Friday, April 30, 2010

5 minutes of grandparental heaven

Enjoy ~ 5 minutes of my kids. This is primarily for the grandparental units. I understand how video can be boring if it is not of your family.

Some things to note:
  • Video 1-The only time I ever let Miles watch TV is when he is sick, and we only recently started the trend a few weeks back. Luckily, we made it almost 2 years without him watching TV, minus the 6:30am local news with Chesley...and that's after a good dose of NPR at breakfast. We discovered Thomas the Tank Engine on PBS DVR when we suffered the GI plague a month ago. (I think my mother is traumatized by watching the same episode of Thomas while a toddler puked on her lap.) I broke down and put it on again earlier this week when Miles was sick at home with an upper respiratory virus (or UTI as Eric incorrectly keeps calling it). The nice thing is he only sits for 5 minutes and then is off playing. I decided to pester the patient. I really just wanted him to say all of the words that come out so funny so that I don't forget over time. Move over "Blanana;" "Moon" and "Golf Cart" are my favorite this month. We finally are stringing together some 3 word sentences, primarily all nouns, or some form of "more____(fill in the blank) please." At least we have manners established. What cracks me up the most is that when we bid adieu at the ELC, he says good-bye to everyone, but drops the "Ms." for all of his teachers. "Miles, say 'bye Ms. JoAnn...'" "Bye Joann!" "Miles, say 'bye Ms. Beth'" "Bye Beth!" It's a start.
  • Video 2-Nuncle and TiTi got Miles a harmonica as you recall. I put together a little montage of the first day to a more recent music session. Even though he's naked and in a disposable diaper (I can only muster 1 in cloth right now!), they are different days. And ride out the last portion where he is at the table CLOTHED. You'll see how he is the poster child for CPR as I let him play while eating Trader Joe's pretzel chips. He totally gags at the end. Call the department of child and family services STAT! (For the record, I don't let him eat and blow anymore. And I'll let that last comment sit right there...too many jokes.)
  • Video 3-Felix has exploded in terms of his laughing, but we haven't had much luck catching his smiles or giggles on film or video. Trouble is two-fold. Who wants to ruin the moment when you are laughing with your baby? And second, all these darn recording devices have flashing red or green lights that just distract your baby. I gave Miles (another) haircut tonight outside over pizza, juice, and borrowed Thomas the Tank Engine toys from Ms. JoAnn's sons. (Juice and trains is the winning combination for getting Miles to enjoy his hair cut.) Felix and Miles just started talking to one another and Felix was letting out the most insane belly laughs. Nothing says chuckles like an older brother coughing in your face with his "UTI!" I think all the women in the neighborhood had their milk let down...and that's saying a lot since 99% qualify for the Wed senior citizen discount at Kroger. Eric flew into the house to get the camera, but it was too late. We did catch the tail end of the laughter, and Miles being "gentle enough" with his brother.


  1. Grandparent heaven indeed! This is the best Mother's Day gift ever! I had a hard time getting them to "role" but once I was successful, I was in heaven. Watching Miles delight his baby brother is priceless. Sigh of delight...

  2. I'm jealous you have Chesley there (he used to be our weather guy up here--I adored him). Channel 2 hasn't been the same since. Ella loved watching Miles play the harmonica, again and again. We love, love, love those baby laughs from Felix, too.

  3. These videos just got better and better. Who needs Julie's music class when you have an awesome harmonica. It never would have occurred to me that he could already play. Adorable!!! And the video of them together makes me... well, want to get pregnant!!!!!!!!!!