Friday, December 11, 2009

Do the Belly Button...

(If you haven't heard Ralph Covert's song of Belly Button, I highly recommend downloading his kids' album Happy Lemons. Listen to samples here.)

This video doesn't capture the magnitude of the button protrusion. Flip camera finally let me down.

Having a cold does not bode well for the belly button. Every time I cough, it pops back out. OUCH.

Bed rest makes you do crazy things like video tape your belly button.

This may be as disgusting as talking about my cervix.


  1. I've seen it in person - it isn't pretty!
    Sadly, the coughing has abated succeeded by the wicked sinus infection. Poor Alison! It stinks to have a sinus infection when pregnant and unable to treat it.

  2. Ugh - as if bed rest wasn't enough! Did you catch my sickness?! :)

    Ouch that belly cough looks ouchy indeed. FEEL BETTER SOON!

  3. That's quite a trick you learned Ali! Could that qualify you for Conan or Letterman? Opt for Conan, he has better hair. Or best yet, The Soup! Joel would for sure go for something like that. Or, at least, Wendy Williams could talk about it (maybe even Tyra!) and then Joel could make fun of them for talking about it.