Friday, February 5, 2010

A day late and a dollar short: Felix 1 month

From Felix 1 month

(on our way to our 1 month appt! Notice Mommy's attempt at using a Nuk to soothe the baby as she cannot reach her breast to the back seat while driving. Note to self--the pacifier does not work more than 1 know it is bad when Mommy starts pushing a Nuk)

I am a a day late in "celebrating" Felix's first monthaversy, and I think that is how 2nd children work--frequently a day late and a dollar short. The amount of energy and attention you can devote solely to #1 is epic, and then with #2, you realize it is slightly diluted. Luckily, you don't have time to feel too guilty. And then I realized that although I am not able to dedicate 100% of my time solely to Felix, in those moments that I spend with Miles AND Felix (attached to me in some way), probably feels to him as though it is an "all Felix all the time" party. I think that is one of the numerous advantages of baby wearing and attachment parenting (yes, there is that pesky label). Felix is already part of our day to day routine--he is saturated in Miles's toddler world of songs, games, and predictable schedule. He is never alone; never in a crib by himself in another room, but always part of the action--even if it is on a blanket on the floor while I cook, or nursing while I am bathing Miles. It's a parenting philosophy that I know doesn't jive with everyone, but it is working wonders for this household. Now, I am NOT one for scheduling a baby (I am allergic to all copies of the BabyWise book), but I do think that we are setting the stage for a more orderly and routine oriented house--without rigid schedules that so many "baby experts" espouse. (I was surprised recently to see that even the more conservative AAP has come out against baby scheduling too early.)

You may be wondering how we celebrated his montherversary--let me tell you. We went to the doctor and found out that, yes, children can be SO different from one another. I may have the dominant gene for all my children to be "high needs" babies, but what I didn't realize is that I also had the butterball gene (or maybe it's from Eric's side?). We went from 5lbs 12 oz and 19 inches long at his 1 week visit to:

NINE POUNDS and TWENTY-ONE AND A HALF INCHES. 35th percentile in weight (up from 7th) to 48th percentile in length. But then, here is the kicker, his head circumference was 9th percentile. Holy Beetle Juice headshrinker! Miles was the exact opposite. Not sure we were even on the weight scale at 1 month, and he was always so little...but his head? 80-90th percentile (still is). I would love to take a dive in my and Eric's gene pool--there is some crazy stuff going on!

We also confirmed that Felix's ears are normal. I didn't mention it previously, but at his 1 week visit, the Dr made a comment that his ears were really low set (and they also have a little Klingon in them or something that causes they top to have a squished wrinkle.) I was ordered not to Google "low set ears" and essentially pinky swore my Dr and husband in the exam room. Believe it or not, I didn't Google search (or go to the basement of the Chamblee Library and pour over old microfiche). But boy did my imagination go wild...luckly at 1 month, although still crazy at the top, they are totally fine (I get a kooky foot with Miles, and kooky ears with Felix--let's hope there is no ear physical therapy in our future!)

We also have a lovely herniated belly button. It's worse to look at than it feels for Felix. It is probably due to all of his grunting and straining and should disappear by 1-2 years. Again, I birthed a pregnant woman. child has apparently hit the tanning beds a little too hard (I knew I shouldn't have watched that snipit of Jersey Shore). And we were back at Children's Hospital this morning for more jaundice testing--at $200 a pop, this testing is draining us fast. (Let's not mention the various hospital stay bills, medication co-pays, and even the darn parking at the pediatrician's office. I love having health insurance, but navigating the system is a nightmare!)

Verdict? Breast milk jaundice and we will revisit at his 2 month appointment.

We also switched things up and are off the Zantac and starting Prevacid. Ummm...can someone please tell me how to administer a solutab to an infant? The damn things don't dissolve, and syringing 5 ccs into my child's mouth is a nightmare. I hate medication, and am shocked that I have even allowed us to give as much as we have to Felix, but he is suffering.

We flitted around Atlanta and after getting his prescription filled, ended up at the OB to pay, you guessed it, a bill. On the way out, two ladies, one of whom was pregnant, were talking at that volume that they think is private, but you can certainly hear and commented on my tan little headshrinker.

Preggo's friend: "Aw, look at that baby!!"
Preggo: "He's so funny looking!"

I almost drop kicked the 30+ weeker to the ground, but gave her a free pass for being pregnant and having poor judgment. Eric and my babies may look like old men, or have excessively disproportionate heads...or even Klingon ears, but do not call them funny looking. Luckily, this is Felix's response:

From Felix 1 month


  1. i would have PAID to see you drop kick the 30+ weeker. hilarious.

    Happy 1 month and 1 day Felix. I happen you think you are QUITE adorable.

  2. I think he is PERFECT looking, all babies look funny looking- that is what makes them so cute!!!! Why in the WORLD did you have jaundice testing at 1 month of age- of course it is breast milk jaundice!!!! i could have told you that over the phone with costing you a thing ;-) hehehe

  3. Tilden was born with a herniated belly button. He still has it and the doctor said if it is still around at 5, then they will do surgery, but not until then. It is only when I see other babies belly buttons in the ELC that I realize Tilden has it. A weird silver lining to the herniated belly button--you can watch the food go through his intestines and it also makes it much easier to tell when he has an upset stomach. The only downside I have found so far is that sometimes when I pick Tilden up I mash the hernia and he throws up a bit. Not a huge problem, just inconvient at times. (Please excuse any misspellings.)

  4. Hey Alison,
    It's Barbara (from nursing school). I've been following your blog and love hearing all you stories about you and your kids (which are not funny looking, btw). I work at Kennestone in the mother baby area...I'm not sure about the solutab situation but for getting down 5cc's I have a suggestion. You can either try letting him suck on your finger (or the paci) and just inject the medicine with the syringe to the side. That way he is swallowing and get the meds. Hope it helps!

  5. Happy One Month-a-day-late (you can imagine what it's like by the third baby...). As you note, though, even though Felix doesn't have your undivided attention (except during the long, long nights), he will always have action and entertainment around!
    I cannot imagine what that pregnant mommy was thinking with her comment. Felix is adorable, and I am not biased!!! It's fun to see him fill out the little fleece "snow suit" now. Healthy and growing!
    I love the grow chart and the light setting with the solar tube and the glass doors!

  6. Holy heck, I hope she meant "funny" in a good way, but keep your boots on in case you run into that chick again. Felix is *adorable*!

  7. my boys had the same kind of ears! thank goodness no one ever told me anything about it.

    i think felix is perfectly precious. :)

  8. okay so i know i'm late reading this but I think Felix is adorable!! I think her baby will come out with horns!