Monday, March 8, 2010

Sasquatch and a Meerkat walked into a bar...

Eric asked that I post about our son's ever expanding vocabulary the day before he has his tongue hacked into...I do as he pleases. Don't mess with a man with cancer.

But first, little c update.

1pm. No word from the scheduler.
2pm. No word from the scheduler.
2:30pm. No word from the scheduler. (You noticing a pattern?)
2:31pm. Ali calls and leaves a message with the otolaryngology.
3pm and some change. Eric leaves a message with otolaryngology.
4:45pm. Eric leaves another message with otolaryngology.

Hmm. Yolanda didn't come through today. She said she would call regardless, and she didn't. Perhaps she was sick; I don't know, but I am frustrated. We had our pre-op on Friday and all of our paperwork indicates surgery on the 9th, so that is what we are going with. Surgery at 7:30am (give or take a few hours. You know how those surgeons like their beauty sleep.) Report time: 5:30am. Ouch. Total time approximately 4 hours. Thank GOD Eric's parents are here and can man the waiting room with me. I'll have to leave a few times to either nurse or pump or both. Miles and Felix will be loved on by many of their ELC girlfriends. It is Marist's break, but the women of the Miles's childcare are getting together for some knitting lessons at the ELC, and they'll tote around my two gassy boys. I love them. Yes, the boys, but also the women of the ELC. They are family. I remember my friend J.E. saying, "I know JoAnn will be at [my son's] wedding." I think the exact same thing. Let's hope her son and Miles/Felix choose different wedding dates.

I can't eat. I am sure I won't sleep--wait, I don't do that anyway--sweet! No change there. Should I ask Eric to talk to me all night so I can remember his unadulterated speech? What does one do when her husband is going to lose a portion of his tongue? Perhaps they have an "app" for that...I'll look into it.

We spent most of the day outside. Sunny and 70. That's right, be jealous. Visiting Da-dee at track practice, playing on the turf, flinging long jump sand around, raking, drying diapers, shooting feral cats with a BB gun (no, seriously), blowing bubbles, painting the stairs with water (correction, dumping the pail of water aka "paint" into a puddle in which to play in), running around without a shirt (Miles), which turned into running around without pants (still just Miles), which turned into a soggy diaper, eating ice cream (or tart lemon sorbet for breatharian Manu) at the Frosty Caboose, and watching Marta/Trains/Planes. It was GREAT!

While I was changing Miles outside in the grass (note soggy diaper incident above), he said to me "Sasquatch." No joke. What he probably meant was, "Wow, look at the sky, Manu. I love trains. Do you know where Da-dee went? I want ice in my Tilty." Miles's vocabulary is expanding pretty well considering, but he still spews gibberish where we know he thinks he is actually saying something meaningful, but he happens to say other random words in the English language. On our fridge we have list of words Miles has said (that needs some serious updating), but now we are going to start a list of words Miles has said but hasn't meant to. Here are the newest additions:
  • Sasquatch
  • Meerkat
  • Ocean
  • Trebuchet (our favorite)
I think the reason Eric wanted me to post about this because THIS is what life is about. THIS is what makes us smile and forget about tongue cancer. THIS is the silliness that we live for. 

Wish us luck. And when you brush your teeth tomorrow morning, appreciate your tongue. You never know when 20% of it could be taken from you.


  1. Thanks so much for the update, honey. We are wrecks up here worrying about all of you. Stomach's clenched, chests constricted, tears at the ready.
    HOPE Holding On Praying Earnestly There are a cloud of people praying for Eric and all of you.
    Love to you all,

  2. Thank the Lord for beautiful days with family. GOOD LUCK tomorrow. No calls/e-mails back is like, the WORST in my book... I totally understand your frustration. BUT, she most likely over promised when said "will call regardless" and you're still on for tomorrow.

    I'll bet thinking of you guys all day long and waiting with baited breath for your update.


  3. This is the first big step towards a clean bill of health. He will come through it like a champ and be ready for lots of hugs and kisses while on the mend. We are sending lots of positive thoughts and know that everything is going to be fine! We love you all!

  4. Well said Alison...those silly moments that make us stop and really appreciate what we have - bad health and all - we have a ton!

    Hoping that Eric is under having pleasant healthy dreams. Keep taking those deep breaths. It will be ok, I can feel it!

    Love Sara