Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Eric survived the biopsy. He decided against the recommended general anesthesia opting for local, and took it like a pregnant woman. (That's right, I've made an executive decision to replace "taking it like a man," to "taking it like a pregnant woman." Give birth naturally and you'll know what I mean...)

He cannot talk, and has been laid up all day. The hydrocodone is making him itchy and loopy. Now we just wait. Thank you for all of the kind e-mails, prayers, positive vibes and suggestions. Your checks are in the mail. :)

There is nothing like waiting with Felonious Chunk on your chest:
From Felix week 5
From Felix week 5
From Felix week 5

Full album here. I need to take more pictures...2nd child syndrome.


  1. I keep praying... These photos are amazing. Felix's expressions mirror Eric's in so many of them! Even the smiley one! The ones where Eric looks the most "doped up", and Felix does, too, make me weep. Healing to you, Eric!
    I think you are doing great taking pictures of Felix. Don't forget to continue to share Miles with us...

  2. LOVE that top pic!

    Sending good thoughts your way.

    And for gosh sakes, eat!