Friday, April 30, 2010

5 minutes of grandparental heaven

Enjoy ~ 5 minutes of my kids. This is primarily for the grandparental units. I understand how video can be boring if it is not of your family.

Some things to note:
  • Video 1-The only time I ever let Miles watch TV is when he is sick, and we only recently started the trend a few weeks back. Luckily, we made it almost 2 years without him watching TV, minus the 6:30am local news with Chesley...and that's after a good dose of NPR at breakfast. We discovered Thomas the Tank Engine on PBS DVR when we suffered the GI plague a month ago. (I think my mother is traumatized by watching the same episode of Thomas while a toddler puked on her lap.) I broke down and put it on again earlier this week when Miles was sick at home with an upper respiratory virus (or UTI as Eric incorrectly keeps calling it). The nice thing is he only sits for 5 minutes and then is off playing. I decided to pester the patient. I really just wanted him to say all of the words that come out so funny so that I don't forget over time. Move over "Blanana;" "Moon" and "Golf Cart" are my favorite this month. We finally are stringing together some 3 word sentences, primarily all nouns, or some form of "more____(fill in the blank) please." At least we have manners established. What cracks me up the most is that when we bid adieu at the ELC, he says good-bye to everyone, but drops the "Ms." for all of his teachers. "Miles, say 'bye Ms. JoAnn...'" "Bye Joann!" "Miles, say 'bye Ms. Beth'" "Bye Beth!" It's a start.
  • Video 2-Nuncle and TiTi got Miles a harmonica as you recall. I put together a little montage of the first day to a more recent music session. Even though he's naked and in a disposable diaper (I can only muster 1 in cloth right now!), they are different days. And ride out the last portion where he is at the table CLOTHED. You'll see how he is the poster child for CPR as I let him play while eating Trader Joe's pretzel chips. He totally gags at the end. Call the department of child and family services STAT! (For the record, I don't let him eat and blow anymore. And I'll let that last comment sit right there...too many jokes.)
  • Video 3-Felix has exploded in terms of his laughing, but we haven't had much luck catching his smiles or giggles on film or video. Trouble is two-fold. Who wants to ruin the moment when you are laughing with your baby? And second, all these darn recording devices have flashing red or green lights that just distract your baby. I gave Miles (another) haircut tonight outside over pizza, juice, and borrowed Thomas the Tank Engine toys from Ms. JoAnn's sons. (Juice and trains is the winning combination for getting Miles to enjoy his hair cut.) Felix and Miles just started talking to one another and Felix was letting out the most insane belly laughs. Nothing says chuckles like an older brother coughing in your face with his "UTI!" I think all the women in the neighborhood had their milk let down...and that's saying a lot since 99% qualify for the Wed senior citizen discount at Kroger. Eric flew into the house to get the camera, but it was too late. We did catch the tail end of the laughter, and Miles being "gentle enough" with his brother.

Run Like A Mother

I've been on this self-improvement kick. I've had some big FAIL days recently. On the horizon is my goal of getting back into race shape. I am not an amazing runner (like my friend LK who like a month and change after having a baby ran a 5K in under 19 minutes! Go LK!!), but I have this secret belief that one is in me.

Lies we tell ourselves.

In that spirit, I now feel like I have the rest of my life to find her. I haven't raced since I was pregnant (unknowlingly) with Miles. It was a 5k, and one of my best on record. Then my uterus happened. Times two. No vacancy for a couple of years; we need to heal (and win the lottery) before additional babies are considered. Though, if I hit the 20 mark with friends I know who are pregnant--I counted, and am at 17 right now--I may just turn myself into the nunnery (is that a real place?) as birth control.

