Monday, August 30, 2010

Career Day

I keep hypothesizing about Miles's future careers, but haven't had the opportunity to confer Felix with completely outlandish job and trade prospects...until now. (I figured, professional smiler isn't lucrative. Unless he is a "parts" model. That mouth is pretty photogenic.)
Drum roll:


Move over Misty May-Treanor, there is a new Kinesio Kid on the block. (Hoping the masses get the association. If not, Google Misty and kinesio tape.)

Okay, so I panicked about the tort-collar and helmet that could be implied with Felix's torticollis...but I didn't know kinesio tape was an option! 

The truth is,  I'm not that bothered by the tape. Luckily, Felix isn't, either. It's meant to facilitate the loose muscles on the right side of his neck, so for the next two weeks, we slap some specially cute kinesio tape onto him.

Miles continues to throw us for professional loops, and childcare sent me some great pics.  Here he is testing out the "fireman fashionista" career. Hey, at least he is learning how to accessorize. Not sure the purse and hat "go" but I'm calling it avant garde. By the looks of his face, I'm sensing he won't be a fireman. At least not one that regularly shops at Nordstroms.
What about a Ballerina?
I cannot figure out the purple sash/shawl. More questionable accessory choices.

Finally, Felix and I are playing hookey as he heal from an ear infection, exacerbated by his top 2 teeth cutting. He's actually interested in a pacifier--as a chew toy. It's that or my chin. Temperatures of 102, swollen gums and lack of sleep make for a fussy baby.

...and I am anticipating more frequent poop that reeks of amoxicillan. Good-bye cloth diapers, and hello 'sposies for a week or two.

At least he's cute...and totally loveable.


  1. Awww. Very cute accesorized little boys. Thank goodness Felix doesn't mind the tape! Poor teething and ear infected baby, and poor tired mommy!

  2. Hi!!!! Just wanted to know how has your son be doing with the kinesio tape treatment. I have a baby with Congenital Torticollis and we are thinking on trying this technique. Thank you a lot.

    Beatriz Ricardo

  3. Hello Ali,
    I came across your Blog all the way from Germany :-) cause of Felix and his Tortellini :-)
    Our son Jaden is now 10 month old and has PT since he is 3 month old. He has Tortocollis on the left side caused of Fibromatosis. Here in Germany they don't know the Tot Collar and my husband who is American would like to try it. Can you tell me your experiences with that and also with the kinesio tape? How is Felix now. I would love to hear from you. Our Emailadress is btw I like how you write it is nice to read and funny. Bye Yvonne