Sunday, August 22, 2010


From Dinner Antics and some randoms
In Miles's short 2 years, we have already predicted a number of careers for him:

Sanitation controller (trash man)
Stylist (hair dresser) Sweet! Free haircuts!
Professional harmonica player
Competitive eater
Laundromat operator
Etiquette instructor
Monster truck driver
Exhibitionist/Never nude (My brothers or anyone who was as in love with Arrested Development as we were will totally get the never nude.) You see, Miles would happily traipse around in his diaper all day and night ("NO SHIRT PLEASE!"), but the second we ask if he wants to take off his diaper, he turns into Mr. Bashful. Topic for later discussion (read: why potty training will not be initiated in this house for another couple of months.)

Recently, we are more and more inclined to think Miles may be conjuring some of that engineering blood (both grandfathers). He loves to build. And he's deliberate...methodical...skilled.
From Dinner Antics and some randoms
And he is a whiz at puzzles now. He even thinks it's funny to put the pieces in incorrectly and say "gnome" while looking at you to get a reaction (That's how he says "no." He likes to add consonants at the end of every word.) He got that game from my father.

We are constantly building and talking about "demi tunnels," towers, bridges, ramps, trestles. (Pause. I continually notice the high volume of wires in the background of many of my photos. Add that to my application for parent of the year.)
From Dinner Antics and some randoms
In combination with his adoration of all kinds of trucks, I think there really is a boy in that gentle soul. One time, he decided to create some sort of toy dam in his crib.
From Dinner Antics and some randoms
What was going on his mind is beyond me, but it was pretty impressive. It's about as masculine as he gets (thank God). I'm not sure I really love the truck obsession, but I'm pretty impressed with his ability to pick out and name skid steers, diggers, rollers, graters, sprockets, monster trucks, tractors...and so on. His sentence constructions hurt for some prepositions, but I am so stunned at his memory and then ability to translate it into building and imaginative play. I think we are completely into the "you must spell the word in order to prevent Miles from hearing"--even if he is in the other room and a loud turbine fan is blowing in his ear, he will hear you say something like "snack" and run into the room asking for a snack please.

Although I predominately see Eric in Miles when I look at him (outside of that upper lip that covers his top teeth that I am still not convinced anyone has ever seen--those are hallmark Opat),
From Dinner Antics and some randoms
I can sense both Grandpa and Opat in him. No, not the traipsing in diapers...although, I think both of our fathers have spent a good deal of time without their shirts on...but the interest in architecture, critical thinking, building, and as I coin it "engineering." There is no question they are his grandfathers.

I am continually amazed and delighted to see as Miles grows glimmers of our families. It's so hard being far away from them, so I cherish "seeing" them in his personality, preferences, upper lip, deep set eyes (totally from my own Nana), and even fingernails.

All Aboard!: A True Train StoryBig Book of Things That GoThe truth is, I have no idea what Miles will choose as a career when he grows up. It's not my job to decide, but to cultivate his interests as he grows--even if it is reading The Big Book of Things That Go twenty times in one day. And we've reached that critical age when skipping pages gets noticed. And he calls us on the strategic "miss placing" of All Aboard! A True Train Story.

I'm not going to lie, though. I'm not sure I could endorse his interest in competitive eating.

Or monster truck driving

Or being a never nude.
From Dinner Antics and some randoms

  Oh, how I love my blue eyed boy...


  1. Oooh, what brand is that toy train/tracks set? I love it! And, I had to laugh at the comment about spelling things out all the time--we are in big trouble when Ella learns to spell.

  2. Don't think the spelling thing will work for long. Before you know it, he (and Jess's Ella) will be spelling, too! Great way to introduce spelling, by the way...
    I love that blue eyed boy, too! He has Uncle Seth's hands....

  3. Oh, how I love reading your posts. Miles is incredible. What's most impressive is how observant and then deliberate he is. He is destined for perfection :)