With both pregnancies, I completed--as in crossed the finish line-- a few 5Ks, and then at almost a year post-partum with Miles, jogged a half marathon with my friend MBMPHPA. This time, I need some more motivation...and that is where Eric's cancer comes in. See? There must be a reason why he got it! (I say that with sarcasm dripping over the exclamation point, folks.) Back in 2004 I sent in an application to be accepted to the Dana Farber Cancer Boston Marathon team. I wanted to raise money for my "Aunt" Ginna who was on the hunt to destroy breast cancer. DE-NIED! Was it my typeface? Split infinitives? I promise it was G rated and not as poorly constructed as my blog. I had sleep in those days. I ran another marathon and raised money for Susan G. Komen. It was the most painful race of my life. After that, I focused on 10Ks and half marathons, and before the #1 baby and sequel happened, I truly think I was on the brink of a running break through.

Now, I've got another story, and another burst of energy to run Boston's historic marathon. I grew up just minutes from the start and have always dreamd of running it. I am waiting for the Dana Farber application to come out, but my hope is that April 2011 is my year for the Boston Marathon. It has always been a goal of mine to complete it...but the thought of qualifying is daunting. I don't like marathons. My body breaks down. Give me a good half marathon any day. But 2011 is mine. Plus, 11 is both my and Eric's lucky number.

While I wait for the application to come out, I spend my showers composing our application story. And cleaning out my hair from the drain.

Run Like a Mother: How to Get Moving--and Not Lose Your Family, Job, or SanityEric recently got me a great book, Run Like A Mother. It's a little bit of inspiration, a little bit of funny anectdote, and a little bit of guidance. I go back and forth between reading that, knitting gifts, and reading Anti-Cancer at night. I try to surround myself with positive energy--especially on the brink of most sleepless nights, which turn into days that require extra energy to get out of the door and hit the pavement. My training so far has been completed in fits and spurts. I walk Mon-Wed and then dedicate Thur-Sun for running. Well, that's the plan, and then my life gets in the way. It's hard to choose running over spending time with children. And even though we adopted the most ridiculous double jogging stroller this week (thanks to Great GP-J and Grand Nana!), I have a hard enough time running with a single jogging stroller! I'll save my ode to the Baby Jogger for another day. Let's just say Eric spent an extra $3 to get it overnighted he was so excited.

I am also trying to complete as many races as I can before the Atlanta summer heat sets in. And by complete, I mean cross the finish line as I said above. Although, I do have the goal of not walking at this time. I am a far cry from where I was back in 2007, but you know what? I am proud of where I am. With all the bed rest, sleepless nights, stress, tragedy...I'm making a comeback; watch out!

To start, I jogged my first 5K last weekend, and plan on doing another one this weekend. This was the VERY first 5K I ever did where I didn't race or "run." And it was also the slowest. I won't lie and say that part of me just wanted to race it and see how hard I could push myself, but then I realized I would just injur myself--body and confidence. So, I started in the very back with all of the strollers and less serious folk.
From April 2010 5K
And I jogged. And I stuck with people wearing iPods and wearing pacemakers.

But I smiled through the whole thing.
From April 2010 5K

Here's me with half pint. She was my running buddy. (She just didn't know it.)
From April 2010 5K
Half pint takes the lead on the corner.
From April 2010 5K
And there she goes! Wait, does it say "SUCKER" on her shorts? Seriously, I thought that when I first saw the picture. It might as well. Good thing I smoked her with my kick at the end.
From April 2010 5K
Let's see where I am a year from here. I hope it is recovering from Boston 2011.

And to close, some out takes of my own half pints. I said self-improvement included taking more pictures of my kids, but perhaps I should qualify it by saying I need to take GOOD pictures of them!

Daddy, why did you hike my pants up and stuff my pants in my socks before bed?
From April 2010 5K

Mom, why did you pull out the baby legs again! (She's obsessed)
From April 2010 5K

Love is chubby cheeks...
From April 2010 5K

Monday, April 26, 2010

Daddy Doppleganger

I don't have much time because I am at home with a sick toddler (again). Yet another virus has struck the ELC and Miles is the 3rd child to have to stay home with the latest and greatest sickness. This darn childcare germ spreading business better pay off in dividends in a year or two when he has an iron clad immune system. (But remarkably, he's never been on antibiotics or had an ear infection!)  Until then, fever and cough and the pediatrician (to the tune of a $40 copay) told us what I expected: fluids, rest, and Motrin. Luckily, he's in a great mood. Pray it doesn't turn into croup like it did for one of his classmates. I'm all done with the Children's ER.

