Sunday, July 25, 2010

I scream, you scream, we all scream for AVOCADO!

From End of July 2010
It's that time...

...some people get excited about starting "solids" with their babies.

I am not one of them. Not the second time around.

Even though I LOVE exclusively making my own baby food, it's more about when it comes out rather then when and how it goes in.  Okay, so I know that one cannot live on breastmilk indefinitely, but oh how I love breastmilk poopy diapers! Which in reality, is verbal disguise for me saying "oh how I despise solid food poop in diapers."

Moms, you are with me, no?

Vulli Sophie the Giraffe Teether, Brown/ WhiteFelix is almost 7 months old and we just had our first taste of someting outside of breastmilk (and Sophie the giraffe, or various other teething items. Can I get a "woot woot" from mothers again for Sophie? Miles was not a chewer, but Felix is an oral fiend and this chew toy was worth every penny.). 

So, how did the 'cado go??

He seemed to like it. Which is verbal disguise for "he didn't hate it." He kind of nursed the spoon, and there was one moment that he gagged on a more solid piece, but I was surprised that the majority of the 1/38 of an avocado watered down with breastmilk stayed more in his mouth than on his shirt.
True, he has been grabbing for food from the table since a little after 4 months old, but that kid was grabbing for anything that he could shove straight into his mouth to soothe his gums.

And let's be honest--it wasn't because he was being starved; have you seen him? For a child that drinks only about two to three 4.5-5oz bottles a day, I have no idea how he is so big. Okay, so there is the all night dairy bar he frequents and round the clock nursing on weekend, but I still marvel at how much padding he has on his body considering I know other babies who down 6-8oz bottles three times a day.

So, he certainly wasn't starving. And I was just kind of not interested in going down the path of washing cloth diapers with more "adult" poop in them. (As I only have about 17 cloth diapers from Miles, we are pretty much doing 1 in cloth and 1 in disposable now.). Luckily, we are just experimenting with avocado at this point, and not even every day. I think I have a few weeks until the real poop commences.

There is also a lot of compelling empirical evidence why delaying solids is actually a good thing. Delaying solids until at least 6 months (the caveat is that many of these points assume the baby is breastfed):
  • gives babies better immune protection
  • gives babies' digestive systems more time to mature
  • decreases food allergies
  • protects a baby from iron-deficiency anemia
  • protects babies from future obesity
  • makes starting solids easier
  • helps to space babies
  • helps moms maintain milk supply
What I do like about the idea of introducing solids to Felix is that he can participate in our meals, now. And by participate, I mean not sit in someone's lap or nurse while I eat one-handed, but sit in his new Stokke high chair and throw things on the floor.
Stokke Tripp Trapp® Highchair - Natural

There is something truly special about family meal time. Even if Felix is just sucking on wash cloths and occassionally flinging green goop around the table. Combined with Miles reminding us to do "prayer hands" and asserting "AMEN!" at the end, it may just be one of my favorite times of day.
From End of July 2010

(I ran out of space in my picasa albums, so I am now pulling from Eric's albums. Full album linked here. There are also pictures of a day with the ducks and Eric's recent race in Kirkwood where he got SECOND! And more goofy Felix, who is going to be getting his first haircut next week!)


  1. MMMM...avocado. YUM! Sounds like a great first food to me! Good luck with the food and the haircut! Congrats to Eric!! AWESOME!

  2. I've been following your blog for a while and just wanted to say how much I admire you. I think that it is an amazing dedication that you have to your children to provide them with such great attachment parenting love all while working full time! You are an inspiration. Congratulations on the breastfeeding exclusively and delaying solids. Have you read about baby led weaning? It might be something that you are interested in.