Sunday, June 20, 2010

Bye Honey!

That's Miles's newest phrase. He heard Eric bid me adieu the other morning, and parroted back "bye honey!" It's just so sweet.

Miles is growing into such a wonderfully sensitive, thoughtful boy. People always ask, "oh, is he all boy?" No. Not at all. Miles would rather hold my hand and observe a situation than barrel down the road and run wild around a playground or new environment. As a born extrovert, I sometimes have a hard time with him being so shy, but at other times, I'm really glad for the most part he is cautious, thoughtful, polite, and has a sense of personal space and respect for others and other people's belongings.

I am still in awe that 95% of the time since Felix was born, he is nothing but doting and loving. The first thing Miles does in the morning when he comes into our bedroom with Eric is greet the baby and jump onto the bed and talk to him. As wild as it is having 2 kids in less than 2 years, I wouldn't change it.

Below is a montage from the past 3 days of Miles being sweet with Felix. I can count on one hand the number of times he has displayed jealousy. Now, if we could just get him to stop calling him "Baby." We're working on pronouncing "F"...

I hope in the future, my boys get the opportunity to be as good of a father as the one they have. (I'll do a father's day recap after the day of festivities concludes!)

Video notes: Generally, it's boring family video really intended for extended family as I know it will be a real "yawner" for everyone else. Eric tried to catch Miles (sans pants...not sure why. It was during a "Stay at home Daddy" day) just talking with the baby. The next clip is of the 2 boys in Miles's crib having fun, and the last bit is of Miles teaching Felix how to crawl (ignore my PJs and the HUGE globe sprinkler ball in the background--just wait for the sprinkler post. It's amazing.).


  1. How sweet are they together?? The fact that I get to hug and kiss each of them in less than a week is the best thing ever!!

  2. Who is to say what an "all boy" is anyway?! It's always interesting when a mother has a child who is of different temperament from her own. A child like Miles (very reminiscent of a toddler S.) is very relatable for a shy and introverted me, whereas two very extroverted little ones like you and N were a revelation to me! You will learn a lot!
    I love to see the wonderful relationship between Miles and Felix. It's so symbiotic - Felix delights in his big brother's shenanigans (and will crawl and walk earlier just to keep up), and Miles gets rewarded for his big brother behaviors with Felix's chuckles and your accolades. What could be better?! I can't wait to see them.