While Mommy searched frantically for the Motrin that Daddy hid from her, Miles found Daddy's old glasses and put them on. A had to act quick and took 2 cell phone pictures. If that isn't a vision of the future, I don't know what is.

I'm terrified he's going to wake up from his nap and have already gone through puberty.

Oh, I just love my boys...

Friday, April 23, 2010

I'm Losing It...

From April 2010
My hair that is. It's like I'm pregnant again. I have been pulling out piles of hair recently. There must be a hormonal shift going on and my biggest fear is that there is some immaculate conception that occurred because I don't quite remember this with Miles. (But that might be because he pulled out my hair for me). The worst part is that the hair that is jumping ship from my scalp is a) deciding to take chunks of my scalp with each strand, and b) leave the grey hairs rooted-grey hairs that are kinky and coarse. I'm convinced that the grey hairs have somehow burrowed their root bulbs past my skull and lodged themselves deep within my temporal lobe. And they are probably injecting my brain with poison and causing me to suffer from Wernicke's aphasia as I am completely inarticulate now.

To dye or not to dye. I have an old box of clearanced Natural Instincts hair "dye" that was the least toxic box of the at home jobbers I could find a few years ago when my scalp was just sprouting grey. I'm not worried about expiration; those dates are for wimps. I'm more worried about toxins. Trying so hard to eliminate all environmental toxic exposures in our house, especially since Eric's cancer, has caused me to go a little batty (yet, I am on the hunt for an OPI pedicure...I cannot give that up). So, for the time being, the box will sit in the closet and I'll continue to hold little funerals for the handfuls of hairs I discard every day as the ratio of brown to grey is tipping NOT in my favor.

The worst part of losing my hair that they keep resurfacing, reminding me of the fact that they are supposed to be in my head, but have left, leaving more room for greys to emerge from my crippling brain. Somehow they lift themselves out of the trash can and end up in Felix's diaper or Eric's underwear. No, seriously. I just wonder what the ladies at childcare think when they open diapers and see piles of my hair. Perhaps that we are some crazy family who uses hair for wipes.

And it's not just my hair I'm losing. I'm also losing my milk supply. Ah, for the first time I am opting not to hemorrhage my panic on the blog. I have a feeling the stress will just work against this already uphill battle. And who the heck said breastfeeding was always easier second time around? Anyone have a good lactation consultant to talk to? Felix just doesn't comfort suck at all. He's on a boob strike. They are not that bad, babe! I mean, they look pretty good for breastfeeding for 18 months with the first. Perhaps his standards are too high. But we have some work to do.

And weight. Both the supply and weight drops happened with Miles, but much closer to a year than four months! In part because I am picking up exercise, but I know I am teetering on the edge as I am pretty consistently down  one to two pounds below the twenty-five I had to lose from preggo days.

But with a diet void of milk (save the week I had ice cream twice), and rife with oatmeal, tea and now dark beer, my palate is hard to satisfy and a lot of the time I know I am barely scraping by in the calorie department. Add it to my list of self-improvements. More calories.

And patience. I've lost it a few times this week. I cannot completely blame sleep deprivation because Felix has been sleeping so much better. And there you go--it's like breaking a mirror and having bad luck for 7 years. I just jinxed his sleep by admitting it, but Felix only gets up twice. Usually down by 9pm, up at 2am and 5-6am. And if you are the Heintz family, 5am isn't "up in the middle of the night" it is breakfast time #1 for Miles!

