Saturday, December 5, 2009

Pop goes 32 weeks

From 32 weeks
From 32 weeks
Ladies and gents--we are finally at that phase: my face is swelling and my boobs have hit my belly (which also means the view of the southern hemisphere is getting obstructed). Why do I always have Eric take the pictures of me at night when I am most swollen and exhausted? Pregnancy glow has dissipated and I am left with underwear that doesn't contain both cheeks and lungs that cannot inflate...BUT I LOVE IT! Why? Because I am still pregnant.

You would think this whole bed rest thing would have me sitting down, writing novels and watching my fill of Ellen on TV. In fact, I feel a lot more busy now than I did before. I cannot explain it. I think part of it is that if the room I am living in is not set up with all of my amenities, I cannot just get up and make a dozen trips to get what I need. Hence, I'll leave my phone in the other room and not retrieve it for hours, missing lots of texts and messages.

And then there is that full time job I am somehow managing to keep. Bed rest makes Internet shopping incredibly easy, but I also have 24 hours access to my work, which compels me to put in far more than 40 hours.

I just keep the very most, I only have about 8 weeks left. Zoinks!

This past week I vacationed yet again at the hospital. This time, it was planned. I was admitted to get 2 steroid shots to develop the babies lungs in case I deliver early. I ended up being there for a couple of days and realized that hospital bed rest is FAR worse than home bed rest. I also realized that the nurse blowing a vein in your hand hurts far more than the butt shots--and that my dreams of a full night of sleep were interrupted every 3 hours by either the nurse, my bladder, contractions, or the damn toco and fetal heart rate monitor jabbing into my belly.

Note to self: when in the hospital, identify as a vegetarian. Just trust me.

Note to self part 2: when in the hospital, just keep your underwear off. It is far less embarrassing to just pull down the covers and lift the gown for the OB to do your internal fetal fibronectin test than for him to have you pull down the covers, you both acknowledge you have underwear on, he pulls back the covers and waits for you to take down your underwear, so you rip them off in an awkward maneuver and use your toes to shove them to the end of the bed before he pulls down the covers yet again...

I got to see the perinatologist (glad I kept the underwear off for ease of scanning, but not so happy I was sitting in an oversized wheelchair in the hallway of the peri office that is located on the first floor of the hospital--merely covered in a gown for 45 minutes waiting for a room!) and had another full baby anatomy scan. Kilo is about 3 lbs 13oz! Yowza! He is doing GREAT--it's just the real estate he bought seems to be foreclosing. The cervix is delightfully disobedient, but nothing to the point of no return. I go back to the Dr on Monday and we just take this journey week by week.

Until then--can someone please stop me from snacking my way through these last weeks? I cannot eat in large quantities because, well, I have a uterus obstructing my entire middle section (don't get me started on the shortness of breath while lying down), but feel like I have a constant stream of food entering my mouth. And Eric's school has actually set up a schedule and we are receiving 3 meals a week (holy generosity), and everyone has been great about providing us with true comfort food. 8 weeks of pasta, ice cream, cookies and cheese won't kill me, right?

And because I have recently been feeling a sense of sadness about having to share Miles time between 2 children (it's hard to explain...), here is a picture from snack time. He just melts my heart.

From 32 weeks


  1. Woohoo! 32 weeks! Congrats! Here's hoping that in a few days, you can be at 33 weeks.

  2. Yay! 32 weeks! You really are looking pregnant, honey. As we discussed, I can still remember having all one's internal organs displaced for a baby from 34+ years ago with Seth. If only one could hang by one's arms from the ceiling to relieve the pressure! However, baby takes precedence. Not to worry about the snacking. You will get back to "fighting" weight in due time (chasing after two little guys).
    Also, not to worry about loving two children. Because they are each so individual, you will love them with all your heart, and one won't take away from the other. Think, too, of the benefits of having sibling(s) as they get older. I am looking forward to having my heart melt at two adorable grandsons.

  3. You look great... and perfectly slim so do not worry about the snacking! You will be surprised that you will actualy have enought love to spread across two children... once you meet little Kilo, your heart and mommy love will grow accordingly! I would love to Skype with you while you mom is visiting... I just think Miles is the cutest, most photogenic baby ever and want to say hello to him!