Tuesday, March 23, 2010

There's a rainbow with your name on it out there...

Trouble is, I cannot find where that rainbow is right now.

My friend MBMPHPA (as we lovingly refer to her), sent me the following picture from lil S's first birthday party with today's blog title as the subject. I want so badly to believe in that rainbow (and a huge pot of gold at the end to pay all of my bills, mortgage, and perhaps a nice shopping spree...selfish?)

Ah, this pictures shows the good old days. When my son could eat and not vomit...and the baby slept...and I wore make-up and enjoyed maternity leave....BUT--Eric still had cancer. That's what I keep telling myself to get through the days. Eric is cancer free!!!!! Ah! I want to sing it from the rooftop! (Right after tending to my vomiting son). So let's be honest--life really isn't that bad--just the minute by minute of dealing with this stubborn GI bug right now is a little tiring.

But there was a time tonight, when Miles puked all over Nana two times after a 4 day dry spell that I was almost certain I saw the film crew for Candid Camera. Nah, that's too benign of a show. I am now betting on Ashton and "Punk'd."

In the meantime, let's just celebrate that for the first time in weeks my husband can move his head enough to sleep in our room again. Little rainbows. 


  1. love the picture!!

    oh and Coach Ali you saw the rainbow the day you flew the kite =]

    Everything will get better soon, the bug will go away and then maybe you'll be dealing with Miles eating glue?


  2. Thinking of you all! Wish I could take it away...

  3. Alison, crazy how your blog just popped up. I can't believe what your family are going through right now. My heart goes out to you and Eric and my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Much love and hope for brighter days!! Loving your whit and humor through it all though. Much love--Jessica