Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Intermission extended

Mommy is headed to California for business for 3 days, so let the intermission continue. (Long intermission means that the lights flickering telling you to get back to your seats won't happen while you are 10 deep in the potty line.)

Speaking of the potty, the post is still on its way, but until then, a teaser or two.
From Potty time...excellent
From Potty time...excellent

Hilarious, no?

Keep your fingers crossed 3 days away from my babies will go smoothly. Pumping cross country makes my anxiety sore...and poor Felix is inconsolable multiple times a night with this darn ear infection. Eric is going to have a trying 2 nights...Daddy of the year award will be presented Thursday night. My house.


  1. Oh goodness! Felix looks as though he's really working on something!
    Eric will deserve a reward for surviving time without mommy, and I'm sure it will be worrisome for you.
    Survivor Atlanta!!!!!

  2. Whose the old man in the second picture? :)