Monday, May 3, 2010

"I LU-U"

That's "Milesese" for I Love You.

Since Miles has been born, we've been signing and saying it to him multiple times a day (it morphed from the ASL "I love you" to us doing the ET finger to finger, and then kissing our own finger...). It's a standard in our house. Never enough "Love yous!" Be it before bedtime or after the AM family hug as I peel off to work and the boys go to Marist. But yesterday I told Miles to tell Mana "I love you" over Skype. Instead of an ET finger, he surprised us all and said "I LU-U."

I proceeded to ask him over and over the rest of the day to say it. (Along with asking him to count 10. No, not counting TO ten, but count 10. As in, I say 1-9, and then he finishes with "TEN!" We usually start spinning our wheels around "too" (2), "tee" (3), so I take over until he gives us the grand finale.)

Yeah, so it took almost 2 years to finally say it. Yeah, so we are still slow on the language. Yeah, so we only just hit over 110 words. Yeah, so our articulation isn't refined. Yeah, so we still have only a few 3 word sentences (and they center on poop, yogurt and cars). Yeah, so it isn't as much a language explosion as it is a small leakage of words. Yeah, so your toddler reads Sweet Valley High chapter books and has recited the whole alphabet (and you don't mind rubbing it in my face).

May 2, 2010 my son finally verbalized "I love you." There is NOTHING--and I mean NOTHING you can say that will make me feel inferior.

And there is nothing more defining of a mother-son relationship than when her son tells her "I LU-U."

even if she demands him to say it to her repeatedly over the course of a week...


  1. Guess what?!?! By the time they are all 6 or so, no one will be able to tell who talked early or could recite the whole encyclopedia - in French! Ha! Ha!
    It's only the first of many tests of your fortitude in mothering as parents try to one up you. The thing is every parent (and even more so grandparents) are just so in love with and proud of their children, that they can't wait to tell everyone. You deserve to laud the amazing "Bah-du, Bah-Du" naked toddler dance that your amazingly wonderful son executes!
    That having been said, I figure that I've gotten my Mother's Day gift early - the Skype "I Lu-U", and I think you have gotten your gift, too, Alison. There is nothing better!

  2. Oh my god. Seriously, OH MY GAAAAWD.

    I know today's the third, but you posted this today so I'm going to pretend it happened today.

    MY miles said "i love you" to me for the first time today! How weird is that?? (In a good way, of course.) I just posted about it!

  3. Ali, I know Miles has a several months on Tilden, but Tilden hasn't said anything. I think he said shoes the other morning, but it is the first word that I think I have comprehended. My theory, they are all just soaking it in and will speak when the need arises.

  4. So sweet!!! Love you, too Miles! :) I do think you can wear them out of saying it. I asked Sarah to say it so many times she went on strike for a while.