Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Winning Scrabble Word: Felix

From Felix Josef Heintz Birth
Felix Josef Heintz

Born at 2:34am (correction - 2:45am, Eric caught this!!!)
5 lb 12 oz
19 inches long

I guess a baby really is the prize after winning Scrabble. And it becomes clear what that whole being a scrooge for 48 hours was about--preparation for giving birth.

Birth Story--all 10 minutes of it. This is complete non-fiction with no exaggeration--I almost cannot believe it all myself as the verbose description will far outlast the reality.

8pm: Alison decides to swallow her pride, hide her sore losing tears and jump into the 3rd night of Scrabble.

10:30pm: Alison wins Scrabble! And the spoils of the win were mint chocolate chip ice cream. But for some strange reason, Alison doesn't want any (warning sign #1)

Alison retreats to the bedroom with some really low period cramps. Eric follows and adds proverbial salt to the wounds by turning on one of the Lord of my A$$ movies--the one with the giant spider and hobbit man love. (Or do they all have that?)

Alison calls the on call OB just to see what she thinks. Said period cramps aren't really regular in the expected sense, but definitely qualified as some zingers 3-7 minutes apart. But the spacing was no different from the contractions that were taking place weeks before.

Spotting? Barely
Mucus? Some
Bloody show? (yes, that is the correct terminology): Nothing
Contractions that take your breath away? Absolutely not

OB says to come in just to at least check the cervix. Hooray! Another reason to leave the house.

11: some odd minute pm: Triage nurse gives a shot of terbutaline and IV fluid to see if that will quiet the contractions. (hello! We've been down this path--nothing stops them).
From Felix Josef Heintz Birth

11: some odd minute past the previous some odd minute pm: Nurse DIGS in the vajayjay to check the cervix: 100% effaced and undetermined dilation (warning sign #2)--5 cm? Triage nurse brings in another triage nurse to check the questionable dilation. 2nd triage nurse looks just as confused, but digs even harder. Ouch.

Midnight: OB calls and says to transfer to L&D because we are going to have the baby.

WHAT??? There is no way. I did this labor dog and pony show for weeks, and tonight is no different. Um, okay. Ali gets wheeled by bed to room F3--totally a scene out of ER. We did ask if I could walk--I was so close to being off of bed rest.

Ali enters F3 and sees that her dream team is led by nurse Sharon who luckily has a lot of experience with natural birth and been in L&D for over 25 years.

Ali's contractions? No different--but last we heard, I was only 5 centimeters. Sharon suggests walking, rocking on the toilet and changing positions to get the cervix moving.

Eric: "Sharon, if you were a betting woman, what time do you think something could happen?"

Sharon: "Oh, this baby will be born on the 4th."

Well, that could be 1 hour or 23 hours...

Things continue this way for a little bit. We watch poker on TV with Sharon, and only about 3 times did the contractions ache to the point that I asked Eric to rub my back. In general, we joke, do laps, hang out on the toliet, smooch, and anticipate a long night (and I feared pitocin).
From Felix Josef Heintz Birth

We hadn't even thought to reach in our bag of labor tricks at this point--just not necessary pain wise.

2:am-ish, Sharon: "do you want me to check you to see if you have progressed?"

Ali: "YES! I just have no sense of if anything is happening. If I am still only 5, can you lie and say 5 3/4?"

Sharon: "You are 9 cm."

Eric: "As in the number before 10?" (i.e. fully dilated???)

Sharon: "Yup."

2:35 pm: On call OB walks in and checks cervix: "Yeah, you are 9 cm. Let's just make a small tear on the right side to see if that encourages anything to help for the next few hours."

Knitting hook comes out (or crochet spear, or whatever hook they seem to buy from Michael's art supply store), and she makes the tear.

Warm gush--oh that warm gush.

Ali immediately rolls on her right side and says, "I NEED TO PUSH!"

Dream team is joined by NICU team, nursing team lead, Big Bird--who the heck knows or cares who was there at that point!

The bed isn't prepped, the Doctor isn't dressed, but Ali is pushing.

At this point, I think the following was uttered from my mouth:

"I need some medicine."
"No one wants to poop when having a baby...I think I need to poop."
"I can't do this."

