Friday, April 30, 2010

Run Like A Mother

I've been on this self-improvement kick. I've had some big FAIL days recently. On the horizon is my goal of getting back into race shape. I am not an amazing runner (like my friend LK who like a month and change after having a baby ran a 5K in under 19 minutes! Go LK!!), but I have this secret belief that one is in me.

Lies we tell ourselves.

In that spirit, I now feel like I have the rest of my life to find her. I haven't raced since I was pregnant (unknowlingly) with Miles. It was a 5k, and one of my best on record. Then my uterus happened. Times two. No vacancy for a couple of years; we need to heal (and win the lottery) before additional babies are considered. Though, if I hit the 20 mark with friends I know who are pregnant--I counted, and am at 17 right now--I may just turn myself into the nunnery (is that a real place?) as birth control.

With both pregnancies, I completed--as in crossed the finish line-- a few 5Ks, and then at almost a year post-partum with Miles, jogged a half marathon with my friend MBMPHPA. This time, I need some more motivation...and that is where Eric's cancer comes in. See? There must be a reason why he got it! (I say that with sarcasm dripping over the exclamation point, folks.) Back in 2004 I sent in an application to be accepted to the Dana Farber Cancer Boston Marathon team. I wanted to raise money for my "Aunt" Ginna who was on the hunt to destroy breast cancer. DE-NIED! Was it my typeface? Split infinitives? I promise it was G rated and not as poorly constructed as my blog. I had sleep in those days. I ran another marathon and raised money for Susan G. Komen. It was the most painful race of my life. After that, I focused on 10Ks and half marathons, and before the #1 baby and sequel happened, I truly think I was on the brink of a running break through.

Now, I've got another story, and another burst of energy to run Boston's historic marathon. I grew up just minutes from the start and have always dreamd of running it. I am waiting for the Dana Farber application to come out, but my hope is that April 2011 is my year for the Boston Marathon. It has always been a goal of mine to complete it...but the thought of qualifying is daunting. I don't like marathons. My body breaks down. Give me a good half marathon any day. But 2011 is mine. Plus, 11 is both my and Eric's lucky number.

While I wait for the application to come out, I spend my showers composing our application story. And cleaning out my hair from the drain.

Run Like a Mother: How to Get Moving--and Not Lose Your Family, Job, or SanityEric recently got me a great book, Run Like A Mother. It's a little bit of inspiration, a little bit of funny anectdote, and a little bit of guidance. I go back and forth between reading that, knitting gifts, and reading Anti-Cancer at night. I try to surround myself with positive energy--especially on the brink of most sleepless nights, which turn into days that require extra energy to get out of the door and hit the pavement. My training so far has been completed in fits and spurts. I walk Mon-Wed and then dedicate Thur-Sun for running. Well, that's the plan, and then my life gets in the way. It's hard to choose running over spending time with children. And even though we adopted the most ridiculous double jogging stroller this week (thanks to Great GP-J and Grand Nana!), I have a hard enough time running with a single jogging stroller! I'll save my ode to the Baby Jogger for another day. Let's just say Eric spent an extra $3 to get it overnighted he was so excited.

I am also trying to complete as many races as I can before the Atlanta summer heat sets in. And by complete, I mean cross the finish line as I said above. Although, I do have the goal of not walking at this time. I am a far cry from where I was back in 2007, but you know what? I am proud of where I am. With all the bed rest, sleepless nights, stress, tragedy...I'm making a comeback; watch out!

To start, I jogged my first 5K last weekend, and plan on doing another one this weekend. This was the VERY first 5K I ever did where I didn't race or "run." And it was also the slowest. I won't lie and say that part of me just wanted to race it and see how hard I could push myself, but then I realized I would just injur myself--body and confidence. So, I started in the very back with all of the strollers and less serious folk.
From April 2010 5K
And I jogged. And I stuck with people wearing iPods and wearing pacemakers.

But I smiled through the whole thing.
From April 2010 5K

Here's me with half pint. She was my running buddy. (She just didn't know it.)
From April 2010 5K
Half pint takes the lead on the corner.
From April 2010 5K
And there she goes! Wait, does it say "SUCKER" on her shorts? Seriously, I thought that when I first saw the picture. It might as well. Good thing I smoked her with my kick at the end.
From April 2010 5K
Let's see where I am a year from here. I hope it is recovering from Boston 2011.

And to close, some out takes of my own half pints. I said self-improvement included taking more pictures of my kids, but perhaps I should qualify it by saying I need to take GOOD pictures of them!

Daddy, why did you hike my pants up and stuff my pants in my socks before bed?
From April 2010 5K

Mom, why did you pull out the baby legs again! (She's obsessed)
From April 2010 5K

Love is chubby cheeks...
From April 2010 5K


  1. cracking up at the pics with your little running buddy!!!!!

  2. You are totally my running role model! I know you will be in Boston in 2011.

  3. Smart woman to know and respect your limits and to take good care of yourself. You will get back in racing form in due time...
    I love the sartorially clad little ones. Felix looks positively pained with his 80's style leg warmers!