Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Signs of the Apocalypse? Or me just being dramatic.

  • Mah-na, Miles, and Felix were locked out of the house after going to the park, and I had to rush home from work and let them in before barely missing a huge work meeting.

  • A "cuca" pitter pattered across my bed last night onto my computer while I was doing work. (And by cuca, I mean red, beady-eyed, asthma inducing COCKROACH). Yeah, try eliminating that bug without making a noise due to the lightest sleeping 6 month old in the universe.

  • I dreamt that Miles was in a toddler bed, and threw up chunks that resembled that square ice breakers gum.

  • Eric walked into the bedroom this morning while I was nursing Felix to tell me that Miles had thrown up at the breakfast table.

  • I am pretty sure that the part on my hair has officially changed sides. Like, overnight. Without my consent. My face looks different.

  • Of all days, Eric and "Opat" (Miles's name for Opa) are going off on an overnight hiking adventure. Luckily, Mah-na is here with me to weather the storm.

Maybe the new hair part shifted the energy in our house or's been a strange 24 hours.


  1. How 'bout that dream, huh? Momma's intuition or what?!
    And, a change in hair is energizing and fun. Embrace it!

  2. Strange indeed! Note- I did not lock myself out - still hoping for a spare key to plant somewhere just in case....Mahna