Monday, April 19, 2010


I have a blog post percolating in my head, but no time to write it quite yet. Give me 72 hours or so.

Until then, in order to keep my blog on your Google Reader or Favorites menu, here are some cell phone pictures of chunk-a-lunk. Quality isn't too hot, but proud of myself for figuring out how to send them from my antiquated phone to my e-mail

True to his name (Felix means happy), this kid is the smiliest baby I have ever met. (Well, outside of colic episodes and when he is being strapped into his car seat). The best is when he is nursing and I catch his eye and his little mouth curls up on the sides and he giggles so purely that his latch goes out the window. He starts cooing and smiling while milk dribbles all over and then he does the whole head "wiggle" rooting around to find his mommy juice again. Current and past breastfeeders--you are TOTALLY with me. (Right???)


  1. Oh my goodness! How wonderful! I do remember the milk dribbly smiles all these years later.
    Perhaps every child should be named for some form of happy.
    Felix is looking so grown up, too - no more newborn looking.

  2. Weird! My comment isn't noted on your blog. I just love looking at Felix smiling. I can't wait to see a video of him laughing soon. I am sure it will happen before long.

  3. At work some of the lactation nurses call the "jiggle" that (I think) you are describing as the "stevie wonder." I love it! And I love those chunky cheeks he's got...he's definitely storing that breast milk for a rainy day!!