Thursday, November 12, 2009

Vertex babies aren't photogenic

28 WEEKS!!!!!!
From 28 weeks with Kilo
Let's start with the admission that not only has the substance of my blogging gone down dramatically, but so has the volume. You would think with this whole bedrest thing I would have ample time to craft amazing entries. Well, after 40+ hours a week coach surfacing while working, the last thing I want to do is sit in front of the computer and type some more. Today I even found myself raking (oops) while Miles and Eric went for a jog. Before you know it, I will be volunteering to do dishes and take out the compost. Here's the truth--bedrest is lonely and exceptionally painful for extroverts. Seriously, I am almost at the point of feeling like this pregnancy rivals Miles's in terms of struggle...but not quite. Despite my ear being attached to my phone for conference call after conference call, I feel like I have no human contact during the day--and I am over it. Loneliness can really decay one's spirit, and I realize that for me, loneliness is not overcome with television, Internet surfing or even phone calls. People's first response to to hearing I am on bedrest: "Oh, go eat bon bons and catch up on Oprah." First, I would catch up on Ellen far before Oprah, and second, even bon bons, Ovaltine, and melted peanut butter and banana get old REALLY fast. In an attempt not to through a pity party for myself, I am done talking about this now, but needed to acknowledge the struggles of bedrest and how it--perhaps counter intuitively--results in vapid, exiguous posts.

At most, a little less than 10 weeks! Okay. That's scary--especially b/c if Kilo arrives when Miles did, we are talking only 5 weeks. 28 weeks down, though, and we are starting official preparations as we had our hospital tour. Eric summed it up nicely: it's a hotel with stirrups. The facility is not as new as the last hospital, but it pretty much offers the same amenities (with the addition of baths in each L&D suite). We have our one day intensive birthing class next weekend, and then I am meeting with the Doula for our in depth planning meeting.

Shouldn't this seem more real?

28 week appointment went GREAT. And by great, I mean everything is status quo--and that is what I am aiming for. Although, Kilo did some sort of acrobatic maneuver and is completely vertex, resting comfortable on my cervix. I mean, we are talking this kid is currently living in prime real estate for a vaginal delivery. I got the luxury of getting both an internal and abdominal ultrasound. Cervix, still above 3 (whoo hoo!) and no funneling. Enough about my privates--on to Kilo! Kilo weighs, well, a little over a KILO! 2 lbs 10 oz (rough estimate). (I can only blame 2 lbs of the 17 lbs I've gained on this's to hoping I am carrying a 15lb placenta--because I have potentially another 10 lbs of weight gain if I go to 40 weeks). His femur length, which somehow translates into his height statistics, puts him in the 80th percentile, while his abdomen is measuring in the 10th percentile. But combined, he is a delightfully average 50th percentile overall. Ah, how I have DREAMED of being average in pregnancy and with my babies. Oh, and another good thing--his testicles have descended. Oh yes, I went there. If you have ever had a boy, you know this is actually a legit concern--my OB was telling me his twin boy had to get surgery b/c one of his didn't descend. Not the end of the world, but one of those "nice to know" things that you can find out with an ultrasound (right behind cleft palate, and having a 4 chamber heart).
From 28 weeks with Kilo

We did get a 3D/4D ultrasound, but as the good Doctor noted, vertex babies don't take good pictures; breech babies have the best face shots. Well, I'll take a cruddy photo over breech in a heartbeat--especially b/c at this point, the Dr said it is highly unlikely he'll go breech--hooray vag delivery! (Seriously, this is the kind of stuff you parade around saying when you are pregnant). Kilo's face was seriously in my groin, so this was the best we could do.
From 28 weeks with Kilo

So, the waiting continues...and the serious preparations probably need to start. First, I need to drag out my pumping equipment (shudder!). Luckily, we are equipped with almost everything we need. This bodes well for our wallet, but also b/c with additional babies you usually don't (and I kinda think shouldn't) get overwhelmed with gifts and parties. The one thing we would ask for is just the presence of family and friends to love on this baby--and not forget about Miles...and the truth is, if I did start a registry for this child, it would be filled with things I need like new breast pump accessories, nursing tanks, and new underwear. Ha ha! We did experience an extremely unexpected "mobile shower" at Eric's XC banquet and were overwhelmed by the 40 some odd gifts we received.
From 28 weeks with Kilo
Completely unnecessary, but incredibly thoughtful. And what is actually kind of nice is that we got a ton of books that we don't have, and some warmer one piece outfits. Someone in our lives better have a boy in the next few years because we are STOCKED with items to pass along! What I found to be amusing is that the gifts that were from the female athletes were, well, from the female athletes...but the gifts that were from the male athletes were from the male athlete's families. Classic. I don't blame the boys not wanting to hit up baby gap to buy little outfits pastel bunnies.

And so, life continues...and every night I try to absorb the love and support from all those who have been reaching out in interest and concern. And I am also trying to appreciate each moment, no matter how dreadfully sedentary, knowing that this is probably the last few weeks of "kicks," herniated belly buttons and itchy belly skin I'll ever have.

I love all of my boys...


  1. Oh, where to start. You have my sympathy and some empathy about being isolated and lonely - and I am an introvert! It is so hard, honey! I hope you can tough it through each day and pat yourself on the back, and know you are one day closer. You are already being a wonderful, caring mother to little Kilo.
    You look wonderful! Even if you do gain 10 more pounds, that is only 27b lbs. and that's not bad at all. It is a bit mysterious to what to attribute all that weight (think of the women who gain 40 or 50 pounds!), but it goes away once the baby arrives - especially when you breast feed. You look healthy and glowing, honey. Kilo is a cutey, too!
    It is marvelous that the X-Country team and the boys' parents acknowledged the new baby. Even though it's baby #2, it's fun to know there are new things just for him. Do know that Miles will not be overlooked by anyone. We all have enough love to spread around, just as there was enough for you and your brothers back when you were little.
    A day at a time. I wish, wish, wish I could hug you and keep you company and do the housework for you, and even walk the stinky compost out to the compost pile!
    Do know that

  2. No more raking!!!

    And you've got 12 more weeks!

  3. And YAY!!! That Kilo is in position!

  4. 'Vertex Baby' sounds very futuristic. Maybe it's like the next movie after Matrix: Reloaded? I see those fabulous 'maternity' jeans you're wearing. I just went through my closet again this morning. You could have had a shop-a-thon if I still lived down there. And we could order in Indian. Delicious!