Monday, September 21, 2009

What's next--plague of locusts?

It's is pouring. No, really. I have never seen flooding like this before. I am currently spending my Monday night at Panera with a too hot cup of tea while Eric and Miles are sleeping in a pitch black house. Our power has been out for hours due to a felled tree next to our house. The only noise outside of rain is the buzzing of the workers attempting to remove the debris. Of all days, of course both of our phones were beeping "LOW BATTERY" all afternoon, so I bit the bullet and said I would sit at Panera for an hour or so to charge our phones. I did find out that Eric has no school tomorrow and gets to spend some QT with Miles while I sit in my fluorescent lit office coughing up a storm.

It seems the pink eye virus has lodged in my throat. H1N1? Common cold? Plague of locusts? I don't know what is ailing me, but I usually have an iron clad immune system, but this bugger is just sapping me of life.

Have I mentioned that a week of straight rain makes even non pregnant people complain more?

In other news, Miles is still taking tentative steps on his own--only after my prodding "will you walk to me? Walk to Daddy?" It's funny his girlfriend at school who is just a few months younger just went from nothing to full on walking in one day last week. Miles is so deliberate and careful in his unassisted steps. But, he doesn't just go from parent to parent now and will launch from a bookcase or couch. He still toddles and laughs like it is the funniest thing in the world, and all walking ends in collapsing into some loved one's arms. Ah, to die for.

To lighten the mood: have any other pregnant experienced complete hysteria at the littlest things? Is this a symptom of pregnancy or just my utter exhuastion from nights of being up coughing, or soothing a coughing baby (Miles, not my husband)? On my hour and a half car ride home, Eric and I were eating up the last of our phone batteries by giving each other the play-by-play of flood damage. Me, how 1-285 was a disaster (not as bad as the side streets that forced me to get back on to the highway), and him the flooding near our crawl space. Eric is at home with Miles and unsure how to address outside flooding with a 1 year old. You cannot just leave him in the house with candles everywhere. Well, you cannot leave him in the house even without the candles! So Eric says, "I need to jam up the crawl space door with Miles." I was like, "HUH???" You mean jam our 21 lb first born child into the crawl space door? I clearly knew what he meant, but he had me rolling. Good thing my bladder was already about to burst from a day full of overdosing on Pregnancy tea. I don't know what it is, but if you catch me at the right time, I will laugh so hard incontinence may become an issue.

Before signing off, let's use this post as a real journal entry...I just have to comment on what I am seeing, and since I have both my husband AND my phone, I have no one to tell! This whole time I have been at Panera I have watched the same couple pace back and force on the sidewalk in front of me. I don't normally sit at the laptop bar but not A SINGLE OUTLET in the comfy couch area works. I even looked up online and found many comments about how this Panera's outlets are defunk. So, it is me and a group of some sort of business men rocking the front window. Anyway, "said" couple is pacing and having what seems to be a casual conversation, but not sure what the pacing 10 steps forward, 10 steps back is about. Seriously--no more than 10 steps until they get to the end of the line and head back. The woman "could" be pregnant, but she has some serious rain gear on (yes, there is a break in the deluge!). Perhaps she is working on labor? I have no idea, but I almost feel like waving. Anyone double dare me??

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