (and random spider, dragon fruit pics)

PS, if you happen to link to my Picasa album, don't mind the random other photos. 1. in addition to Kilo, our new 2010 Subaru (more on that in another post), we also adopted a HUGE "zipper" spider in our backyard. It is gorgeous--not-harmful and a welcome addition to our garden. And then there are pictures of our experimenting with a Dragon Fruit. Looks-10, Taste-1. They say a cross between a kiwi, pear...and I would add DIRT. Too bad...


  1. CONGRATS to a healthy momma and a healthy baby Kilo! AND CONGRATS on a BOYEEE!!!

    What great photos! I noticed your Epicurian cutting board - we have that same one! What a cool web Mr. Spider made! Last weekend, our backyard was COVERED with big huge spiders and amazing geometric webs. It was like Charlotte hatched her eggs all on the same day and all the brothers and sisters were renting in the same neighborhood! I think we counted like, 12 webs... but there were certainly many more. unfortunately, that afternoon he fog rolled in and blew the webs and the spiders out of our yard.

  2. Wow! That's a lot of news in one post! I am so relieved that Kilo is normal, and I hope that you will be able to stave off Braxton-Hicks requiring further measures. The thickness may be just how you carry, Alison. Some people carry basketballs in front, and some carry more inside. The inside is less comfortable as you note, but I like to think it gives you a head start on getting those stomach muscles back in shape afterwards since you didn't stretch them out as much.
    Poor battle-scarred looking Miles! Conjunctivitis is so, so contagious in group settings. It's amazing he hasn't had it before.
    I didn't know you were going to Chicago. I hope you will not be going alone.