Don't get me wrong, things overall are great, but this week was a doozy. In talking with CD and expectant MBMPHPA over ice cream this week, I was able to articulate how having two kids isn't about everything being doubly hard. In fact, I contend that having your first child, at times, is harder than having two. I think it is harder on the emotions--the fear, the unsubstantiated panic (is my barely 5lb baby going to learn to roll over in his first week home off of the queen size bed in the time I go to the bathroom and fall on the floor and break? Or perhaps he'll try to roll and get stuck in a random crease of the comforter and suffocate in T-minus 3 seconds!), and with the second, the logistics are harder (who do I get out of the car first? How do I put a toddler to bed with a colicky baby who won't let me put him down? Is it possible to stand while nursing so I can flip a grilled cheese AND monitor a toddler doing "dishes" at the sink on a big boy chair?). I mean, you've heard I put Felix in the Bjorn bouncy chair on top of the table at dinner. And then 20 minutes later when I'm throwing Miles into the bath and Eric asks, "where's Felix?" And I have no idea...and he's found in the bouncy, smiling at the overhead light that is illuminating the HUGE warning sticker that says "never place on a table."

How can I do anything when I have one who is a perpetual exhibitionist and somehow found the stroller bug netting and runs around the house like Casper.
From April 2010
And the other one starts fussing when you finally have a shirt on your streaker.
From April 2010
Oops! That was Miles. Below is Felix.
From April 2010
(I haven't lost my sense of humor!)

This is the deal. Having two kids (under two and working full time) is EXHAUSTING! It's crazy, fun, trying, wild, and precious all at the same time. You know those days of panic with your first where everything takes so much brain space and work and thought because everything is so new..and then you have some time with the baby asleep (either on your chest or in a crib of some sort) and you take a breath and...dare I say RELAX? Well, you don't have that with two. That's the trouble. When one settles, the other one gears up. The moment Miles is asleep, Felix is like "HEY! PAY ATTENTION TO ME!" And then it is his bath time, cuddle time, soothe time...and somehow, the moment I am ready to breathe, Miles is up for breakfast #1. Rinse and repeat.

And you wonder why I have no time to eat. And you wonder why I have no pictures this time around. Self-improvement #2: take more pictures.

How do people with more than 2 kids do it? I certainly know a mini-van is involved. And lots of prayers. And possibly a shot of vodka each night.

From April 2010
From April 2010

Link to album here.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It's hip to be square...or Felix

I just saw a list of popular baby names for 2010. Do you see #12? (Why couldn't it be lucky #11? And it beat out Miles?) I was shocked. We never thought we would ever meet another Felix under the age of 88. It's not that we liked a celebri-tot named Felix...or even wanted to pay homage to a long distance runner or cyclist. We opened a book of names, found the German section and agreed that Felix was an awesome name. That was almost 1 year ago. We are total trend setters. Know what this means? Big things for our Felix...starting with his cheeks.

PS--What is strange is that many of these names were on our list of real possibilities for both Miles and Felix: RHYS, Sebastian, Oscar, Atticus, Levi, Oliver, Charles, Sawyer ...crazy!

7. MAX
10. LIAM
14. OWEN
16. KAI
17. MILO
18. NOAH
20. JOHN
23. LEO
25. LEVI
26. RYAN
30. THEO
35. RHYS
38. ELI
40. KYLE
41. RORY
48. EVAN
55. GUS
59. LUKE
64. COLE
65. LUCA
67. EZRA
73. REMY
81. LIEV
82. ASH
83. HUGH
90. IAN
99. SAM

Monday, April 19, 2010


I have a blog post percolating in my head, but no time to write it quite yet. Give me 72 hours or so.

Until then, in order to keep my blog on your Google Reader or Favorites menu, here are some cell phone pictures of chunk-a-lunk. Quality isn't too hot, but proud of myself for figuring out how to send them from my antiquated phone to my e-mail

True to his name (Felix means happy), this kid is the smiliest baby I have ever met. (Well, outside of colic episodes and when he is being strapped into his car seat). The best is when he is nursing and I catch his eye and his little mouth curls up on the sides and he giggles so purely that his latch goes out the window. He starts cooing and smiling while milk dribbles all over and then he does the whole head "wiggle" rooting around to find his mommy juice again. Current and past breastfeeders--you are TOTALLY with me. (Right???)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


This just came in from JoAnn at childcare. How do I find the strength not to leave work and go find a crib to nap next to them?

