Thursday, March 18, 2010

Blooper Reel

Today has been downright awful. Miles is not known for sharing well at school, but he sure shared his GI death virus. Both Nana (my mother) and I got puked on multiple times, and then poor Nana felt the wrath and lost her breakfast--and I had my own few dates with the bathroom.

There is nothing like watching your lethargic toddler sit on his Nana's lap at 6am, sit up, smack his lips and then projectile vomit orange pedialyte. Ugh, breaks my heart and turns my tummy just thinking about it.

So the circus continued today. Nana and Miles were on barf duty, and I kept changing my shirt; I had a puke shirt that I wore while caring for Miles and a nursing shirt that I wore while nursing Felix. The laundry is still churning at 9pm tonight as we washed about every piece of cloth in this house. Miles and Nana secluded themselves in the nursery before 7pm to read books and both go to sleep. Poor Nana hasn't eaten since she lost her breakfast and essentially held my son while standing and watching the same Thomas the Tank Engine episode on DVR all day. I am praying tomorrow morning they will emerge from the room with a little more spunk in their steps and color in their lips.

Eric, the recovering patient, had to play nurse and wins Dad and Son-In-Law of the year award. The kid rallied and did as much as he could without contaminating himself. 

This isn't such a funny entry, Ali--where are these so called bloopers?

Okay, in the spirit of trying not to quit as I said in the previous post, and find the humor in life, I thought I would post some funny pictures of late. I need to head into an all nighter with Felix tooting and grunting and the day when we get Eric's path report with some humor and smiles.

First. This will only really resonate with a few WHS Rangers, but I found myself in stitches over the following picture. You have to understand that my high school field hockey team was composed of my best friends--my sisters. The stories we have from each season as well as summer camp are enough to have me wishing I was back in braces dealing with acne and dramatic break-ups. I was thinking of this one particular game after we got a get well/kick cancer's booty card from our friend Sam who penned "HERE WE GO YO!", a phrase she used during field hockey. In this game, one of my best friend's Rebecca got clocked in the head with a ball and in a matter of seconds had an egg on her forehead the size of Montana. And then I was running down the field, feeling a heaviness in my right foot. I looked down and noticed a horseshoe stuck in my cleat. I limped toward the side line and asked the coach, "what do I do Debish--I have a horseshoe in my cleat!" Her response was an eruption of laughter. I couldn't dislodge it and had to run around like a freakin' horse until I was off the field. We won like 50 to nothing and walked away with a catalogue of hilarious stories. Anyway, that game was a comedy of errors beyond those two events and I'll never forget it. Sam somehow found evidence of the game and posted the picture to facebook a day ago. Seriously--she made my week.

Here's another picture of Miles taking the camera into his own hands. No story necessary.
From Beginning of March 2010

And then Miles doing naked dishes. He turned to me and I ran to get the camera; I couldn't have staged it better if I tried.
From Beginning of March 2010
From Beginning of March 2010

Finally, this is how Eric protected himself from the plague all day.
From Beginning of March 2010

If only I could find that horseshoe to put in my sneaker before tomorrow's appointment.


  1. Oh my gawd. Today sounds like one for the books. Stomach flu. I feel nauseated just thinking about how icky it feels. Poor guys.

    Those pictures really did make it all better, though. Thank goodness for laughter. You also have happiness in a CD in the mail on its way for you.

    I love the last picture of Eric. Let's hope the face covering works! TAKE CARE and get healthy!

  2. this stupid stomach bug is messing with the WRONG family and hopefully it will figure that out STAT and just move along. the naked dishes picture is so funny though. and that field hockey story is amazing... laughter is powerful stuff! we will be thinking of you all day tomorrow and hoping for a restful weekend for all of you.

  3. ok, the pictures seriously had me laughing too! miles really knows how to work a sudsy goatee! and poor eric... that picture is priceless!! ok, ali... it is beautiful outside... open your windows and let some good air in and bad air out! sending happy thoughts your way (everyday) for a speedy recovery... all the way around! and yes, laughter is the best medicine. and my favorite to hate cliche, this too shall pass!