Monday, February 8, 2010

Felix's first girlfriend: Frida

DISCLAIMER: I am not receiving any compensation from the company for my opinion; it is true and unadulterated love for the snot sucker.

'Tis the season for love and snot. With Valentine's Day approaching, I felt it important to share with you my Felix's first love: the Nosefrida Nasal Aspirator:
aka "the snot sucker." I had read about it from a number of (un)reliable online sources in the form of mom blogs, but never had the courage to get one until I got a generous Amazon gift card from my friend Schlotty. (And you all know that Amazon is my first love. Okay, online love.). I took the plunge...or the suck.

Hands down, this is one of the best baby-related purchases I have ever made. Although, Eric would beg to differ and cannot look me in the eye after I've used it. I think he feels it is some sort of nasal violation; and he is convinced that the snot goes into the mouth despite numerous tutorials. And this, coming from the man who I got addicted to nasal irrigation recently. Sheesh!

Miles has chronic day care nose, and you combine that with his love for "kissing" Felix (okay, body slamming him) I just new it was a matter of time before Felix got sick. Again, how different it is with #2. Miles wasn't sick for months (it didn't hurt that his childcare had all of 3 other boys at the time), but Felix has gotten the sniffles at a mere 1 month. And here's the kicker--

Reflux + congestion +breast feeding = Hades, people.

You ever tried to nurse an obligate nose breather who cannot actually breathe through his nose? Yeah, it's awful.

"But Ali, what about those blue nasal bulbs they use and give you at the hospital?"

Folks, they don't tell you that those are actually toddler bath toys and NOT successful infant tools. Okay, I take that back, they work great for sucking mucus and things like amniotic fluid out of an infant's throat, but I have yet to find someone who says, "wow, those bulb syringes are God's little miracle for nasal clearing."

Enter: Frida.

(It's the blue tube, not the unusually happy product placement toddler.)

Here's the gist: you stick this hollow tube at the end of the nare (not IN the nostril), and a long tube as attached that connects to a mouth piece. The mouth piece has a filter in it (read: SNOT DOES NOT ENTER YOUR MOUTH) and a red little mouth piece. Directions? You suck as hard as you can and you will harvest the most amazing treasures for your infant/baby's nasal passages. It kind of sounds like the suction device they use at the dentist. And to help it along, I move the nasal applicator part in gentle circles. It clears out the nose so cleanly and perfectly, I wonder at times if I missed out on some good nasal cleansing with Miles.

The first time I used it, I tried it on Felix prior to thinking he had any nasal congestion. Let me tell you, he had some impacted snot that only Frida could identify. The whole "event" reminds me of a using a peak flow meter because sometimes I feel like I am testing my lung capacity at the same time. And when I say that you can suck hard, I mean you can go almost faint with this thing. Felix's response? Usually a wide eyed glare and a smirk. I think it is as satisfying for him as it is for me. Now, I haven't used it on Miles, but am not sure I'll get such a welcome response. I have yet to determine if it is a sign of some inherent pathology on my part how down right satisfying it is to use the Frida on my son. As I watch the collection tube fill with all sorts of junk, I just feel a sense of accomplishment. Maybe it is because I was one of those kids who picked her scabs or currently pops ever running blister on her feet. I'm one of "those" types...

Frida is so beloved that she has been elected to one of the prime ministers of my bed side "elected officials." It's the area where I put all of the important items for Felix's care during the night (Prevacid, tissues, snappis for the cloth diapers, trail mix for midnight snacking, ice water...and now Frida).

And for all you preggo friends (and there are a lot of you out there now!), you better believe you know what part of your new baby gift is going to be...


  1. Can't wait to see it in action. The inventions they've come up with since I raised all of you kids! Amazing!

  2. I have heard about it and wondered if it is really as good as they say. Now I know! I wish I had gone that route with Tilden earlier. I have a feeling he wouldn't be a fan now, but if you do use it with Miles, let me know how it goes.

  3. "I wonder at times if I missed out on some good nasal cleansing with Miles."


  4. i think that you need to do a video demonstration like you did wtih skype. ha ha ha

    i can't wait for my frida!! i was telling people about it at a baby shower i was at this past weekend. i'm pretty sure they thought i was making it up.

  5. I haven't laughed this hard in a lonnngg time :) I gotta get a Frida the next time I'm in the US! Should have fun explaining to the TSA people what it is! I'm totally with you on the blue bulb. We've gone through so many of them and nothing works. I have not become desperate enough (yet) to try the African way of removing snot, which is to put your mouth over the kid's nose and suck like you're sucking crawfish heads!

  6. wow. that post was friggin AWESOME. thank you for that.