(Yes, Felix is sleeping on his tummy. Don't call the American Academy of Pediatrics on me. And yes, my almost 2 year old still sleeps in a crib at childcare.)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Extra! Extra!

My husband will not be happy that I am sharing this, but for goodness sake--the darn kid was in the Sunday paper! His response was "I'm kind of embarrassed." Of what? Okay, so the author isn't the most engaging writer, but it was really an honor to be called from the Atlanta Journal for a feature.

Full article here

That's all I have for tonight. More adventures for another night. Especially since we now have some footage of Miles playing the harmonica and Felix shooting the most delicious grins and giggles. Good thing it's documented as we are just about exhausted in the Heintz household by 7pm every night. Is it really only Monday?

And folks...we established a "quiet pillow" tonight welcomed with mixed feelings from the accused. Not sure he understands that you are NOT supposed to get up for 2 minutes (minutes of quiet time reflected by his age). Yup. We are official owners of a toddler. I looked for our receipt from Dekalb Medical from Miles's birth. Only a 30 day return policy.

I kid, I kid.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Who's with me: Anyone else love the purple "Book-It" pins that you displayed on your jean jacket that were adorned with stars earned from reading books? And the prize: Pizza Hut personal pan pies with the hope of also getting a gift--like the Land Before Time plastic dinosaur toys that smelled like petroleum jelly. Bueller? Anyone?

I am not sure if I am dreading or looking forward to the obligatory reading assignments that will confront my children. Right now, I covet the nightly library time we have. I feel fortunate in that Miles devours books. You wouldn't know by his elaborate vocabulary (note sarcasm), but since he has been a wee baby, we have saturated him in literature. We've gone through phases of interest (mind you, we started reading to him when he was an infant--anyone recall my displeasure for Eric insisting on reading Ulysses while I was nursing each night?), and I have discussed in previous posts my favorite infant books, but I thought I would comment on our current state of reading.

We tend to have books sprinkled around our house for general perusal during the day, but Miles's room is where the real gold is. It is not an understatement that my favorite area of consignment sales is the book area. I'm obsessed. First, I am on a hunt to get the entire Dr Seuss collection of stories. I have a great start and have even found Suess books I had never heard of! Plus, I have full versions as well as diaper bag versions that have saved me from torrential tantrum episodes. We do "Suess Sundays" at our house and only read Dr Suess for bedtime. I also prefer to have hard back books, and they are expensive, so if I can get used ones, all the better. I know we'll be better about going to our local library in time, but I must admit I get a high off of owning the books. I think this is one area I am not totally "green" about. But I feel like I am doing my part by buying a lot of our books used. Just not sure I could ever get rid of them and re-sell.

My friend AS recently sent an e-mail out with Gwyneth Paltrow's favorite books...and another Mommy blog I follow had a post in the past few weeks about her readers' favorite toddler books...and I am collecting books for all the preggo showers upcoming in 2010. I'm on book overdose. I need an intervention.

Every night we spend about 30 minutes of concentrated reading with Miles. I truly pine for this time each day. True, it means Miles is going to bed (hopefully) for the whole night (read: I can shower), but it is just a delight sitting in the big comfy chair, reading stories as he cuddles his monkey, strokes his hair and points out every "car, choo choo, moon, guitar, tree, meow, woof, oink, etc." he can find.

Here's the rub. He knows his books now. When Nuncle and Ti Ti gave Felix an Eric Carle stroller toy, Miles identified the Very Hungry Caterpillar picture and he bolted into his room and brought out the entire book for us to read.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar
Sure, there's cute moments like that, but then there are moments that you strategically hide Pigs Aplenty, Pigs Galore! in the weekly book basket by nestling it deep in the triage of book options (read, you turn it backward and shove it in the back of the pile, hoping the weight of the huge lap version of Freight Train or Dr Seuss's best story book compilation will be too much for a 23 month old to negotiate) because you are over the pigs in tututs, pigs in kilts...pigs on skateboards, pigs on stilts.
Pigs Aplenty, Pigs Galore!
 And while you pull out the books you really want to read, Miles shakes his head "NO!" and shimmies off of your lap, only to use his little pinchers to somehow find the toddler strength to find that book--and then demand you read it. Over and over. And not only that--but you have to stop on page 12, where there is the trifecta: a train, a plane and a bus. And you know where that bus leads us? "ALL THROUGH THE TOWN!" Yup. next thing you know, the fun pentameter rhyming is broken up by "Ahh...Taaaah!" (Miles-ese for "all through the town") And once you start the chorus, you have to at least get through the verse about the horn on the bus. You acquiesce on all accounts. How can you not with those eyes?

