Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Candid Camera?

Seriously, people. Where's the 65 year old B-list celebrity host with the Just for Men comb-over. I HAVE to be on candid camera. The "this is not a funny joke" has gone on too long.

Miles puked for the first time today at school and is now home sick--still puking a bunch (currently, of the foam variety). Some nasty virus is circling his childcare, and he was the next in line of wounded soldiers. Normally this would be a minor inconvenience and one of those times your heart aches because you witness your child in pain...but with a newborn also at home, I am worried he'll adopt the GI wrath. Let's hope breast milk works some magic for Felix.

I am seriously considering initiating breast feeding again with Miles. It's only been 4 or so months since he's been sober.

Oh, and then there is that husband who just had oral surgery and the last thing he needs is a virus making him throw up! He cannot even turn his neck, let alone get in prime retching position.

Maybe I should initiate breast feeding with a 29 year old, too. (Tasteless?)

I am desperate.

But for real. Let's follow Susan Powter and "stop the insanity."

We have to get good news on Friday. If not...I quit.


  1. Hang in there - I hope things start to turn up...they have to, right? We'll be seeing you soon...if there is anything I could bring over that is exciting, I'm taking requests! Otherwise, I'll get creative:)

  2. Breast Milk For All! Hey, you know it can't hurt... I vote yes. Put that stuff in Eric's cereal and give some to Miles. Might be an interesting experiment.

  3. I think it's funny that the word they asked me to type in to the word verification box was also hangali.

  4. Ali, I am so sorry! Don't quit. I know you feel like you aren't going to make it another day, but you will. I promise! I think this is just God telling you that Eric didn't need to be at the track meet. I hope Miles feels better soon!

  5. Oh Ali, I am so sorry. Dealing with vomiting is not ever fun. Let's hope this is one of those toddler only viruses (yes they do exist - g will get sick and we will be spared). We are thinking of and routing for you!

  6. Hi Coach Ali!
    I sure hope Coach Heintz recovers soon along with Miles. And you, Heintz, and Felix don't catch anything!

    You are SUPER ALI and you can do it!! Don't give up, hang in there Super Coach ALI!

  7. Oh Ali, Hang in there. Please don't quit. We're all rooting for you!!!

    and we're all praying for you - it WILL get better!!!

    Seriously, you have been a total supermom and superwife - but everyone needs a break sometimes

    (I've been there too over the last 2 weeks, where I just want to scream and say "somebody FIX this!!!".

    Live STRONG,