Thursday, November 5, 2009

More Ovaltine, please!

I am not one for cravings with this pregnancy, but with my almost all day couch surfing I am trying to be more mindful of what I put in my body. I am also just starting the phase of when you eat multiple small meals because you become full immediately upon any first bite. I have drank more organic pregnancy tea than I ever wanted and needed a change of pace.

Enter: trans fat laden hot chocolate given to us by some kind parents of one of Eric's runners (we seriously are the recipient of such thoughtful gifts!). I know what you are thinking--Ali, you totally pitched it upon reading the ingredient label, right? Nope. Not only was I enticed by the Peanuts characters on the container (a SURE sign that there is absolutely NO way this cocoa came from a health food store), but it was also holiday spice blend. Yum. Well, the container is gone--and not because it was thrown away full, half full or even a quarter full. I consumed all of it but 1 drink. And that's when the addiction started--liquid chocolate. What didn't help was Eric and I spent Halloween night eating the candy that not one trick-or-treater came to take from us while watching our first every Red Box Movie (read: we had to go to Walmart). We got a flick called "I Love You Man" with Paul Rudd. Verdict? We stayed awake. That's about all I can say. Given the options in the Red Box vending machine, it was the best--and hey, only $1. Throughout the movie there are a few mentions to the movie Choclat with Johnny Depp. Just the mention sent my salivary glands into over drive.

So, after I escaped home jail last night while Eric put Miles to bed, I ventured to the grocery store and decided I would just browse the coffee/tea aisle. And you know why I did it...I didn't need more tea, I wanted to puruse the hot chocolate situation. Well, the situation was full of trans fat/hydrogenated oil. I could't bring myself to buy any of it--and had already bypassed the 10/$10 grocery carts of leftover Halloween candy positioned right when you walk in; how could I buckle under pressure now?. I thought: chocolate pudding? Nah chocolate milk? Reminds me too much of my pregnancy with Miles...and then I saw the Ovaltine. (You were wondering when we would get to it, no?). I picked up the RICH chocolate version (no malt) and went along getting the rest of the groceries.

What's my assessment? It's not your hydrogenated Peanuts spiced hot chocolate, but it is definitely fulfilling my need for some chocolate. And let's be honest--even though it tauts all sorts of vitamins and minerals, it is NOT healthy. Hello, we now have boxes of sugar cereal that are claiming to be immune boosting during the flu season! Nutty.

Let's hope my oral glucose test doesn't come back positive, or I may just be giving up my Ovaltine...

We have crested the 27 week mark, folks...holy belly. Documentation forthcoming. Still trying to find an angle that doesn't make me cringe at the largeness of it all (but let me tell you--it feels SO cool identifying Kilo's limbs punching my belly all day!)


  1. Hey, it could be worse. You could be craving pickled herring as I did when I was pregnant!!
    You know that I am an Ovaltine fan. I get that from Nana Meyer, so it's probably in the jeans, and I think it is less evil than some other choices (of course I have to have my scoop of Ghiradelli with my Ovaltine). Do know that once Kilo has arrived, your tastes will become more normal. I do not think you are doing yourself or Kilo any damage...
    I think that the growing belly is wonderful, Alison! It's such a miracle to identify little busy little boy parts here and there.
    Take good care, honey.

  2. Ooops! I meant genes. I think I am over tired!

  3. Liquid chocolate... mmmm.

    And just referencing the "Chocolat" reference from "I Love You Man" is making me smile.

    Jason Siegel was on Fresh Air two weeks ago and he was a great interview. I recommend listening if you need some couch surfing entertainment.