Confession time. Anyone else skip book pages while babysitting, praying the kids hadn't memorized the story? While we haven't gotten to that point, I was thinking the other night that this kid is totally going to be the kind of child who says, "Oops! Mommy--you forgot five pages!" (Actually, it will more be like, "Ba-doo whumpy balmy chee son tunnel." Yeah, that's how my kid talks.) And then I'll be all, "I DID?!?!! So sorry!" And reluctantly re-read the last five pages.

The truth is--I love story time. Sure, I get so tired of going back to the copyright page of To Market To Market to point out the "car" and the "oink," but I know the 30 minutes every night that we cuddle and read is burning memories in my soul that I will cherish for years.

To Market, To Market
In the spirit of this post, I had to sing the praises of three books that the adults still love, and Miles is obsessed with. What interests me is that three books are so different from one another. One is pregnant with cartoons, detail, vignettes where animals act like humans, vocabulary, lists, minutia. And the second is simple, absent of plot...pure lyrical momentum. The final one is completely illustrated with paper creations and rife with onomatopoeia.

#1. Richard Scarry's Best Story Book Ever
Richard Scarry's Best Storybook Ever! (Giant Little Golden Book)
I am not sure what we would do without this book. Most of the time, we flip through the pages and just look at the pictures. Eric prefers to read many of the stories, whereas I thumb through pages and play the "show Mommy the (fill in the blank with some fun illustration)." Every night is a new adventure with Richard's classic images. But we always start with the "sun" in the front cover and then wave and say "bye bye moon" in the back cover. It's amazing how 3 months ago this book would have not interested Miles much at all.

#2. Charlie Parker Played Be Bop
Charlie Parker Played Be Bop (Live Oak Music Makers)
We got this as a gift from Grunkle Seth and Aunt Shirley for Christmas. Miles just loves it. Eric and I each "sing" the text, but have our own version (read: he's off key for a book that has no dedicated key, and I fare slightly better). I cannot describe the text because it is essentially like a jazz or blues song. "Zzznnn Zzznn...Overshoes, O....Ree-ti foo-ti Ree-ti foo-ti...Lollipop Boom-BA...Barbaque that last leg bone...Never leave your cat a-lone." That is the abridged version. the drawings are simple, inexact. And yet, it captures Miles's interest every time.

3. Paper Parade

Paper Parade
I cannot find this book anywhere! We got it when Miles was still called Linus (i.e. in utero) from Aunt Heather and Uncle Ryan. (I kind of get weepy when I see their inscription written to Little Linus in 2008.) The illustrations are all made of paper creations, and the story is imaginative and cute. I love looking at how talented someone can be with paper, and like most of the books, we have a blast pointing out all of the items. The best is that we can make all sorts of fun noises with the book--"Pop Pop Pop!" Tickity Zing!" "Jumble, Whirl!"

For those of you who are parents of toddlers, I hope you can relate to this. And also hope you can recite every single book on your children's shelves. I can. No, seriously--try me. I can. And for those of you who have babies coming on the horizon, start practicing your best animal noises and singing voices. And even your foreign accents. I have this thing about using a British accent in stories. Could it be genetic, or maybe the beginnings of multiple personality disorder? The nice thing is kids don't care if you're off tune, sound like an idiot or a B list celebrity feigning their best brogue. The sillier the better.

Hi. My Name is Alison...and I am a children's book addict.

