Friday, January 22, 2010


I just need to interrupt my regularly scheduled programming to dote on Miles. I feel like I have not been a present mother to Miles since November, and it is starting to break my heart. He has been struggling a bit recently with sleep (he is always an early riser, but 4am is pushing it. When you are not sure if you categorize it as an early rise or a middle of the night wake-up, you know you are in trouble). Eric has been super Dad and pretty much focuses on Miles. I realized that was the case when I had not changed Miles's diaper in more than 24 hours, and Eric didn't hold Felix for an entire day. Crazy! And Miles is obsessed with his "Dad-DEE!" Oh, how quickly things changed from when he was Mom-crazed.

I have to admit that I am a little jealous.

We took a funny video the other night of Miles saying "blanana" over and over. It's his new favorite word. As I have mentioned on numerous occasions, this kid understands everything, but just doesn't have great expressive language. I think we probably have less than 20 English words (including some the words I quizzed him on: shoe, moo, and Ella--a girl in his class), and all the rest are in his own language. I guess he is taking after his father who didn't talk until he was THREE.

He just wouldn't say anything but "blanana" this one night. And you'll notice from the words I threw at him that I am in dire need of a good Mexican meal with a stiff Margarita. And when does my husband eat at Checkers?

We hope to have more video of him and Felix together. He is obsessed with his hair, giving him kisses and slapping him "five." It is so cute.

And if you are wondering--still not getting a lick of sleep, but I think I counted at least 25 rolls of fat on Felix--I guess the time spent latching on and off is doing something! Scrum-diddly.


  1. Oh, I love it! I am so glad I was there to witness the birth of "blalana". You can tell Miles is enjoying the feel of letter sounds in his mouth and also the power of making his parents laugh.
    Now, if he would just start to enjoy sleeping!

  2. Ali--Tilden said his first word today at school and guess what it was... Ella. I knew you would appreciate that!

    Eric told me about this when he was picking Miles up today. What a great video. I am leaning toward getting myself a flip for Tilden's birthday. I know it is his birthday, but I think I deserve a present.

    Tilden and Miles play so well together although it is strange play at some times. This afternoon Tilden kept putting his finger in Miles mouth. Miles seemed to have no problem with it b/c he was opening his mouth for Tilden to put his finger in. Oh well. Just think how heathly they will be when they get to be school aged. :)

    Y'all have a great weekend!

  3. I think my Ella has picked up a couple of her boyfriends simply because they could say her name easily. I'm glad to hear Miles is adjusting well to the new sibling.

  4. my hands down favorite was "quesadilla" adorable!

  5. I can't get enough! Miles is so funny!

  6. Quesadilla was great! Now I'm craving a blanana! Off to the kitchen... ;)