Thursday, May 6, 2010


Felix is 4 months old!! And his appointment was great!

Minus the double ear infection and prescription for physical therapy for his torticollis.


I know. Shocker. The sick jokes continue.

I just took a dose of positive attitude and hope it can ride me out for the rest of the week.

Felix is 14lbs (50th percentile) and 25 inches (63rd percentile), and for the most part, doing great! No, really. He is such a delight to be around and I was feeling truly centered for the beginning of the appointment. The appointment started as a non-event outside of the poor parking job by Mommy. And then I discussed how he had a little runny nose and cough--probably the virus from Miles. Well, he looked in the ears and Whamo-Zamo. Both ears have an infection. Miles has 1) never been on an antibiotic, and 2) never had an ear infection, so this came as a huge shock to me as I somehow believed that Felix would track the same. I guess all kids are different.

I feel a huge sense of guilt for not knowing. Granted, my Otoscope at home is of the Fisher Price variety, but Mom's just feel like they should always know when their children are sick. Felix has shown no signs of being in pain. In fact, he had one of the best days at childcare yesterday. And last night he slept a good 5 hour stretch. It's like I am taking it personally. Ah well. The only thing that softened the blow was when the doctor said he has torticollis. (sarcasm)

As I said before, WHA??? (I am so shocked, I cannot even pronounce the "T.")

It's apparent that Felix prefers to turn his head to one side, but we are good at putting his head on alternative sides in the co-sleeper, and he turns his head while sleeping all of the time (on his tummy...). He does have full range of motion according to the doctor, but I guess the neck muscle is wicked tight, so we have a prescription for PT.

Don't Google torticollis. It isn't terrible, but a TOT collar could be implicated (anything for an infant that requires a collar cannot be good)....let's hope we don't go there. We already did months of PT with Miles for his Kooky foot and then crawling, a night splint...oh, and we had that broken OTHER leg at 1 year.

So, that's where we are. Double ear infection and torticollis. I'm not going to lie. I cried in the car and had to call my bestie CD to vent.

I keep replaying the scene in the movie Splash! where Eugene Levy says "What a WEEK I'm having!" Of course, I have been known to throw in an expletive or two...a few bucks to the FOWE jar.

PT starts tomorrow. Back to the pedi in 2 weeks for Miles's 2 year appointment and for Felix's follow-up. I know I've asked for a lot of favors universe--especially related to the health of my family, but can we PLEASE have one appointment where I walk out and the biggest hassle is the exorbitant co-pay?

It might require Miles's anterior fontanelle closes in 2 weeks. Yeah, don't get me started on that one...


  1. You are kidding right? Seriously. Ever heard the saying that God only gives us what we can handle? Well, God must think that you are a pretty amazing person to be laying it on like this. I hope that the PT successful, quick, and painless. We will be rooting and praying for you!

    P.S. Would chocolate help?

  2. Again, please don't feel guilty about missing the double ear infection. The other two teachers (and veteran mothers) concurred that kids can be sick without our knowing it. They can have strep throat without giving a clue, they can be doing fine and fall sick at the drop of a hat. It happens, and it has no bearing on your aptitude as a mother. Join the club in fact.
    The torticollis doesn't sound like it's very serious, but it's good that it is being caught early and can be cared for without too much time or trouble.
    All that being said, I cannot tell you how many times I have evoked Eugene Levy saying "What a week I'm having!" It's gotten me through some pretty tough times! It's not for nothing that they say motherhood is the hardest job. It's a good thing they are so cute and lovable...

  3. Ear infection (even double) is not the worst thing ever, especially if he's not complaining. They CAN go away on their own. Just keep the Frida handy to keep the phlegm from building-up in his sinuses...

    But GOL' DANG, girl! You poor thing! Lots of hugs to you!!