Additional thoughts I didn't say out loud:

If I don't get this head out, I am going to ask them to use the vacuum, or push it back in and do a c-section.

Where is that ring of fire they talk about? (And readers, if you don't know what that is...just ask any childbirth instructor)

TEN MINUTES LATER (and about 3 pushes and some vocal "GRAHHHHHS")...

From Felix Josef Heintz Birth
He was kicking and screaming and full of life. Eric cut the cord and I just watched my baby come to life. We confirmed with the OB that it really was 2:35 when she broke my water and 2:45 when he was born.

It was amazing. It hurt like hell getting his head out, but it was so wonderful.

I got to hold him immediately, we did skin-to-skin,
From Felix Josef Heintz Birth
he started nursing right away without much instruction,
From Felix Josef Heintz Birth
and they delayed the eye goop for a long time so I could love on him.

Before the goop and transfer to the family centered care ward, he got a bath and Eric and my mom got to hold him. His face is bruised from the journey (and I left the fight with another first degree tear--not too bad!),
From Felix Josef Heintz Birth
but we already decided that we produce babies that look like old men. He reminds us of Miles, but already has his own facial idiosyncracies (and even more hair).

Nana, Aunt C and my doula all missed it. We were going to call in reinforcement after the OB got to the hospital and checked me. We just didn't know tha when she came in to check me, she wouldn't leave but minutes later after delivering Felix. What can you do...plan for the best case scenario, but know and be okay with what craziness may ensue.

My mom came a little later in the night once Miles's childcare director came to our house to sit with him while he slept. And we all passed Felix around, admiring every nook and cranny.
From Felix Josef Heintz Birth
From Felix Josef Heintz Birth
From Felix Josef Heintz Birth

And today? Lots of kangaroo care, nursing...and zero sleep. But who cares when you have the most beautiful second son a woman can have.
From Felix Josef Heintz Birth
From Felix Josef Heintz Birth
From Felix Josef Heintz Birth
From Felix Josef Heintz Birth

I love Felix. I love Eric. I love (and miss) Miles.

Stay tuned. The pictures have just started...(full gallery of birth here)


  1. He looks like Miles! And, he came out in only 3 pushes (and at a good weight)--good boy already.

  2. That was my first thought too (that he looks like Miles). But you know who he looks like the final two pictures? Alison!

  3. I think I've looked at these pictures 10 times already. Felix is awesome.

  4. He's amazing.

    You all look so happy!

  5. It's weird. Felix looks more like Miles in the photos than in person! It will be so intriguing to see how he develops. They definitely will look like brothers. I am honored to have been part of it, and love taking care of Miles while waiting for the new family to come home.

  6. I am so happy for you, Ali and Eric! How wonderful! Welcome, Felix! And I'm so happy that your labor was so smooth, strange as it was. My one question is, how the hell did you have time to write such a verbose blog entry???

    Enjoy your new family!

  7. So, so happy for you guys! What a little miracle this boy is! Felix is so perfect and precious. I do see some of Ali, too!

  8. Oh Ali, Felix is gorgeous! and wow, what a birth story! i'm so glad it went quickly - you'd been through quite enough i think ;)
    Can't wait to see you all!

  9. ps L O V E D the pic of you guys smooching in the delivery room -- what a happy family, and such cute little boys!:)

  10. Oh Ali, he is so beautiful...looks just like Miles. I'm so happy that you got to experience such a beautiful birth...and so quick! and to be able to nurse so quickly with no major issues, you are truly blessed! Labor/birth pains aside, I'm sure that the relatively easy delivery and quick latching (I sound like such a wierdo!) helped to cancel out some of the difficulties of your pregnancy...how empowering! I hope someday to get to experience pregnancy and birth again (maybe you can school me on natural birth when/if the time comes). Congratulations again, extatic for you!

  11. Congrats to the whole family, and welcome Felix! So happy that you've finally arrived!

  12. He is so gorgeous Ali! I love the skin to skin picture with daddy.

  13. Your new little guy is beautiful! But this comment is about your other son. I saw your comment on the Becoming Mom blog and your blog title caught my eye because we have triplets, one of whom is a Linus. And another is a Miles. So I'm completely tickled. :) If only the new one had been named Oliver, then I would have been totally weirded out. :D