Sunday, October 18, 2009

24 week appt update

I know, I know...I can sense the tension you all have carried with you as you have been wondering how my follow-up OB appointment went after the scare last weekend. (Serious sarcasm, folks.) In truth, I am doing enough worrying for the planet, so no need to get your panties in a bunch!

It is amazing how quickly one can go from feeling like the happy, successful pregnant woman (and I had been known to say on a number of occassions--"hey, if we can swing it financially, I would love to do this again!"), to, well, hating your uterus. Is that a form of child abuse? I don't hate Kilo, but certainly don't want to meet him anytime soon. I just hate that my uterus (and cervix?) are disobedient. I take care of myself, work hard, eat right (okay, mostly), exercise, and try to be positive...and yet I've got irritable uterus syndrome. I've heard of women hating their breasts, thighs, butt...but I have a serious axe to grind with my uterus.

Break. Is talking about my cervix considered off color? Sleep deprivation and the pregnancy wash of hormones has truly blurred my take on reality. Not that it would change my discussion on the blog, but I was thinking last night if my rating would dip into the "adult only" if I mentioned my cervix. Is it technically a "private part?" Will the picture I provide below be pornography? Curious...

Okay, so let's talk about my hush-hush cervix. That was the only new news I received at my appt. Weight--steadily gaining (I think I am up a good 14lbs now!), blood pressure normal, and baby doing GREAT. Kilo is already head down with the skull pushing right on my cervix. Ah, the cervix. We checked the length (and by "we" I mean my OB and the magical vaginal ultrasound), and it was 3.8. I know, 3.8! Wait...what does that mean? Okay, so apparently you want it to be 3 and above. That's what I am going by, and feel good about it. BUT he also noticed some cervical funneling. Here is a picture of an anonymous woman's funneling cervix. I was not fortunate enough to receive a print out of my own funneling, but this looks just like mine did.

You can see it looks like, well, a funnel. To the right of the funneling is the rest of the cervix, and you can see the baby heading into the funnel. What does it mean? The OB said it can indicate a start to some changes. Vague, huh? That's where Google, the devil incarnate for all high risk pregnant women, comes in. The truth is, Google didn't provide me any additional answers except for that it isn't a great sign, and now I added more worry to my plate. The combo of being a worrier with now taking medication every 4 hours with the biggest side effect "anxiety" does not make for a content Ali. And it's not like I can go out for a jog to let off some steam...or even a long walk...or wash the floors.

So now I am literally trying to keep my feet up at all possible times as though gravity will keep this child in. And I am quite conscious of not only the contractions that although not as regular, still show their face, but trying to see if I feel like I am leaking fluid. The problem is this is tough for pregnant women to determine, well...if you are or have been pregnant,you know why trying to see if you are leaking fluid may be problematic with all the other stuff that may be going on down there. (Now THAT has got to be close to x-rated talk!)

There you have it! We are approaching 25 weeks, and close to being able to rip off my first chain in the chain of holidays that need to occur before Kilo arrives.

Finally, even though I am on restricted activity, I would like to give a shout out to all women who have ever been on bed rest. I think the decrease in activity I have forced myself into has made me slightly crazy. That, and Miles has decided over the past 3 days to go down that terrible road of NO sleeping (naps or night) and lots of 4:30pm tantrums. The drooling and hands in the mouth constantly still have me suspect molars. Or this is just his disposition...but we were up from 1am until almost 5am last night. And let's just say Miles wasn't the only one crying! How am I going to do this with 2 little boys and a full time job???

But, in an attempt to remain positive, Miles's bedtime routine is going swimmingly without the bottle or nursing, and he is thriving at school. That, and the Atlanta weather is just delicious right now. And finally, Eric is back into the swing of running, which makes me feel connected to it in some way, and even ran an amazing 5 miler with Miles this weekend (and it got me out of the house!), and there is talk of doing a marathon in a month or two! Pictures of our pumpkin patch adventure and 25 week belly forthcoming!

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  1. As we talked about this afternoon, Alison, I feel bad that you are all sleep deprived after this weekend. Hopefully the weekday routine will reestablish Miles's more typical sleep pattern. In regards to still having contractions, that's not atypical, honey. Of course it's a worry for you in your situation, but do try to reassure yourself and remember that as long as they don't become regular and stronger, they are nothing unusual.
    Do try to be as good to yourself as you can, honey. I look forward to pumpkin patch pictures!