Thursday, September 3, 2009

Miles's Music

In an attempt to answer an inquiry about some of our favorite "adult palatable" children's music, I finally ventured into creating my own iTunes mix for you all to link to (and buy!) My friend Studs does this often, and it is a great way to share music--although you need iTunes to access the link above. Although I couldn't put all of our favorite songs on my mix b/c many of our favs are not actually ON iTunes, but here is a sampling of a few of our favorite songs--my brother's stuff is NOT on here b/c, of course, it is universally accepted that he is our favorite. I will say that in general, the list represents our top artists for Miles's easy listening. And the truth is that a lot of what we listen to is not categorized as children's music (e.g. Helio Ziskind), but who says it has to be in the children's music genre to be good for children? We have about 7 GREAT mix CDs courtesy of my brother, and a whole iTunes library of the artists's full albums. Enjoy!

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