Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Serious Station Break

I tend to avoid all things religion and politics on my blog. Although I have pretty secure and passionate feelings about both areas of topic, I am a firm believer in respecting other's opinions and life values (well, to a degree). And I learned my lesson when I posted what I thought was a benign status update on Facebook regarding the recent MA senate election. It erupted into this insane debate among a few of my friends--who happened not to know each other at all. I just sat and watched them overtake my Facebook page, refusing to take sides or comment.

Any-who. I am finally breaking a cardinal rule. Desperate times, no?

Background: a few months ago Eric identified what we thought was a bad canker sore under his tongue. It persisted for a few weeks, and turned this kinda pasty white. His sore took a back seat when all of my hospital pregnancy drama unfolded. His dentist recommended seeing an oral surgeon, and he kept putting it off. In the meantime, we switched to SLS free toothpaste (meant to do that anyway) and hoped it would go away. It didn't, and so he had his appointment with the surgeon today finally.

Verdict? Who knows. He has zero risk factors for oral cancer, but we have no idea what else it could be. They couldn't remove it b/c it was too large (that's never good), so they took a biopsy (Eric was understandably scared of the procedure given that some people go under GENERAL to get this one done), and we wait a week. There was talk of additional procedures depending on the results--ugh. And of course I have succumb to Google and feel even worse after my Internet searching.

I realize we used all of our life lines during both of my pregnancies (was there a prayer chain we WEREN'T on?) and I hate being the dark cloud family, but I feel incredibly scared and helpless right now. I'm really in no position to be an adequate emotional support at the moment. I am not good with waiting (I used to secretly open my x-mas presents when I was a child), and my response is feeling pukey and not being able to eat. Great, there goes my milk supply.

So, here I go asking for prayers and support. I hate that it is when you are in crisis that you turn so explicitly to powers beyond us. God, Allah, Yahweh...the universe...whatever you believe in or whatever forces you trust in that may dictate some sort of direction in our lives--do you all mind making a call? I'll pay for any long distance charges. Promise.

When it rains it pours. Lord, I really hate the rain.


  1. Happy healthy vibes to Eric. . . .

  2. You know I have prayers going, honey.
    Love to you all.

  3. you guys are in my thoughts. i really hope it's nothing.

  4. You guys are in my most positive thoughts :)

  5. Hey Guys-
    you are in our thoughts and prayers for certain!!!