Friday, November 20, 2009

Don't let it go to your head...

From Couch surfing 11/2009
Miles's childcare director JoAnn is just the best. She sends e-mails throughout the day giving me Miles updates and sends pictures and videos to the parents often (she also treats us to homemade dinners every Tuesday since I started this modified bed rest gig). I truly cannot express in words how much she means to our family. One of the more recent e-mails I received this week follows (names have been changed to protect the privacy of his fellow classmates. Mayora is one of the oldest girls. I call her Mayora as I would consider her to be the female Mayor of the ELC. Precocious and incredibly smart at a little over 2 years old. I am pretty certain JoAnn has talked to the administration about bringing her on as a paid ELC employee):

"Subject: Casanova

Hi Alison,

I hope Eric has told you the stories of "Miles, the Latin Lover"! He is turning into quite the ladies' man.

Yesterday was so cute. He put his hands around Mayora's waist and leaned over and put his cheek on hers. He then began to stroke her head and talk to her with his face close to his. I wanted to run for the video, but knew I would spoil the moment.

Then today one of the student volunteers was in the room. She started to leave and while she was saying good bye Miles went over to her, put one arm around her leg and put his cheek on her. It was so adorable every female in the place melted! You had better watch out, you'll have girls knocking at your door before you know it!"

And the most recent correspondances have focused on the likeness of our son to a mountain goat. Apparently he climbs on everything at school...he has even been on the table, standing up! When I recently was leaving the ELC after my turn to bake with the older kids, I turned and saw my son on top of the high chair tray. Eek! I don't know where he gets it--where was this kid when he was so resistant to crawling and walking? All of his excitement has left us with 2 "pate injuries:" a goose egg on his forehead and a serious bruise under his chin--all done while at home. Let's hope the ELC doesn't call DFACS.

Perhaps all this flirting is going straight to his head as we found out at Miles's 18 month appointment that his head circumference is still sky high on the charts--90th percentile people! And to think that at one point, his head was no bigger than a tennis ball (or so it seemed). The only real concern is that his anterior fontanelle has not closed, so we'll check on that at his 2 year appointment. (Oh, and we do have to get some blood drawn to test his lead levels again...I don't even want to go there.) Besides that, Miles is your typical toddler. Not getting any high marks on his concrete expressive language, but passed all his tests with flying colors--and he even blew Dr L a kiss on his way out after all the poking and prodding. (Note to self--kids don't get better with the otoscope as they age.) We probably won't have a b-ball player on our hands. We fell to the 7th percentile on height, and slightly rose to the 15th percentile on weight--23 lbs of pure flirt...and goat???

Miles has learned to scale furniture at home, too. Before I knew it as I was cleaning up from b-fast this weekend, he was not only up on the couch looking out the picture window, but on TOP of the couch, banging to acknowledge the "Ta Daaas" (oh, you don't speak Miles? That's truck).
From Couch surfing 11/2009
Don't get me started on the circus act he performs in the tub...(remember a post way back circa early 2008 when Eric finally felt Miles kick in my belly at the Circus? It truly was foreshadowing).

Maybe I should call The Birdcage Factory...or the Ringling Bros. I hear trapeze artists make good money.

Until then, it's all about child labor.
From Couch surfing 11/2009
From Couch surfing 11/2009


  1. Well, he melts my heart!
    I think the climbing gene must come from Uncle Steve Deysher who has scaled poles, trees and much more in his day.
    Good thinking to get Miles working the mower while he still gets a thrill out of it. That won't last, sadly!
    I continue to be grateful to JoAnn and eveyone else who is so kind to you while you are on modified bedrest.

  2. It just dawned on me. Do you now have a motorized lawn mower?

  3. We did finally get a plug in electric mower for the fall so we can go over the lawn with some leaves--the old style push mower wouldn't work without always excessive raking, but come spring we'll transition back to the push one...