Truth is, I never want to get sober.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Nuncle and Ti Ti

Lions, tigers and naked mole rats, oh my!

From Easter Weekend 2010

Our Easter weekend started off right as Uncle Nick (Nuncle) and Aunt Tracey (Ti Ti, or "Tit" as Miles occasionally called her) flew in from Miami. They were accompanied by a "carn" (Miles-ese for guitar) or more specifically, a ukulele and harmonica. That's about all you need to get Miles going. Even better, the harmonica was a GIFT and now we have our own "choo choo" maker. Felix got a great Eric Carle stroller touch 'n feel book. Nuncle quickly picked up on Miles's language and constantly retorted to some of his indecipherable language with "Moo-caddah Moo-caddah." It made me laugh. Even more than him calling my son "Chief" all weekend. If you attended high school with me and knew my brother, you will understand this reference.

Let me back track--the festivities began with an Easter egg hunt at school. Miles especially loved the clear egg filled with a little green car.
From Easter Weekend 2010
He also loved the carrot cake muffins I made (see? He inhaled a second one at home before I could get the camera out), and loved shoving his grubby fist in his mouth to work on those canines.
From Easter Weekend 2010
You'll notice his attempt at asking for "one more" cupcake. I declined the request. Tears were had.

Friday was ZOO ATLANTA DAY! The W family in NY gifted us with a family pass during our whole new baby cancer warrior phase. I can now say that was probably one of the best gifts we have been blessed with. We cannot wait to go back. Despite Miles's solemn face in most pictures, he had a great time. He loved the entire day. For an enormously long day in the sun with droves of other families, he was an angel and didn't break down one time. A few times he confirmed to us that he is a) painfully shy, b) obsessed with watching other children play, c) a "wimp" as even "Mana" (Nana Anne) even commented. He wanted so badly to crawl through the tunnel into the naked mole rat exhibit, but kept getting stage fright. Maybe next time.
From Easter Weekend 2010
From Easter Weekend 2010
From Easter Weekend 2010
Please laugh at many of the pictures where Miles is saying "MOMMY!" with his gestures. That's his new thing: I need to be held like a little baby by my Mommy while I stroke her hair.
From Easter Weekend 2010
From Easter Weekend 2010
Okay, back to zoo pics.
From Easter Weekend 2010
From Easter Weekend 2010

I took tons of pictures of the animals so that we could create a zoo book and go through the animals.
From Zoo Book
From Zoo Book
From Zoo Book
From Zoo Book
From Zoo Book
From Zoo Book
From Zoo Book
I'll have to refer to Nuncle regarding the official names of many of the animals. Beyond the big dogs (Elephant, Zebra), I retained nothing in terms of animal names. (Nuncle could not only name you, but also draw you any obscure animal. I fondly remember him sketching a narwhal in 2 minutes on a used napkin at a pizza joint this summer.) Here's a link to many of the amazing animals we saw in case you wanted to download and create your own zoo book--yes, I took over 60 pictures of caged animals!

The weekend was full of family fun...and your occasional almost two-year old breakdown. I wouldn't be surprised if Ti Ti went back to Miami and bought a "no vacancy" sign for her uterus.

We celebrated Ti Ti's birthday as well! And Grandpa even surprised us all by flying down for the festivities. The weekend was full of sing-a-longs, naked toddler races (with Miles singing his "BAH-DOO BAH-DOO song), Peeps, massages, Felix chunkage, and general family bonding. (Please enjoy the "family hat" that Ti Ti so kindly brought. I think we all rocked the cap at some point.)
From Easter Weekend 2010
From Easter Weekend 2010
From Easter Weekend 2010
From Easter Weekend 2010
From Easter Weekend 2010
From Easter Weekend 2010
From Easter Weekend 2010
From Easter Weekend 2010
From Easter Weekend 2010
From Easter Weekend 2010
From Easter Weekend 2010
From Easter Weekend 2010

There's that "I want my Mommy" face. Classic. Link to more pics here.

And still...I didn't get enough pictures of the family together. Boo. Finally, more cute video...just because.