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From Summer Lovin' 2010
Please. Tell me that this kid isn't stupid cute. We thought Miles's toupee was awful, but Felix takes the cake. He has not only the toupee, but  also what we consider two payis on the side of his head. And then a long lock of cowlick. With the tooth drool, the cheeks, bushy eyebrows, and lips, I fall in love with this baby over and over. Even the little torticollis tilt is getting kind of cute (don't tell that to the chiropractor or PT therapist!) And my mom and I still contend that he smiles more than any baby we know.
From Summer Lovin' 2010
From Summer Lovin' 2010

And not to leave Miles out, here he is during one of his "suffocate Mommy" episodes. When I get home from work, he runs to me and loves to jump all over my business, usually resulting in a scratch to my eye, the loss of hair, or some sort of chin to the face injury. (You'll also notice my DISASTER of a haircut I gave him. We now think he looks like an attractive French woman, or as Eric pointed out, a female contestant from America's Next Top Model after they give her the "trendy boy cut.")
From Summer Lovin' 2010
From Summer Lovin' 2010
From Summer Lovin' 2010
From Summer Lovin' 2010
(Is he trying to nurse there?!?! Ha ha.)

Nothing calms him down like naked acrobatic story time.
From Summer Lovin' 2010
From Summer Lovin' 2010
This kid would sit and read books with you ALL day. And by books, I mean the same five, two of which require you to sing the words. I sing "Down by the Station" and "I've Been Working on the Railroad" in my head pretty consistently throughout the day now. Full album here.

PS--I promise the Boston post is coming a teaser and mechanism for keeping my 2 1/2 readers, it will even include ADULT GYMNASTIC VIDEOS! We all love some good backyard tumbling with a 29+ year old, inflexible crowd.

And now on to the SURPRISE!

Scene from Saturday night:

Ali, Eric and friend JP finish their culinary masterpieces at Outback (she writes with more "flair" than their waiter's collection of buttons). Listen, we had some generous gift cards, and the Coke refills were free. Eric drags his feet like a toddler and insists we walk to Bruster's for ice cream. On the way, we get a report from Mah-na (who has arrived for her 6 week Survivor Atlanta gig) about the boys and Ali feels a little more comfortable leaving them for a night out.

Next on tap: bowling!

We walk into the establishment, and I see someone who appears to look exactly like my friend. But it cannot be him. Hello, he is expecting a baby at the very beginning of August. Why would they travel to a bowling alley far away from home when the baby is imminent?

And then I see my mother, said Mah-na who is supposed to be caring for my boys...standing in a group of people.
From Summer Lovin' 2010

What the...?

SURPRISE! Happy 30 1/2 birthday!

After I pick my jaw off of the ground, I utter, "WHO IS TAKING CARE OF MY BOYS?"

Said like a true mother.

I have never been surprised like this before, as I always find out the surprise. Remember--I used to find my x-mas presents in my parents closet, open them, and then re-tape them in my youth. Yup. Eric threw me a surprise 30 1/2 birthday party. If you remember, our actual birthday (Eric and I share one) was spent at home exactly 1 week after Felix was born. Celebrating was reduced to nursing a newborn and folding itty bitty baby clothing.

Eric collected a motley crue of people (his forte--rounding up people from all aspects of our life into one area), from our beloved childcare director, to our running friends, closest friends, work friends, and I even learned later that there were about 15 more people he had invited that couldn't make it. Two preggos even made it out AND a 3 week old! (Bless the S Family and little L who made the trip out 3 weeks post birth. I just about coaxed my ovaries into working again when I was allowed to snuggle with him for a good 15 minutes...and then I almost stole him.)

It was a blast, and made me realize how important it is to get out and HAVE FUN! I am so thankful for having such amazing friends. I felt so loved and cared for. And it was really neat collecting such a great group of people together. I especially appreciated that some of my friends who were "with child" either in the uterus, just out of the uterus, or even those with really young ones, all made the effort to come bowling. The surprise was good, too, because I didn't care that I didn't break 100 in bowling. I did find myself trash talking a little, but you know it is a good surprise when I don't become uber competitive. We did take a bunch of pictures, but I'll save everyone the embarassment of their bowling skills documented on film forever.

Reason # a google (that's a number, right?) why Eric is my soul mate.

And so the planning for his 30th AND 30 1/2 birthday next year begins.

I promised him it wouldn't involve delivering a baby prematurely or cancer.

Oh, and in case you were worried...Mah-na didn't leave the boys to fend for themselves. Eric got one of our tried and true sitters, our childcare director's college aged daughter, to come over and weather the storm. I'm not sure what I would do without that family...and by that family, I mean one that we now consider part of our family...

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  1. Both Miles and Felix leave me weak in the knees with their cuteness (or is it the bending over to pick up endless dropped teething toys with a 17 pound baby on my hip... ha! ha!). Mother love is wonderful; grandmother love is even more so!
    The party was lots of fun, abeit noisy as we were planted right next to the rockin' loudspeakers. My first time bowling since Alison was in elementary school- and I am still the worst bowler in the alley!