Monday, February 1, 2010

Birthing a pregnant woman

We call this one "Chubby Reflux Bubbles"
From Felix week 4


Today was supposed to be the day that Felix came into the world. Part of me cannot imagine waiting this long to meet him, but another part of me dreams of the extra sleep I may have gotten over the last 4 weeks. Oh, and then there is that part of me (a very specific part of me if you know what I mean) that is extremely happy I delivered a 5lb and not a 9lb baby. We go for our 1 month appointment on Thursday, and I have a sneaky feeling this child will be in the 90th percentile for weight. If they told me he tipped the scales at 20lbs, I wouldn't bat an eye. Reflux has this crazy way of making some babies want to eat.all.of.the.time. Like last night when I was up from 11pm until 5am. And then Miles felt left out and started crying at 5:30am and Felix realized he wasn't on the boob and desperately sniffed his way back. (In my ever attempt to stave off insanity and delirium, please let me acknowledge that I am blessed to have a voracious nurser. I know that the opposite can truly be just as exhausting and overwhelming.)

I was looking at Felix in the glow of the local weatherman Chesley McNeil giving the forecast, about ready to cry because, well, I don't know. Perhaps because Miles was crying...or perhaps because it was going to rain...or perhaps because there is something poignant about Felix's real due date...or perhaps because I spent hours watching him deal with gas and reflux...or perhaps I hadn't been lying vertical for more than 24 hours.

And then...I finally came to an Oprah "aha" moment.

I delivered a pregnant woman. (Wouldn't that make anyone want to cry?)

Seriously, let's break it down:

Felix (and myriad pregnant women):

--has acne

--has acid reflux

--is moody

--needs multiple naps a day

--has a herniated belly button (newest development)

--has food aversions (via my milk. How it is that cutting dairy out for my dairy production is beyond me)

--cannot sleep through the night and has to sleep on his back

--cries; a lot sometimes

--generates happy smiles from onlookers wherever we go

--can get away with being demanding at any moment

--wears diapers (okay, that is post-pregnancy for the women)

--gains weight rapidly

--loses his hair

--goes into "labor" every time he tries to pas gas

--tempts the hands of everyone to touch him without asking permission (of course more than just his belly).

I really think I am on to something.

In regards to the last bullet, let me take this station break to say WASH YOUR HANDS if you are going to pick up a newborn. I am amazed at how many people, and I am not just talking about the 2 year olds at Miles's childcare, think it is okay to touch a newborn without washing their hands. Okay, public service announcement is done.
From Felix week 4

What I realize is that the singular force in most of this is: HORMONES. They are powerful lil' buggers, and as the hormones gradually build while pregnant, they go totally berserk once you deliver that hormone filled placenta. Add a dash of sleep deprivation (or a whole pound), and you have yourself one cuckoo home!

But we are surviving, growing (hopefully not my belly and thighs...still holding onto that last 7 or so pounds--not sure why that is really starting to get to me), and learning to love having a newborn with a toddler approaching, gulp, TWO. I say learning because there is some learning involved. Dinner time is insanity, especially because Eric is not home until late due to Track practice (curses Track and Field!). And I will have to share with you in an upcoming blog entry the miracle of a Jason Mraz Sesame Street youtube video that has saved us for the past week...especially because we do not let Miles watch TV, and even when I was at my wits end and I prayed he would at least feign interest as I turned on PBS's Curious George one morning, he displayed NO INTEREST and only wanted to continue ride the co-sleeper. But that's for another day...another post.

I try to remember to breathe each day and soak up what little time I have with my babies. Already we have so few pictures of Felix, and I am going to try to get myself motivated to take more video and pictures. My friend JW sent me this quote the other day, and I keep saying it over and over: "Quiet down cobwebs, Dust go to sleep, I'm rocking my baby, And babies don't keep." Sometimes you need to dig deep to find a mantra to keep you going, but sometimes, you just want to throw up your hands and say, "I suck at being a Mother."

And then your husband comes home and tells you how much he loves you and how you are super mom, or Miles falls into a hug on you and screams MOMMY or DA-DEE, or he kisses Felix, or "asks" you to kiss his stuffed Monkey doll at bedtime, or Felix smiles and chuckles in his sleep...

...and all is right in the world.


  1. OMG, yes, people, please wash your hands before touch8ng my tiny baby! Also, complete strangers on the street, please keep your grubby mitts AWAY! Why do people think they can yank back the sling and breathe in my baby's face?? Ela nao foi vaccinada; ela nao pode ter contato dos germes! -- is what I learned I have to say here in Brasil.

  2. I love JW's quote and would add that it goes for losing that last 7 (or whatever #) pounds, too. It - will - go - away; taking care of baby is for now. You are correct in acknowledging that it is a learning experience. You had to learn to be a first time mother, and you have to learn to mother more than one. Especially since each child is different and guaranteed to keep you from ever feeling expert!
    Your description of what makes it all worth while brought tears to my eyes. Kudos to you all! You're doing something right!

  3. I love the photo of Miles and Felix in "matching" pjs with Daddy in the kitchen.

  4. I love the connections you made between newborns and pregnant women. Totally funny.

    I don't know how you do it, Momma. But you better believe you are an incredible, fabulous, and amazing mother. I've seen it with my own two eyes. :)

  5. Oh, Ali, it took me almost a year to lose all the baby weight from the last one (and now I'm at the recommended 25 gain, with 15 weeks to go). I'm glad you found the upsides of delivering early. There is a tiny piece of me that thought last time and this time, "Ali is fortunate that she got to deliver little babies." Knowing what delivering a 7.5 pounder did to me, I have this fear that this little one will be bigger.

    I love the happy baby bubbles picture.