Friday, March 19, 2010

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times

Best of times: Eric's pathology came back CLEAR. His nodes showed no cancer cells. He had 35 removed all together. His healing is remarkable--his speech excellent, and now we just follow up with the doctor every 6 weeks for a few months, and then add on 2 weeks (e.g. every 8 weeks for 6 months, every 10 weeks for 6 months, etc) until we are going every year for the rest of his life. March 9, 2010 is the start to our journey to being "cured." More details later because on to the next crisis--

Worst of times: Miles is declining. He continues to vomit, have diarrhea and now just sits there with his head on your shoulder and has a vacant stare in his eyes. Nana and Dad are bringing him into the ER. I am home with Felix and am a mess. Nana, Dad and Mom are all still dealing with the GI bug. Eric has lost 6lbs, I'm down to my pre pregnancy weight (not the way I wanted to do it), and my mom is probably getting close to her pre pregnancy weight, too. But thank God she is here. Why this is affecting Miles more so than the other kids at school is beyond me.

So, not sure how to celebrate. Let's hope these waves of obstacles subside. I am getting worn really thin.


  1. I'm worried about Miles. Eric looks good thought, and I am so glad the coast is clear in that regard.

  2. What did the doctors say about Miles yesterday?? I'm hoping he's better soon. I know how worried you must be. Hang in there - you are so blessed to have all the help you do - and thank goodness for that!!!