Sunday, September 13, 2009

These shoes are made for walking

I know, old hat for most parents of almost 16 month olds, but Miles has finally started to take some tentative steps on his own (VIDEO AT THE END). It has to be between 2 people so he can feel "secure," but somehow his cautious demeanor does not stop him from crawling up on his book case, tables, or anything else his knee can squirm onto. The only trouble now is that Miles is kind of out of shoe options. We actual prefer him to be barefoot as it promotes better development, but for school and outside he does need something to protect him from the elements. Miles is taking after his mother and has abnormally small feet--he is in this awkward between 12 month and size 4 shoes. We have already worn a hole through his Pedoodle sandals (I love this shoe) and the brown pair of Pedoodle sandals I got are just too big. I have spent the past few months buying steals of the day shoes for just the time Miles started walking. I readily admit I am militant about shoes that are developmentally appropriate, mostly because of our problems with Miles's Kooky foot. I also *prefer* to get eco-friendly shoes. Well, I thought the maternity clothing market was over-priced...toddler shoes--and eco-friendly toddler shoes are INSANE! So, when I have seen deals, I snag whatever I can get. But now, Miles just doesn't fit in the old shoes and the new shoes are too big and cause him to stumble. I'm in a pickle...I could spend all day coveting the lines of toddler shoes of a number of brands, but them am paralyzed by sticker shock (especially thinking about the new car payment we inherited). Friends, this is one area that boys' apparel rivals girls' options. Some of my favorite brands that we have waiting in the wings at our house are See Kai Run Riley Roos and the newest shoe out there that we don't have but I am coveting are the Simple Doodles I drool over these shoes--but $38 for a pair??? They remind me of my brother, Seth. I am keeping my fingers crossed they come up in one of my baby deals of the day blog posts...

Tuesday is the big 20 week appt at the OB, so I'll have a kilo and belly update. Additionally, I'll have to let you all know how much we love our other new addition, the 2010 Outback wagon. Lots of great things going on at the Heintz House!

And now, video of Miles walking! We usually have our practice walking time right before or after the nightly bath...hence the partial nudity.


  1. Ah, it makes me laugh every time I view this! Miles is so delighted with himself!What a joy. You can see what a lot of thought and effort goes into walking for him, and it makes one wonder how any of us do it!

  2. We bought Ella some pedipeds when she started walking, and we love them. They can be worn for 3-6 months due to the way they fit. They run around$35. We finally broke down and bought her her first pair of sneakers last week. Even with a family discount, they were in the $30-$35 range--and I thought that was a steal compared to what I've seen around. It's painful, but I haven't seen decent shoes under that price range. Let me know if you do. Just be warned, Miles is going to be running around all of a sudden, getting into even more things. Enjoy the early walking stage! Can't wait to hear/see more on baby Kilo.

  3. OMG - He is SOOO tickled with himself! And I am so tickled by him! Congrats to miles - the big walker!

    congratulations ali and eric! i just love how miles is so excited about his new talent. his laugh is absolutely infectious...Heed Jess' warning about the super-quick transition from tentative steps to running/falling headfirst into any and everything in sight.
    by the way, and i'm not sure how developmentally appropriate these are, but i recently bought KR a pair of new balance "running shoes"/sneakers. they are cute because there's sesame street folks on them, but honestly i'm not sure how i feel about them yet.
    she just wore out her stride rite soft walking booties, which i highly recommend. they're ugly, but she went from baby steps to full-fledged "put be down" walking within a week with the awesome support these provide.

  5. Love it! We are just starting to buy shoes as well. I can't wait until she fits into the See Kai Runs. I love them! And I've looked for Riley Roos but haven't found any yet. She has a pair of pedipeds that she wears when she's not barefooted. We have the same small-foot-for-age problem.


  6. Oh, he is so cute and proud of himself! I love it! Can't wait to see the tot in person!!

  7. It looks like everything is going so well! Your body handles a pregnancy beautifully.

    I saw this website TinySoles and thought of you. I think they carry a lot of the brands you are interested in.

    G has always done well in Stride Rite and Ecco. We are spoiled now and live 10 minutes from outlets for both so the cost is greatly reduced.

    We also love Teva for both Mom and child. We get them on Zappos or at REI (sporting goods store).